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The Secret To Healthy Palms

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 8/6/15 3:31 PM
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On our daily commute to one of our four nursery locations in the Houston area, we can't help but notice all the yellow palm trees in peoples landscape, which is usually the result of poor nutrition. The good news is that this can be easily fixed with our Super Palm Juice, which turns palms green and keeps them green with a minimal amount of water. 


Palms Are Just Different
From their unique growth and overall appearance, palms have special nutrient requirements. The formula in our Super Palm Juice provides them with a variety of different major and micro nutrients including potash, manganese, iron, sulfur, zinc, copper, and boron. This combination of nutrients provides a well-balanced nourishment as they grow and mature. 

Also included in our Super Palm Juice is Furst Liquid technology, which triggers a natural response in the palm to allow it to take in more available nutrients in the soil. This reaction increases fertilizer efficiency, palm health, yield potential, and the overall quality of the palm. 
Ability To Handle Various Weather Conditions
Palms can handle many adverse weather conditions. We often see videos in which palms bend more than 30 degrees in high winds and not snap. It's truly a special tree. However, summer heat is still a deterrent to the palms growth and beauty. Our Super Palm Juice helps keep them healthy in the summer and fend off dehydration during the warmer months.

Stronger Trunks and Fuller Crowns
When used as directed, Super Palm Juice helps produce thicker and stronger trunks while maintaining the fronds with a healthy green appearance resulting in dense lush crowns. When you nourish your palms with our Super Palm Juice, it will show from top to bottom. 

Super Palm Juice is used on all of our palms throughout all of our farms and 4 locations in the Houston area. Be sure to visit us today and ask about how Super Palm Juice can benefit your palms.