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Popular Ways to Use Your Stone Fruit

Posted by Jessica Downs on 3/8/19 8:00 AM

Benefits of Growing a Personal Fruit Garden

Backyard farming and gardening have become a popular hobby over the last decade. There are many reasons that could factor into the huge upward trend of growing our own food these days such as convenience and safety. With the constant concern about what is being used to grow our fruit at a commercial level, people have slowly been turning into their own grower.

Some popular reasons homeowners are planting their own fruit trees are because:

  • Homegrown fruits are higher in nutrients,
  • You can choose to use little to no pesticides,
  • Growing your own food saves on grocery bills,
  • Gardening gets you outside more and increases your physical activity.

 While those reasons are all great on their own, there are still even more benefits to your private orchard. On an environmental level, fruit trees provide shade and privacy to your yard, most waste can be used for composting, and each tree provides enough oxygen for two people and cleans the air around your home at the same time!

Since we are a nursery that grows our own trees, we understand the need to know where our trees have been and how they have been taken care of since they were seedlings. Because of this, we make sure that every fruit tree is in optimal health so that you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best tree for your yard.

The health of your tree leads to the health of your fruit and we want to make sure that Moon Valley stone fruit trees are always able to give our customers the best fruit production.

Tasty Stone Fruit Treats

Plum Curd

If you harvest your plum trees this year and have too many plums left over, making Plum Curd is a great and different way to use your harvest. The most popular fruit to use when cooking curd is usually lemon but plums have higher fruit content and a taste that is not too overwhelming compared to the tartness of a lemon.

Get the recipe here to make your own Plum Curd.

Glazed Apple Critters

The name itself will probably get your mouth watering as you read it but that is only the beginning. Not only is this pretty much a donut with a surprise inside (the surprise is the apples) but this recipe specifically tells you to deep fry the donut!

Healthy? Probably not. Tasty? Definitely!

Be sure to get the recipe here.

Delicious Drinks with Stone Fruits

Pomegranate Mimosas

If your tired of normal mimosas, or need a decorative drink for your events, a pomegranate mimosa will solve your problems. All you need is pomegranate juice, champagne, and some extra pomegranate seeds for added décor. It only takes 5 minutes to have your drink ready.

For the recipe for this drink, click here.

Strawberry Pomegranate Sangria

This recipe not only calls for the seeds of one entire pomegranate but 2 bottles of red wine. With both of those mixed up, this drink is another great option for fun events, such as summer get-togethers and pool parties!

For the recipe for this drink, click here.

Apricot Slush

There is not much to this drink. It is easy and delicious! This drink mixes apricots, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, cherry syrup, and as much ice as you want to add. Blend all those ingredients together and enjoy!

For the recipe for this drink, click here.

Storing and Preserving your Stone Fruits

If you already preserve fruits and veggies, go you! It is not a common activity, but it is happening more now that many of us are growing our own foods. Canning, drying, and freezing are the most popular methods used.

 To can your fruit, place it in airtight jar, fill the jar with boiling water with an inch of room left at the top of the jar, and close the lid. Canning can preserve your fruits for years.

 To dry your fruit, set your oven on low and place your fruit on a pan. Place the pan in the oven with the door open so that the moisture is not trapped in the oven. Once dried, you can store them in a pantry.

 To freeze your fruit, place them in plastic boxes or jars with thick glass in temperatures below zero. Freezing is the best method when you want to retain the original taste of the fruit.

Moon Valley Nurseries Fruit Trees

Moon Valley Nurseries founder, Les Blake, has a long history with fruit trees. His grandfather began custom growing citrus and fruit trees over 50 years ago. Over these years, Les and his grandfather developed custom rootstock that is guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and a plentiful harvest.

 Come visit one of our many nurseries and see how decades of love and attention has led Moon Valley Nurseries to have the perfect fruit trees for our customers!

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