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Get your barbecues ready! Spring is here, and this is also the perfect time to plant the trees, shrubs, and other plants in our yard that can attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and of course, bring vibrant displays of red, yellow, purple, pink, and white to our landscape!

We still have time to plant the trees that can provide summer shade, and we can also plant stone fruit and citrus trees that can fill our yards with a pleasing aroma as well as provide a bounty of homegrown food. We want to plant everything now. Temperatures are mild, so plant everything now before temperatures soar. Another reason to plant now is that it can give our trees and shrubs plenty of time to establish a root system before it gets too hot – the sooner we plant, the sooner the plants will become established!

Tips from Our Nursery Pros for a Beautiful March Landscape

Our nursery professionals take pride in providing the best service possible, and this includes offering our March landscape tips and suggestions for a beautiful landscape in March, and every month of the year!


Control weeds before it gets too hot and the weeds start getting out of control. Avoid weeds in your lawn by establishing a regular mowing schedule now. To prevent the spread of fungal problems, avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet.


We will want to fertilize azaleas, camellias, ornamental shrubs, and palms. Once the threat of frost has passed, fertilize lawns with a slow-release fertilizer. We will want to apply a layer of mulch around our newly planted shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.

Moon Valley Custom Fertilizers


We want to remember to water our plants, especially any transplants. Be sure to deep water. Spring is also the time when we want to check our sprinkler systems for any issues and fix them if needed.


March is still a good time to continue planting hardy vegetable crops such as turnips, mustard radishes, and spring onions. Once the threat of frost has passed, we can start transplanting tender vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. We can also plant warm-season crops, such as beans, squash, and corn.


In March, we will continue pruning summer-flowering shrubs, such as althea, hibiscus, and oleander. For our spring-flowering shrubs, we want to wait until the last flowers have faded. We will also want to prune trees and shrubs before the end of the dormant season.

Below are a few trees our experts recommend planting for this month

Forest Pansy Redbud


We love this early spring bloomer, and when it produces rosy-pink flowers, they can add a splash of vibrant color to any size landscape. They are also the perfect sized tree for both small gardens and large estates! 

shamel ash


Everyone loves the amount of shade this ash variety provides, especially when it is hot and sunny outside! The natural shade cover and beauty makes them an ideal picnic tree. Our evergreen ash strain is stronger and more reliable than other strains available. These are fast-growing trees, and ideal for creating a park-like setting! 

Saucer Magnolia


These are beautiful lawn trees and when in bloom, they can produce large, saucer-shaped white and pink flowers that put on a stunning show. We like to plant them in front yards where they are sure to attract the right attention. 

Purple Leaf Plum


Homeowners throughout the Houston area are falling in love with this tree. It is easy to see why! These trees are prized for their dark purple foliage and low maintenance features – it produces little to no fruit! During its early spring bloom cycle, it produces puffy pink flowers that help to make this one of the prettiest ornamental trees you can find! A favorite tree for adding instant curb appeal! 



The Tipuana Tipu tree is a favorite throughout Houston, thanks in large part to the massive shade they can create! Keep cool when it is hot and sunny outside because these fast-growing trees have an upright growth pattern so that they can provide a large area with shade. Besides the shade, these are also an attractive tree that can produce a spectacular show of golden blooms from late spring into early summer, which contrasts beautifully with its feathery green foliage. 

Citrus and Fruit Trees


Imagine hand-picking the sweetest and juiciest oranges from the comfort of your backyard. Make it a reality! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom grow the best selection of citrus developed from guaranteed great root stock so that you are always going to get the best-tasting fruit for juicing, cooking, or eating whole! Quit going to the store to buy lemons, oranges, grapefruits, peaches, limes, tangerines, nectarines, apricots, plums, and figs. We already have trees at their fruit producing age, so there is no need to wait to enjoy homegrown fruit and more!


Allow us to help you create your dream yard! Big Tex Tree Nurseries is a one-stop for all your landscape needs! We offer #FREEPLANTING on all specimen sizes trees!

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