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How to Trim Palm Trees in Las Vegas
By Damian Russell on June 22, 2022

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape in Las Vegas. Whether they are used to create a lush oasis around a backyard pool, a tropical resort entryway, or simply to augment the...

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Landscape Tips Citrus and Fruit Tree Highlights

Moon Valley Nurseries' Memorial Day Marinades
By Damian Russell on May 25, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend is here and before we break out the grill we would like to take a moment to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.Many of us will be enjoying...

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Landscape Tips Summer Tips Tree Highlights

June Landscape & Garden Tips for 2023
By Luke Kalawsky on May 25, 2022

As spring begins to transition to summer, your trees and plants shift from one growing season to the next. Summer is an opportunity to allow your landscape to form hearty new foliage,...

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The Essential Guide to Drought Tolerant Plants for Nevada
By Luke Kalawsky on May 19, 2022

Landscaping. It is a critical component of every home’s appearance, privacy, shelter, and curb appeal. In the Southwest and Coastal United States, creating a beautiful landscape for your...

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers

Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Moon Micro Boost
By Luke Kalawsky on May 5, 2022

Your trees and plants need a balanced diet, just like we do! That includes both macro and micronutrients. Just as we need our meat, potatoes, vegetables, and grains, plants need those...

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Landscape Tips Citrus and Fruit Tree Maintenance

Caring for Your Citrus Trees: A Complete Guide
By Damian Russell on April 11, 2022

There’s nothing quite like a glass of homemade lemonade, a juicy wedge from a freshly picked orange, or a bite of luscious key lime pie. Do you want to offer your family these kinds of...

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers Tree Maintenance

Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Supercharged Starter Pack
By Luke Kalawsky on April 7, 2022

Why Use The Moon Valley Nurseries Supercharged Starter Pack? With the Moon Valley Nurseries Starter Pack, you can plant your trees and plants with the same proven nutrients, soil...

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers Tree Highlights

Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Super Charged Moon Juice
By Luke Kalawsky on April 5, 2022

Trees and plants are living things, and just like us, they require nourishment and care to live a happy, healthy life. Sometimes, circumstances can arise that can send your planted...

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Landscape Tips Tree Highlights

National Park or Your Yard: How To Use Joshua Trees in Your Landscape
By Damian Russell on March 19, 2022

As the namesake of Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Trees have created quite a stir over the years for their strange yet artful and majestic appearance. They have been featured as the...

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Landscape Tips Tree Highlights

How The Moon Can Save The Earth!
By Alyssa Schafer on February 9, 2022

We believe that caring for our environment and planting trees positions our communities, cities, and nation for a brighter future. Here at Moon Valley Nurseries everything we do is...

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