Edible, yet sustainable home Landscaping is BOOMING!

Edible, yet sustainable home Landscaping is BOOMING!

By John Pavlik on March, 21 2020
Citrus and Fruit Spring Tips

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John Pavlik


Typically, this time of year, we see a huge increase in demand for all trees and plants that produce edible fruit, nuts, berries and more. This is normal as springtime progresses.  This year, however, given the current focus of families spending additional time at their homes, we’ve seen a drastic increase in folks looking to utilize their landscape more efficiently as a sustainable food source to complement or replace much of what typically is purchased at stores.

The benefits of having your own food source on your property are many.

  1. Convenience… no trip to the store required, no gas wasted,
  2. Fresh… Right off the vine flavor is always the best
  3. Safe… You control what chemicals are involved with your production
  4. Organic… Health benefits galore
  5. Satisfaction… The feeling of “growing your own”
  6. Efficiency… Dual use your landscape for both beauty and food

Our nursery pros can examine all portions of your landscape and help you determine the best food-producing trees, plants, or vines to accomplish your vision while being able to provide nutrition for you and your family. Some common examples include using evergreen fruit-bearing trees such as lemons or limes as privacy hedging to block unwanted views. Plant a stone fruit tree (Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, etc.) to provide some summer shade along with spring blooms and, of course, fruit! Grapevines can be used on trellis in place of non-fruiting vines to create greenery while providing fruit. The choices are limitless, and since what we’re discussing is perennial landscape trees and plants, they don’t need to be replanted each year like a garden. In fact, they produce more and more each year as they grow.


Even better, we have a huge selection of trees for all budgets plus larger and near mature (already bearing) fruit-producing trees and plants that are available now with free planting. If you don’t have sustainable production in your landscape, our experts can prescribe the perfect food-producing tree or plant for just about any portion of your landscape. You can call, text, or come in with pics of your landscape, and we’ll consider exposure, function, maintenance, production time, and aesthetics when helping you select the ideal edible producing trees, plants, and more.

Since we only carry reliable, locally grown varieties, Moon Valley Nurseries fruiting trees, citrus, nut trees and more are ideal for maximum production for years to come. Plus, all of our stone fruit trees are low chill variety, guaranteed for reliable production.



Here’s a few of our top sellers right now:

Stone Fruit Trees (Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Plums & More) pom

Nearly all stone fruits are packed with almost super-food levels of antioxidants, plus lots of Vitamins and most importantly dietary fiber. With a wide variety of sizes and shapes, let our pro staff help select the perfect varieties to boost your landscape’s production capacity






Citrus (Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Grapefruits & Morecitrus on truck

Citrus are renowned for the levels of immune system boosting Vitamin C they can bring to your diet even with only consuming one fruit per day. In addition, eating citrus brings a healthy level of fiber, potassium and folate as well. With varying sizes, shapes and growth rates, our experts can place numerous citrus trees into your current landscape. 






Nut Trees

Balancing production and functionality have made our pecan and almond trees extremely popular choices for the average home landscape. Our All in one almond trees are self-producing and provide beautiful blooms each spring. Pecan trees are an excellent choice for medium to large shade trees that provide a reliable supply of heart healthy nuts. 





Even more to eat….

From Figs to Pomegranates, grapes to loquats, the choices you can utilize to make your landscape work for you and your family are nearly limitless. Call or come in and let us help you create sustainable, fruit producing landscape and…  here’s to healthy, home grown eating.

For the best fruit trees on earth go straight to the moon!

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