The Best Trees Exclusive to Moon Valley Nurseries

The Best Trees Exclusive to Moon Valley Nurseries

By Jessica Downs on May, 10 2019

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Twenty-Five Years Creating the Moon Valley Difference!

There are many reasons that make Moon Valley Nurseries so much different than other nurseries in the country. One of those big reasons has a lot to do with how much work we put into our trees from the very beginning. The way we grow and take care of a tree as it matures is what makes them the best trees you can find.

One of the coolest things we do at Moon Valley – and something that helps us have the best trees – is grafting and creating new versions or hybrids of existing trees to have less flaws, be healthier, and more resistant to overall plant health hazards. Another big reason that makes Moon Valley Nurseries so different, and better, then other nurseries is that we can create these new trees on the many farms we also own.

From Our Glen Fora Farms to Your Yard

All the trees at Moon Valley Nurseries start at our farms, where we grow just about everything that you will find in our nurseries. Our farms are spread out across the southwestern states, giving us the opportunity to grow our trees in different climates and therefore continuously creating better and stronger trees.

Our farms grow nearly every tree in our inventory, from olive trees to Ficus trees, citrus and fruit, agaves and cacti. We also have harder-to-find trees like cycads, palms, and so much more. While our farms are not open to the public, they are available by appointment. Click here to locate a farm near you.

Live Oak

southern live oak oak tree moon valley nurseries

When discussing magnificent shade trees for the Houston area, one of the first that comes to mind is the Live Oak. These trees are a favorite throughout our area for their longevity, their ability to provide consistent shade, and their effectiveness in supplying year-round screening.

This is an evergreen tree with a stately appearance and a broad canopy, so with proper planting around a home, it can help reduce temperatures inside the house. Live Oak trees are destined to become a family favorite for generations to come.

Mexican Oak

mexican oak moon valley nurseries texas oak trees

This Texas native features exotic green foliage and a spreading canopy that can provide plenty of dense shade for homes, parks, and commercial spaces! If you are looking for shade, we recommend adding a specimen tree into your yard so that you can find instant relief from the hot sun.

When the Mexican Oak drops its leaves, it can let the light in during the winter. They have a long life so that generations upon generations can enjoy this great family tree. Minimal care required!

Shumard Oak

Shumard Oak oak tree moon valley nurseries

The Shumard Oak, sometimes also called a Red Oak, is a fast-growing and hardy tree. Enjoy comfortable shade coverage all summer long and take in the beautiful fall colors when the leaves turn to a brilliant red to a red-orange color.

This deciduous tree tolerates air pollution and poor drainage, so it is an excellent tree for urban gardens, too. Plant them in a location that receives at least six hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight every day. A superb tree selection for yards in Houston.

Piru Queen Palm

Piru queen palm moon valley nurseries exclusive palms

The Piru Queen Palm is specially-grown at our Moon Valley Nursery farms so that we can ensure their quality is the best you will find anywhere! Our Queen Palms have thicker, harder trunks as well as greener palm fronds and fuller crowns for a look that is superior over other Queen Palms.

We like to plant them as focal points in a front yard where their grand appearance is sure to attract all the right attention. They can bring a tropical look and feel to any landscape they are planted, especially if there is a pool!

Museum Palo Verde

Museum palo verde moon valley nurseries exclusive tree

Museum Palo Verdes are the faster growing, higher blooming, cleaner cousins to the original Palo Verde. This tree provides filtered shade and boasts an amazing golden bloom from late spring through summer.

The Palo Verde is a low-water tree that compliments any desert landscape. The multi-trunked, sculptural shapes of these trees provide a stark contrast and beautiful accent to almost any landscape.

25 Years of Growing and Planting the Best Trees

We do a lot of things on our own, which makes our trees the best compared to other tree farmers in the country. All our farms across California, Arizona, and Texas use custom-mixed soils, custom-made planter boxes, and custom seed and grafting cultivation for our exclusive trees.  

Our unique process from the soil to the nursery is something that only happens at Moon Valley Nurseries. This has helped turn our nursery into one of the best in the country with top-quality trees and top-quality standards.

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