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December Landscape and Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/30/18 8:00 AM

End of Year Care Tips to Keep your Yard Looking Great

There is no doubt about it - we are lucky to get to live in the Southwest and enjoy such different and remarkable weather year-round. Texas is especially awesome in the winter season for its amazingly pleasant temperatures. While the east coast is busy shoveling snow and scraping ice off their windshields all day, we get to enjoy the sun and all the great outdoor activities that Texas has to offer, like hiking in our national parks or local lakes.

We also get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes right around us and plant some new trees and shrubs - maybe do some more gardening! Because of our warm weather we get most of the year, this cooler time is a great opportunity for updating parts of your yard, or even the whole thing! We spoke with nursery experts and designers to bring you some tips, suggestions, and ideas below to keep you busy and keep your landscape healthy this winter.

Watering Tips

  • For Low Water varieties, water 1 time and do this every 10 days (New Trees, water 1x a week).
  • For Moderate Water varieties, water 1 time every 10 days (New Trees, water 2x a week).
  • For Tropical varieties, water 1 time per week (New Trees, water 2x a week).

We suggest that you continue watering your plants, but you will want to change the watering schedule to accommodate the changes in temperatures and potential rainfall that comes this month. Since the temperatures are cooler and there is less sunlight, the soil stays moist for a longer period so that you do not have to water as frequently. Make sure you are always watering deeply and allowing time between sessions so that the soil can have enough time to dry up. If the weather is exceptionally dry feel free to water your lawn, shrubs, and small trees occasionally. Monitor your lawn during the month. If you see any issues, play around with the watering schedule until you find a right fit for your specific landscape needs!

Click here to read more about our Watering Guide Schedule.

Fertilizing Tips

Using the proper fertilizer during this crucial time ensures that your landscape is regaining all necessary nutrients. Your landscape is getting a nice break from the heat now and it needs a bit of extra attention. Our Moon Juice is a great addition to your yard care routine. It can be used on all your trees, flowers, vegetables and any other plants all year long in Texas.

Click here for all our fertilizer products and see which ones best fit your lawn care needs!

Tree Care Tips

Avoid any major pruning during this time. Do not do any more major pruning to freeze sensitive varieties. Hacking or cutting away large portions will leave the tree exposed and susceptible to any potential frost damage.

Garden Tips

December is a good time to plant new roses, flowers, and other annuals into your garden. We suggest not watering roses this month, unless the temperatures are a bit warmer than usual.

The Moon Valley VIP Design Experience

At Moon Valley Nurseries we know how time-consuming and stressful designing your own yard can be when you try to tackle it all on your own. From the moment you walk into our nursery to the moment we drive away from your freshly planted new yard, we can handle every step of the design process for you. You can find our expert designers available at every nursery location for in-store consultations, or schedule an at-home consultation. Our designers can get your whole yard done from shrubs to trees, we do it all and we do it right! From planning to free planting on all specimen-sized trees, we make sure we have everything covered for you!

Moon Valley Christmas Trees are Back!

It’s that time of the year again where Christmas trees start migrating south and Christmas tree lots start popping up on every empty corner! At Moon Valley Nurseries, you will find the freshest trees around. We ship them to your nearest location the day it gets cut down and never let it sit without water. We have some of your favorite trees like the Douglas Fir and the Noble Fir, and many other types and sizes! Come by and pick out your Christmas tree soon. Click here for more information and a Christmas Coupon!

Moon Valley Recommendations for December Planting

Magnolia Treemagnolia tree, texas, moon valley nurseries, landscape design

If you are looking for a tree to add classic beauty with tons of variety to your landscape come spring, look no further than the always popular Magnolia tree. A symbol of the south, the Magnolia is an eye-catching tree with its striking foliage, spreading and large canopy, creamy white fragrant blooms, and elegant evergreen appearance. The Magnolia is mostly known for its showy white blossoms and beautiful fragrant smell that comes with them. Magnolias are easy to grow, and they thrive in our long summers.


Crape Myrtle Treecrape myrtle tree, moon valley nurseries, texas, landscape design

Crape Myrtle trees are one of the best flowering trees and offers incredible fall color that lasts into the winter. The Crape Myrtle tree flowers into shades of white, red, purple, and pink that will help decorate your yard in a pop of colors. These trees are not only drought-tolerant, but they love the heat so when the high temps arrive, get ready for your yard to be showing off the beautiful shades of color.


Shumard Oak Treeshumard oak-3

This large-sized tree has attractive green foliage that changes with the season! It features bright yellow leaves in the spring, dark green leaves in the summer, and yellow to red leaves in the fall. This is a deciduous tree, so it can let the sun in during the winter and block out the blistering sun in the summer, especially with the large wide spreading canopy!



Live Oak Treelive oak tree , oak trees, texas, moon valley nurseries

The stunning Live Oak is a great choice for Houston because of its adaptability, performance in the hot summer months, and its ability to grow in tough soil conditions. It has its name due to its ability to “live” throughout the winter when other oaks go dormant or leafless. It has a wide canopy of dark green leaves and, when planted in rows, it can give your landscape a privacy wall or shade barrier that provides enormous protection and beauty.


Japanese Blueberry Treejapanese blueberry-2

If your goal is to block out a view from a second story, look no further than the Japanese Blueberry tree. This visually appealing evergreen is a fast grower with dense and lush dark-green foliage. It needs only minimal maintenance and its narrow form allows it to fit in those tight spaces. It thrives in the full sun and it handles the cold quite well. It can be sheared into any shape you need for your yard and it produces small white flowers in the spring.


Stop by and check out all our best trees for winter planting at any of our Moon Valley Nursery locations. Our nursery pros are available to handle any landscaping questions, requests, and needs you may have for your yard and get some #freeplanting started and get your whole yard done!