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Moon Valley’s Absolute Evergreen Collection

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/23/18 8:00 AM

Natures Privacy Screen - All Year. All Green.

If you are looking for a tree to add to your landscape that will stay green all year round, you want a Moon Valley Absolute Evergreen tree! Evergreen trees keep their green leaves throughout the year, providing much needed color to our landscapes. Whether your goals for your evergreens are for cooling your home in the summer, privacy from neighbors, or blocking unwanted views, Moon Valley Nurseries has you covered! Evergreen trees are a highlight to any yard with their year-round green foliage and low maintenance needs. These trees can stand up to heat waves and handle any water restrictions. Plus, these evergreens are sure to be a beautiful addition to your yard.

Live Oak 

live oak-4

If you’re looking for a new tree to add to your yard and want to make sure you get plenty of shade, look no further than our beautiful Live Oak trees! These large evergreen trees are a favorite and feature a vertical-growing and large-spreading canopy that can block harsh sunlight. These long-lived trees are just waiting to be explored, once fully grown (unless you choose to get a mature specimen and start the fun from day one!). One of the best features about this oak is how little special care it needs to stay healthy. It does great with full sun and requires low watering, once established. Enjoy the sight of their glossy, dark green leaves for generations to come. This is a tree the entire family will love. Attach a tire swing and enjoy or just rest under the shade provided by this famous evergreen tree.

Carolina Cherry

carolina cherry-3

The Carolina Cherry is native to the southwestern region, so it makes sense that it does amazingly well in the Houston area. This evergreen tree can be grown and used as a large shrub or as a small tree, whatever your needs might be. It grows easily in full sun exposure and requires little upkeep for it to grow and thrive. The Carolina Cherry has become a popular choice for its overall minimal maintenance, natural upright cone-like shape, and capability to tolerate heat, drought, and wind. These features make it great to be used as a weather barricade as well as for privacy purposes.

The Carolina Cherry is a small to medium-sized evergreen with dark green, radiant wavy foliage on brown thorn-less stems. They can also be easily sheared into a tall screen or sound barrier which make them a near-perfect option for many homes. 



Magnolias are spectacular trees! For starters, their cream-white flowers not only are impressive enough to simply admire, but they also give off a lovely fragrance. This is one of most elegant trees you can plant in your yard to add a classic feel in your overall landscape design. Its large waxy-like foliage helps the Magnolia tree create a thick canopy, which brings your yard some much-needed shade. Magnolias are hardy trees and absolutely thrive in our sun and heat. Once established, this tree will be the spotlight of your beautiful landscape!

This large canopy helps make this tree such an eye-catcher, especially when in bloom. Over time, the Magnolia tree will create a wide reach of shade as the canopy continues to grow.

The Gift that Keeps on Growing

Ever get stressed out when you’re trying to think of the perfect gift for somebody that is going to be meaningful and long-lasting? There is nothing better than giving the gift of a new tree to somebody or gifting one to yourself! By gifting a tree, you are giving a one-of-a-kind gift to the persons in your life, truly making it a unique and personal choice. You can also feel good about gifting a tree for the positive effects it has on the world around it. Just one tree can make the air around it cleaner, therefore helping anybody that lives nearby.

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