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Top Trees for Late Winter Planting

Posted by Jessica Downs on 2/22/19 8:00 AM

While most places in the world cannot even think about planting anything until mid-late spring, Texas can handle it! Our weather gives us the opportunity to plant almost any time of the year. With the weather being colder this time of year, it’s important to make sure you are planting trees and plants that can handle that cold the best and still thrive. Moon Valley Nursery experts have put a list of the best shade and flowering trees to plant in late winter so keep reading to learn more!

Shade Trees

cedar elm, moon valley nurseries, shade trees, texas trees, houston, austin(Cedar Elm)

Shade trees have so many beneficial qualities such as lowering electric bills, increasing your property value, and adding stunning beauty to your yard. As the winter is coming to an end, many of our customers at Moon Valley Nurseries are already planning to fight the heat.

One of our favorite things we offer are our Legacy Trees. These are specially-chosen trees that we have cared for since the seed was planted. They last for decades and decades and truly become a legacy to any homeowner that gets to enjoy them and make lifelong memories.

We have so many great shade trees to help you out such as the trees listed below!

Live Oak

When you want to add lots of shade and beauty, you cannot go wrong with a Live Oak tree! They produce dark green foliage and offer a wide-spreading crown that can provide a refreshing shady spot in your landscape. We recommend planting our specimen-sized Live Oaks so that you can enjoy them immediately.

Monterrey Oak

A Texas native, the Monterrey Oak tree features a spreading canopy that can produce dense shade in the summer to help with our hot summer months. This oak tree has a long lifespan, so generations of families can enjoy this picture-perfect tree. The bigger tree you plant, the sooner you can start creating memories!

Shumard Oak

The Shumard Oak features a canopy that is capable of blocking sunlight in the summer and creating plenty of shade, which is always an important trait to look for in a tree considering how hot the sun can beam down on Texas. The Shumard Oak will instantly create curb appeal to your home and add value to your property.

Cedar Elm

The Cedar Elm tree makes a great shade tree because of how large of a canopy it grows. Not only is the canopy huge but the foliage grows densely, which stops most light from going all the way through it. This tree will be sure to shield you from the hot sun this summer! 


The Magnolia tree is a perfect option that will add classic beauty to your landscape. This tree is eye-catching due to its striking foliage and large spreading canopy. They also produce showy white flowers that bloom and give off a beautiful scent from fall through winter.

Flowering Trees

eastern-redbud, flowering tree, moon valley nurseries, houston, austin, texas(Eastern Redbud)

The sight of flowering trees in a yard can brighten up any neighborhood and add plenty of curb appeal to your property. Flowering trees can also give height and scale to your landscape. Some can even fill the air with a sweet fragrance. Consider these flowering trees below to start planting now!

Stone Fruits

You might not think of planting a stone fruit when considering adding colorful flowers to you landscape but you would be missing out on some great tree options! Our stone fruit trees not only bring you amazingly delicious fruit such as peach, apricot, apple, nectarine, and plum, but they also produce white eye-catching flowers every spring!

We carry many varieties of each Stone Fruit tree that we have in our nurseries* including:

Peach: Florida Prince, Desert Gold, Gold variety, Red Baron
Plum: Mariposa, Santa Rosa, Elephant Heart
Apricot: Katy, Gold Kist, Tropic Gold
Nectarine: Desert Delight, Panamint, Desert Dawn, Snowy Queen, Goldmine
Apple: Fuji, Anna, Golden Delicious, Dorsett (Golden)

*Not all nurseries carry every variety. Call ahead to check before coming in.

Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud tree is a classic flowering tree that fits into most landscape styles. Its long-lasting blooms of rosy-pink flowers arrive in early spring and will stay for a few weeks in full color offering an amazing contrast with everything else around it. Plant them in rows to create a stunning landscape!

Planting Season is starting at Moon Valley

While you can’t plant everything right now, it’s still perfect conditions for a lot of trees and plants we carry in all our Moon Valley Nurseries. Don’t miss out on our great winter deals going on right now at every location! Start planting what you can now and be ready to relax by summer!

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