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Celebrate Earth Day and Transform your Yard with Moon Valley Superior Trees

Posted by Jessica Downs on 4/19/19 9:00 AM

One of our favorite days to celebrate and remember is Earth Day (it is April 22nd, by the way so don’t forgot to celebrate in your own way). It is like the holiday was made for us!

From the coasts of California to the Gulf of Mexico, we have been planting more trees than anybody else over the last 25 years. And we will keep planting them for years to come and growing into new territories.

Since 2010 alone, we have planted over 1.7 million trees!

Earth Day lands in a great time of year to help educate and inform people about the benefits of all the different types of trees. It is also a great time to plant trees!

With the weather we experience in early spring, our soil is warm and prepped for new trees. This helps acclimate newly transplanted trees quickly, which lessens any potential for transplant shock. The mild warm temperatures also create the perfect environment for your trees to get used to their new home and be prepared for the summer.

To celebrate Earth Day, we want to spotlight some of our favorite trees that do best when planted this time of year and that can transform your landscape in one day. Some of these are even exclusive only to Moon Valley. Keep reading to pick out your next tree!

Which Trees Will Transform My Yard this Summer?

Japanese Blueberry

japanese blueberry-4If your goal is to block out a view from a second story, look no further than the Japanese Blueberry tree. This visually appealing evergreen is a fast grower with dense and lush dark-green foliage.

It needs only minimal maintenance and its narrow form allows it to fit in those tight spaces. It thrives in the full sun and handles the cold quite well. It can be sheared into any shape you need for your yard and it produces small white flowers in the spring.



Camphor Tree

camphorThese evergreen shade trees thrive in humid areas, so they are perfect for Houston and Austin areas! In late spring, fragrant yellow flowers bloom abundantly, creating a beautiful contrast with its lush, dense green foliage.

Some people enjoy crushing the leaves, which can induce a therapeutic aroma. Specimen trees can provide plenty of shade, too! We like to plant them for shade and to block unwanted views in style.



Magnolia-7Magnolia trees are a sight to behold! They are often used as a centerpiece in many gardens throughout the area. It is easy to see why these elegant trees are so popular with home owners.

They have a dramatic canopy, glossy leaves, and creamy, fragrant white flowers. Few trees can match the year-round beauty of these deciduous and evergreen trees. Once the white flowers are in bloom, the landscape is filled with the sweet aroma that these trees are famous for. And, we cannot forget about the shade they can make!

What is even better is how many varieties of Magnolias we carry in Texas. Some are grown primarily for the aromatic flowers with attractive shape and form. Some people are planting the bigger varieties for use as a large shade tree that can block out the sun.

Bottlebrush Tree

bottlebrush_2Bright red flowers appear in waves throughout the year! The flowers offer more than visual beauty – they also have an intoxicating aroma!

These are an excellent choice for homes in the Southern Texas region. They also have green-colored evergreen leaves, so we like to use them as a beautiful privacy screen hedge that can block unwanted views in style.

These ornamental trees do not get too big, making them the perfect size for any size yard in Houston or Austin. These small trees bloom flowers in shades of red or crimson that lasts throughout the summer. Its green foliage provides the perfect backdrop for the beautiful red flowers.

Crape Myrtle

crape myrtle-4The Crape Myrtle is our favorite tree to add color to a landscape and it is the number one selling flowering tree at Moon Valley Nurseries due to its ability to offer something for every season.

During the spring season, this tree really shines with its large clusters of flowers (nearly the size of a football) that bloom all over the foliage. The blooms can last a long time, sometimes even until late summer.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer this tree as a single-trunk or multi-trunk. In addition, the Crape Myrtle trees grown at Moon Valley Nurseries are a top variety thanks to its optimal mildew resistance, which you will not find anywhere else.

Celebrate with Us This Weekend

Come by your nearest location and find all the trees on this list for yourself. Nothing compares to seeing them with your own eyes and standing in front of them to truly appreciate all their beauty.

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