3 Palms To Plant for a Fall Paradise

3 Palms To Plant for a Fall Paradise

By Jessica Downs on October, 11 2019

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Fall Palm Planting

Fall is here, and the conditions are perfect for planting palms in your yard. The weather is nice again, and the soil is warm, which means your newly planted palms will have more time to establish a strong, healthy root system.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom grow our palms to thrive in our local Texas area – meaning they are the best you can find and ready to update your yard. Below are three palms that are perfect for planting in Texas this fall.

Palms to Fit Any Landscape

Date Palm

date palms-1

Date Palms bring the look and feel of the upscale resort. Ours are certified disease-free and come with diamond-cut trunks for a more formal design. These palms are incredibly hardy to cold, heat, and drought, so they can survive any Texas region.

You can plant them around swimming pools, where their reflection can be admired, and their fronds can provide some shade for swim days!  We also love to plant these palms in groupings and line up a long driveway or walkway. Date Palms are also the perfect specimen for landscaping larger areas.

Piru Queen Palm


Piru Queen Palms are prized for having a look that complements all styles of landscapes. Our Piru Queen Palms are grown from superior seedlings with better genetic traits, which gets you the hardiest palm you can find!

These palms are heat-tolerant and feature dark green palm fronds that grow into a fuller crown, helping add shade to your yard. Add curb appeal by planting these low-maintenance palms in the front yard as a focal point, lining a driveway to create a grand entrance, or around your pool for a tropical backdrop.

Mexican Fan Palm

Mex Fan Palm

The Mexican Fan Palm is a classic resort style palm tree that features a single trunk and is easy to grow in Texas. It can handle cold weather and thrives in the sun. Our “cigar-cut” Mexican Fan Palms give a smooth texture around the trunk that highlights the deep green and unique colors of this palm tree.

Mexican Fan Palms are a stately addition to any landscape and mix well with both large and smaller sized palm trees. We carry all sizes from the small starter palms to the giant, instant resort-style palms for whatever your goals might be for your new yard.

Palm Design Tip: Add landscape lighting to palms to create a beautiful nighttime appearance while highlighting the attractive features of your palms.

Keep your Palms Healthy

Keep your palm looking healthy all year with the proper fertilizers. We created a perfect blend of fertilizer that works on every part of your yard, including palm trees. Moon Dust is an all-purpose tree and plant fertilizer that supplies your palms with needed nutrients to stay healthy and flourish.

Our custom blended Super Palm Juice is specifically made for palm trees in our region. Our blend includes magnesium, which can prevent it from developing an iron deficiency. Palms love this easy-to-apply liquid.

For more fertilizers, click here.

Design Consultations at Every Nursery

Start Designing Today!

Palms will bring value and interest to your Texas landscape. Let Moon Valley Nurseries do the work for you! Allow our nursery pros to help you design and select the perfect palms for your yard.

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