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November Landscape & Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/9/18 8:00 AM

Get your Yard Ready for the Winter Holiday Season

This is the time of year when the weather is finally beginning to change in Texas and shifting into winter. Some trees are starting to change colors as they adjust to the cooler winter temperatures and others are pushing out new growth all over the place! One of the most overlooked practices this time of year by homeowners is watering and fertilizing. Maybe because of the cool weather and lower temperatures, you think less effort is needed but these are the perfect conditions to care for your yard. The November weather creates an environment that allows for the most efficient root growth (and foliage growth, depending on what type of plant you have in your yard). The weather changing also means that you must update your watering schedule to match those changes.


When you are starting to trim trees or prune plants make sure to only get rid of what is needed to clean them up or to trim them back for healthier growth. A good thing to look out for are any branches that are not doing so well that might be taking nutrients from other branches around them. Pruning those branches/sections will help keep the rest of the plant strong!

When you are trying to figure out how much you should cut off, a good rule of thumb is to get rid of no more than 20% of the tree or plant.


Fertilizing everything in your landscape and “hardening them up” as we say in the industry is a great way to give your landscape one last push through the upcoming winter months. Fertilizing your palms, shade trees, evergreen trees, flowering trees, and even your dormant trees now gives them the best chance of not only surviving, but thriving, through the winter. This extra attention will be worth it once the spring temperatures come back.

We recommend using our custom blended fertilizers for your landscape needs as they are specifically formatted for our soil and weather conditions.


During the cooler months it is important that you update your watering schedule and lessen the watering frequency. This allows trees, plants, and even your lawn a chance to develop strong deep roots that will encourage more growth come the following spring. This also creates a landscape that is less susceptible to disease and infestation from any insects that might be around.

It is important to still continue watering deeply each and every time you water and remember that different plants will require different watering frequencies.


Fall and winter are great times to be planting your winter veggies and annuals in Texas. That’s plenty to keep you busy this growing season! These should all be planted or transplanted now and fertilized once a month while they are growing. These need to be watered regularly and given a chance to dry out in between each watering cycle. This will help them develop good strong roots through post production. 

Top 5 Trees Recommended for November Planting


The South does not have a monopoly on this tree, and they can be found all throughout the Texas region. Magnolias are spectacular trees. For starters, their cream-white flowers not only are impressive to look at, but they also give off a pleasing fragrance.  It's large waxy-like leaves help the Magnolia create a thick canopy that gives much-needed shade. Over time, the Magnolia tree will create a wide range of shade and it absolutely thrives in our sun and heat.

Shumard Oakshumard oak-2

This long-living tree offers beautiful fall color when the leaves turn to a brilliant scarlet red to a red-orange color. It features a canopy that is capable of blocking sunlight in the summer, creating plenty of shade for the hot summer months in the Houston area. Plant one in your yard so that the entire family can enjoy this beauty for years. They are also excellent street trees that can add curb appeal an excellent tire swing trees for additional fun.

Live OakLive Oak 2-1

When you want to add a lot of shade and beauty to your yard, you cannot go wrong with a Live Oak tree! They have dark green foliage and a wide-spreading canopy that can provide a refreshing and large shady spot in the landscape. Specimen sized trees are ideal for families – the limbs are just begging to be climbed and explored! You can also create a natural privacy screen when you plant a few of these gorgeous oaks in a row.

Japanese Blueberryjapanese blueberry-1

The Japanese Blueberry is a visually appealing evergreen due to its dense, lush foliage and striking leaf color throughout the year which provides a fantastic backdrop for contrasting flowers and shrubs. It can also be used as an impressive privacy wall, short or tall, and to add additional shade. It thrives in full sun and handle the cold extremely well. It has become one of regions most planted hedge variety and is an excellent choice for just about any landscape.

Mexican Oakmexican oak-1

Also known as the Monterrey Oak, this Texas native features a spreading canopy that can produce dense shade. Plant a specimen size tree and have a picnic in the shade, under a beautiful tree within days of planting! They have exotic-looking green foliage that can block the sun in the summer. When it drops its leaves, it can let the light in during the winter. They have a long life so that generations of families can enjoy this great tree. A perk of this oak tree is how low-maintenance it is, and that’s saying something considering most oak trees are easy to care for!


Moon Valley Nurseries is your one stop shop for all your landscape needs. Our experts have decades worth of experience and they will be able to assist you with any projects or questions you may have. Remember to change your watering schedule as we enter the winter and be sure to come by your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries locations and check out these trees! It’s not too late for #FreeFallPlanting.