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Moon Valley Nurseries Bottlebrush Tree

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/12/19 1:34 PM

Steve Hall, our Regional Manager for all of Texas, talks about our gorgeous Bottlebrush tree. Watch to learn what makes this tree so great for any landscape. 


Video Transcription:

"Hi, my name is Steve Hall with Moon Valley Nurseries. I want to show you a little bit about the Bottlebrush tree today. Bottlebrushes need to be grown as a small tree or a large bush but the best thing about it is that beautiful, vibrant bloom that you get. It’s going to create a lot of privacy for you and it’s also super ornamental and it will work in any style of landscape. It’s going to be very resilient to almost anything you can throw at it. Easy to grow. We could plant one hundred of these guys for you in a day, knock it all out. It’s one of our top selling products. And it looks great in any yard. Come on down to your nearest nursery, we'll show you what we got."

For the best trees on Earth, Go straight to the Moon


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