Top Trees For Yellow Flowers In Spring And Summer

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 3/2/17, 7:37 AM
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Flowering trees are one of the best signs that the spring season is here. Fortunately for us, our climate allows us to plant a wide range of flowering trees from all over the United States and the world that produce purple, white, yellow, red, and pink flowers not just in the spring but in the summer as well.

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As part of an ongoing series, our nursery professionals will be identifying the best flowering trees for a specific color. This week we are looking at the best flowering trees that produce beautiful white blooms. Check back next week for flowering trees with red blooms!



All of the trees below produce great yellow flowers. So if you want that you're covered on this blog post. If you're looking for both shade and color, the Tipuana tipu, along with the Museum Palo Verde, are the best two on this list. The Tipu tree is one of the most popular trees we offer at Moon Valley Nurseries, and it is everywhere in our city. We guarantee you passed one on the way to work today. They are very fast growing trees that have an upright growth pattern creating and providing a large area with shade. These trees are also drought tolerant once established and they can handle even the hottest summer days. It produces a unique show of golden blooms from late spring and into early summer that contrasts beautifully with its feathery green foliage. If you are looking for shade and color, this is your tree. 



Museum Palo Verde

The other great shade tree on this list is the Museum Palo Verde (Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid). This beautiful tree is a hybrid of different older Palo Verde species that brings our the best qualities in each. This unique combination results in a tree with fuller foliage, large and prolific yellow flowers, and a thornless trunk that has an eye-catching blue-green color that provides a start contrast to just about any landscape. The shade is layered, which at various times throughout the day, the sunlight will penetrate through. This provides two great benefits, as the tree looks light in your yard while providing sunlight to any shrubs you'd like to plant below the massive umbrella shaped canopy. This tree is a fast grower and requires minimal water once established. The bottom line is this: you will love this tree and it will turn heads in the neighborhood. 




Now we may sound crazy, but there are indeed flowering trees that are low maintenance and one of the best for our region is the Thevetia (Thevetia peruviana). This small to medium evergreen is right at home in our climate. It loves the heat. Yes, you read that correctly. The Thevetia loves the heat and it will bloom all year long even in warmer winters. It produces yellow tubular flowers and many of our customers have taken advantage of its ability to be used as a hedge screen. As a bonus, this tree attracts humming birds.


Now that you know the best yellow flowering trees for our region, be sure to check back next week to see the best trees for pink flowers. If you have any questions on any of the trees, submit a comment below or be sure to speak to any of our nursery pros at any of our locations, which you can map right here! Hope to see you soon.

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