Add Stunning Summer Color To Your Yard

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 7/10/15, 3:50 PM
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Crape Myrtles are the perfect option for beautiful summer color
Our customers are always looking for ways to add splashes of color to their landscape. With so many options and varieties, it can be a difficult choice. A common misconception during the hotter months is that flowering trees are not an option. This is not the case. 

One of the best choices for beautiful bursts of color throughout your yard is the Crape Myrtle or Lagerstroemia. These awesome trees bloom from late spring through the summer and are the perfect summer addition to any front or back yard. The best part? They are one of the lowest maintenance flowering varieties around! 
These small trees produce exquisite colors in purple, pink, red, and white and look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when they are planted in clusters on side views or accent locations on your yard. Due to the hard and diligent work of plant breeders in our industry, there are now many cultivars being sold that are mildew and disease resistant. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we only offer hybrids that are resistant to these diseases so our customers will not have to treat with harsh chemicals. 

Crape Myrtles thrive when planted in areas where they receive a half a day of sun and well-drained soil. For the best growing results, fertilize your Crape Myrtles with Moon Dust and treat it with a soil and water conditioner. Moon Dust is specifically made with difficult soils in mind. It helps keep the Crape Myrtles looking beautiful throughout the entire summer. 

After that, it’s all up to you on how you want your Crape Myrtle to look. They are adaptable and can be trimmed for shade as a small tree or large shrub. To enhance the beautiful flowers even further, you can trim up dead flowers, which keeps the tree looking much cleaner while helping the flowers re-bloom faster.
Dynamite Red
When you visit one of your 4 Moon Valley Nurseries locations, be sure to ask one of our certified nursery pros for the correct variety and color Crape Myrtle!

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