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Moon Valley Nurseries - Date Palm Spotlight

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/12/19 1:34 PM

Steve Hall, our Regional Manager for Texas, talks about the upscale Date Palm Tree. Watch the video below to learn more about our resort-style Date Palms that are popular all across Texas.


For the best trees on Earth, Go straight to the Moon

Video Transcription:

"Alright so the resort-style Date Palm is one of our top selling trees. The best things about it; it’s super resistant to any thing you can throw at it. It’s going to give you the resort style look right away in your yard. I mean it really speaks for itself. To plant a tree like this in your yard, you’re going to have an instant show piece. It gives you instant results, a little bit of shade and it’s just the most-high end look you can get. That’s why I always recommend it first to my customers with any sort of nice home, nice pool, this is a top item I suggest. It’s one of our top selling items in Texas."


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