Glen Flora Premium Oaks

Glen Flora Premium Oaks

By Felipe Benavides on March, 29 2018

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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.


We love our oak trees, whether climbing them or finding some desperately needed relief in the summer shade. At Glen Flora Farms, we have been custom-growing premium oak trees, such as Monterrey Oak, Bur Oak, Live Oak, and Shumard Oak for over 30 years. Yep, oak trees are a Texas favorite, and we aim to provide the best quality trees on earth.

Perfect Premium Oak Trees Available

Why settle for just any oak tree when you can have the best there is? At Glen Flora Farms, we offer container-grown trees, not trees that are balled and barreled. Plus, our oak trees are pruned perfectly by our container-growing specialists, so you get premium oak trees every time.

Container-grown trees are going to be lighter in weight. The lighter weight is an advantage for a couple of reasons. First, you can save money with container-grown premium oaks. The lighter weight can save in freight costs, which is great for commercial landscape projects or planting a few on larger properties. Second, for the general consumer, the lighter weight is much easier to handle.

We have premium specimens available up to 84-inch container size! All the premium oak trees are available through all Moon Valley Nurseries and to all our customers. Feel free to schedule an appointment to visit our Glen Flora Farm. Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

monterrey oak

Monterrey Oak

(Quercus polymorpha)

This Texas native features exotic green foliage and a spreading canopy that can provide plenty of shade! You will want to have a specimen sized tree in your yard come summertime so that you can find some relief from the hot sun. The leaves provide a nice change of seasonal colors, too! Since it is deciduous, it can block the sun in the summer, and let the light in during winter!

live oak

Live Oak

(Quercus virginiana)

When we want to add lots of shade and beauty, we cannot go wrong with a Live Oak! They have dark green foliage and a wide-spreading crown that can provide a refreshing shady spot in the landscape. Specimen sized trees are ideal for families – the limbs are just begging to be explored! We can also create a natural privacy screen when we plant a few of them in rows.

shumard oak

Shumard Oak

(Quercus shumardii)

This very cold-hardy deciduous tree has foliage that changes with the seasons. It features bright yellow leaves in spring, dark green leaves in summer, and yellow to red leaves in autumn. It can grow its thick foliage back in time for the summer so that it can block out the stifling heat of the sun!

bur oak

Bur Oak

(Quercus macrocarpa)

Specimen sized Bur Oak trees are perfect for blocking unwanted views and providing lots of shade. They can grow fast, with a dense and robust canopy that brings respite from the heat. These are clean, low-maintenance trees that love growing in the Houston climate. These are excellent park-style trees that can be enjoyed for generations to come!

nuttall oak

Nuttall Oak

(Quercus nutalli)

Also known by Quercus texana, these are long-lived shade trees that have an attractive pyramidal shape. They are cold and heat tolerant, too! This Texas oak tree is deciduous so that it can let the sunlight in during the winter, and when the leaves reappear, it can block the sunlight. They are fast growing trees with plenty of headroom beneath the branches so that they can also provide an idyllic picnic area.

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