How to Help your Landscape Recover from Summer

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/10/2019


This summer has been a hot one, and your landscape needs some help recovering and getting ready for fall! This time of year, you’re going to start to see your landscape come back to life thanks to the fantastic fall weather coming back. This is also an excellent time to check your trees, plants, and lawn to see if there are any issues such as damaged branches, yellowing foliage, wilted leaves, dry patches of grass, and so on. You’ll want to spot that now and help as much as you can to guarantee the best growing season for your yard.

So, how can you help your yard recover over the next few weeks? We asked our nursery professionals and compiled the top recommendations to help your trees, plants, and lawn gain back their full strength and bring your beautiful landscape back to life!

Tips to Help Your Yard Recover from Summer

Are the leaves on your trees looking a bit yellow? Has the heat gotten the better of your plant materials? The best way to help combat the heat stressors and help your trees and plants grow healthy is to use fertilizers and supplements. Our custom products help trees, palms, and other plants grow to their full potential. Healthy trees and plants will handle the changing weather much better than those still weak from heat stress.

Add Fertilizer to your Trees and Plants

Moon DustOur Moon Dust fertilizer is an organic blend developed especially for tough, compact alkaline soils found in our region. Our custom fertilizer is made with the perfect ratio of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus for healthy living. Moon Dust can be used on every plant material in your yard from large trees to potted flowers!

To learn more, click here.

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Amend your Soil

soil and water conditioner

Moon Valley Nurseries Soil and Water Conditioner is the perfect primer for fertilizers. Our Soil and Water Conditioner helps provide more nutrients to your trees and plants by loosening up the hardened soil in your yard. It is great for making sure your trees and plants get all the water and fertilizer it needs without wasting any of it!

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Supplement Plant Growth

moon juice shrubsOur Super Charged Moon Juice is specially formulated with Furst liquid technology including a blend of organic enzymes and amino acids that help stimulate the growth of trees and plants, along with new root hair growth, which helps plants increase moisture intake. Moon Juice was made to help recover from seasonal stress!

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Make your Lawn Green Again

Moon Royale

If you have grass in your landscape, then you know how much it can struggle during the summer with full sun exposure all day long. Our Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer acts fast to restore your grass to a healthy, luxurious green while also decreasing weed growth and disease problems.

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Adjust your Watering Schedule

Quick Watering Tips

  • Water early in the morning while it is still hot
  • Water deeply to saturate the entire root system
  •  Allow your soil to nearly dry between watering sessions

Watering is one of the most important aspects of keeping trees and plants healthy. Soon, we will have shorter days and cooler nights; so, you want to be careful that we are not over-watering. You will also want to transition our water systems from summer to fall settings as it starts to cool down, which is where our watering guides come in handy!

Watering Basics for Your New Trees

Watering Basics for Your Established Trees

Clean Up your Trees

By applying fertilizer and supplements that we talked about and watering your landscape correctly, your trees will recover from our tough Arizona summer and regain their greenness and health! Another way to help your trees out is to remove any fallen or damaged branches from the monsoon season, or that aren’t doing so well. This will pave the way for new growth to take over!

Plant New Trees for Fall

Fall is the best time to plant in our region and right now is an excellent time to check your yard and see what you might need, or want, to add to your landscape. Maybe you lost some plant material from heat stress and want to replace it, or perhaps you see a need for large shade trees to help keep your house cooler for future summers.

Planting now is best because the weather is cooler, and the ground is nice and warm from the summer. This creates the perfect conditions for planting new trees. It also gives your new trees and plants time to establish their root systems, so they flourish next spring!

Let our Tree Care do the Work for you!

Our Tree Care team of professionals is ready to help you! Our team is staffed with ISA Certified Arborists and Certified Nursery Professionals. They guarantee the highest quality of services for your trees and landscapes. Whether you need tree or stump removal, trimming, soil fertilizer injections, or any other tree care issues you need help with – our team can do it!  

Schedule Your Tree Care Consult Here

No matter how hard your landscape was affected by the hot Arizona summer, Moon Valley Nurseries is here to help. Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and see what we have to offer for yourself!

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Mosquito Control for Your Yard

Posted by Sal Bracale on 8/16/2019

Battling Mosquitoes in Arizona

Landscape AZ

A common concern our customers bring up this time of year is the number of mosquitoes that are taking over their yard. It becomes a bigger problem during the monsoon season because of all the extra rain we receive and the humidity.

While the problem can be very annoying, and sometimes downright frustrating, it is almost always an easy problem to fix. The most likely culprit is standing water somewhere around your home.

Look for Standing Water Around Your Home

The standing water could come from anywhere so inspect your home for even tiny amounts of water collecting somewhere. Even the smallest amount of water will make the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Some common places to check are areas in your lawn that might have soil issues, therefore not letting the water absorb into the ground quickly enough or your irrigation system for potential leaks allowing water to build up and collect.

After the rainstorms, make sure to check any buckets that were left outside or any trash cans that may have collected water. Those will need to be emptied out once the rain is over.

If Mosquitoes are Laying Eggs

Areas that are often overlooked when thinking of what might be causing the issue are water features in your landscape. A pool will be less of a concern since most pool owners apply chemicals regularly to maintain a clean environment, but many people do not use any type of chemicals for their fountains or other water features. There are chemicals, with organic options, that get the job done.mosquitodonut

On using chemical products –

They work very well and will help kill and get rid of larva.- Sal Bracale, VP of Arizona Operations and Nursery Expert

Treating areas with the proper chemical products will make a big difference because you are destroying the eggs before they can hatch. Every time a mosquito lays eggs, it can lay between 100-200 eggs, also called a “clutch”. They can lay up to five clutches in a lifetime (about five weeks), which means you could potentially have 1000 mosquitoes hatching on your property in a month. The best solution is to target any areas that a mosquito would even THINK about laying eggs.

Once you start limiting the number of mosquitoes, your outdoor spaces will become a more enjoyable living space.

If your problem has gotten too out of control to handle on your own, there are professional services that can help take care of the infestation. Professional pest control companies offer services specifically for mosquito control such as powerful formulas that are sprayed, fogged, or distributed through a mist system.

There are many options to choose from based on your needs. One option we recommend is using a product named 'Mosquito Dunks'. (pictured above).

How to Deter Mosquitoes from Your Yard

No matter what you do, you probably can’t avoid having a few mosquitoes pop into your yard (possibly coming from your neighbor’s home). There a few natural mosquito repellent ideas we recommend to our customers that you can do to make sure your patio and other social areas around your yard are mosquito-free.


Using mosquito candles are one line of defense to keep the insects away from you while you are outside. The candle burns off oils that repel the bugs away but works in a very limited range. It is nice to have two to three candles placed around seating areas for more protection.

Another great way to defend against them is to add mosquito repellent plants around your yard and especially around areas where you and your family spend the most time outside, such as the patio or around the pool. Two great choices to add are live citronella plants and lemongrass. They are easy to plant, grow well, smell great, and keep those big mosquitoes away. If you want to add more of a variety of plants, also consider lavender (pictured), rosemary, garlic, and peppermint. You will also find all these plants in most natural insect repellent products!

Questions? Visit Moon Valley Nurseries Today!

For more questions or concerns about mosquitoes in your yard, best plants to get rid of them, or how to design your yard to be mosquito-free, visit us at the location nearest to you or schedule a consultation today.


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3 Moon Valley Dwarf Hedges to Plant in Your Yard Now

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/17/2019

Find the best dwarf hedges for your yard

from our moon valley team in Arizona 

Every Moon Valley Nurseries professional can answer any, and all, question you have about our trees and other plant material, whether you call or come into the store. We are always ready to help you find the right tree for your yard.

Learn more about Yaupon Hollies, Japanese Boxwood, and Dwarf Myrtle shrubs from our VP of Operations for Arizona, Sal Bracale. Sal has been with Moon Valley Nurseries since it was founded in 1995 and knows everything there is to know about trees and plants for Arizona.  

Find your nearest nursery here

Learn more about the Yaupon Holly here

Learn more about the Japanese Boxwood here

Learn more about the Dwarf Myrtle here 

Video Transcription:

"Hi Guys. This is Sal with Moon Valley Nurseries. And today we’re talking about some dwarf hedges. So, we get a lot of customers that have similar requests. We’re going to discuss three really common options that we use for homes. If you’re looking for a nice hedge under a window, lining a walkway maybe even curve along a driveway, a  very formal hedge you can use in a beautiful landscape. These are three great choices. So, these are Dwarf Yaupon Hollies, real compact, no blooms, real nice small, dark green leaves to them. Beautiful plants take all the sun in the world. Right next door here we have what’s called Japanese Boxwood so a little bit more of a round leaf to them. Again, a very formal hedge. Great, easy to maintain and trim any shape if you want to keep it square or rounded that’s them. And right next door to those here are these Dwarf Myrtles. Dwarf Myrtles have an even more compact leaf yet kind of triangular in shape. They have a brief little white flower but most of the time your trimming these and shaping these where you really don’t see the flower. And these are the same plants you see used at Disneyland and places like that. So, in the Southwest of the United States, Arizona, Nevada and California climates, these are three great hedges you can use and put them anywhere in your property. You’ll really love them, they’re hardy and you’ll get great plants and of course they’re available right here at Moon Valley Nurseries. So come down and see us."

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Moon Valley Nurseries Exclusive Ficus nitida

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/11/2019

learn more about Our Ficus Nitida (Indian Laurel) 

from our moon valley team in mesa 

 Every nursery professional at Moon Valley can answer any question you have about our trees and other plant material, whether you call or come into the store. We are always ready to help you find the right tree for your yard. Let Sam Phillips, our manager at our Mesa nursery,  talk about the Ficus nitida (Indian Laurel) tree and why our trees are the best out there!  


Check out the Mesa location here

Learn more about the Ficus nitida (Indian Laurel)

Video Transcription:

"(and I said to the customer, “What do you think this is, Whitfill?") Oh Hi. How you guys doing? This is my friend, Frank. Frank the Ficus. Beautiful tree here isn’t it? This is one of our best specimen trees. This is absolutely our top seller and one of the greatest trees you can grow in the state of Arizona. With out a doubt living out here we all know it gets hot and there is nothing more valuable than shade. This tree right here is something that has been perfectly hybridized and cloned from some of our best specimens that have grown out here in the state of Arizona. Grown from our own specific Moon Valley Mother Trees, this is the Ficus Nitida variety also known as the Indian Laurel. Without a doubt this is a fast growing tree, very efficient tree also one of our cleanest varieties trees here in the valley. There’s a lot of misconception sometimes about how well they can do in the cold weather and absolutely this is an extremely versatile tree they handle all of our weather out here and we have cloned these trees specifically to handle any weather Arizona can throw at it. One thing I love most about this tree is their really nice, dark, deep green canopy it has. Without a doubt this tree can shade any aspect of your home, your yard or just be a great aesthetically pleasing focal point for your yard. One other benefit they have you can control their size at any point of maturity. You can keep it a smaller canopy if you’re looking for something unique to style or let it grow big. They can get upwards to 30 feet and even larger as the years go by. A very fast-growing tree our cleanest variety without a doubt this is a great tree to take advantage of and get in the ground if you’re looking for any summer projects to bring shade to your home."

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Moon Valley Nurseries Exclusive Majestic Ash

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/11/2019

learn more about our majestic ash

from our moon valley team in mesa 

 Every nursery professional at Moon Valley can answer any question you have about our trees and other plant material, whether you call or come into the store. We are always ready to help you find the right tree for your yard. Let Sam Phillips, our manager at our Mesa nursery,  talk about the Majestic Ash tree and why our varieties are the best out there!  

Check out the Mesa location here

Learn more about the Majestic Ash tree here

Video Transcription:

"Hi Guys. How’s it going? I’m Sam Phillips out here at Moon Valley Nurseries Mesa Location. I wanted to show and introduce you to our moon Valley exclusive Majestic Ash Tree. This is a very awesome tree. It’s one of our best-selling trees out here in Arizona. As far as someone looking for quality shade and a fast growing, reliable tree. What’s unique about this tree is that we grow it on the Oodi Rootstock and it’s an exclusive Moon Valley tree, that’s our Majestic Ash. What we do is we actually grow this tree from clippings and clone them from other trees that have been some of our best successes out here and survived all of our weather. What else is unique to it is that we only clone these off of male variety of the Oodi Ash and what that is going to do is prevent any pods from growing for you, help keep your yard a lot cleaner. You’re not going to have any sort of leaf and foliage drop in the wintertime where a lot of the other varieties will defoliate. But specifically, with this tree its very fast growing, very reliable tree if you are looking for shade this summer without a doubt this is one of your best varieties."

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Our VIP Tree of Fall – The Majestic Ash

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/2/2018

The Perfect Tree for the Perfect Yard

This Majestic Ash tree is an evergreen seedless variety that stays greener than other ash varieties. They feature large, glossy green leaves and its narrow, upright shape makes it an ideal shade tree for any potential planting locations. Because these trees are low-maintenance and virtually pest-free, it makes them ideal for a yard or street plantings.  

This is the ultimate shade tree and Arizona can never get enough shade any time of the year! If you're expecting and hoping for a large canopy of shade to provide a play area for your children or for a way to escape the afternoon sun you will not be disappointed in the Majestic Ash. It has a formal upright growth rate.

majestic ash 2

You can plant the Majestic Ash as a focal point in your yard or in a row for a wall of shade. A row of these trees will also give your yard additional privacy as well. The classic, larger-leaved green foliage compliments the canopy as well with its dense and unique growth. Minimal light will pass through this tree, which allows many of our homeowners to plant colorful partial-sun shrubs underneath the tree that will be protected from the sun. 

Our Tree Care team is always ready to help you out with any questions or concerns regarding tree removal, trimming, fertilizing, and more!

The Moon Valley Experience

majestic ash 3

John and Susan recently bought a new home but quickly realized how hard it was to keep the air cool in their home and how unbearable it was to spend time outside in their yard. With windows on all sides of their house, it was impossible to escape the intense sun every day. They tried to fix the issue with easy and quick ideas hoping that it would help cool the home down but to no avail. 

At this point, they realized that they needed to add shade outside of their home to really fix the problem. They visited Moon Valley Nurseries to speak with one of our expert designers and discussed the issues they were having and their failed attempts to solve the problem. The designer suggested that they add shade trees around their property, which would allow them to not only enjoy a cooler home (and lower electric bill) but to enjoy their backyard and entertain as they please.

The designer suggested the evergreen shade tree, Majestic Ash, to start them off and they fell in love with the glossy green leaves and dense canopy it had to offer. Our designer helped pick the perfect planting locations that would benefit John and Susan the most. After being planted only a few weeks, it was obvious John and Susan had found a winning solution. Not only did this help with cooling their home down year-round and letting them enjoy their backyard, but it also created privacy and curb appeal to their property, including an increase in overall value.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we are not just the sellers majestic ash-1

From seed to tree, we grow our Majestic Ash trees on one of our many farms in Arizona and other Southwestern states to be ready for planting in your yard. Because of this, we guarantee to have the perfectly-sized tree for your yard. We have been growing premium specimen trees at our farms for decades across the Southwest and have perfected the proper growing technique to assure the customer is always getting a top-quality tree for the best value.

The Moon Valley Nurseries Majestic Ash tree is a grafted cultivar that is grown especially by our nursery professionals. The best part of this tree variety is how it does not produce seeds thanks to our expert growing process. It should go without saying (but I’m going to say it!) - this is quite the clean tree!

Head over to your local Moon Valley Nurseries today and check out our large inventory of Majestic Ash.  Our nursery experts have years of experience and can assist you with any and all projects you can imagine!

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Fall Landscape Prep Guide

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/13/2018


Plant and Tree Care

With the summer temperatures dropping a little more each day in Arizona, fall is a great time to start prepping your yard and taking care of those trees and plants.

When it comes to trimming trees or pruning plants make sure to only get rid of what is needed to give them a clean look and increase their health potential. When you are trying to figure out how much you should cut off, get rid of no more than 20% of the tree or plant.

If you need more help or have any questions, please reach out to Moon Valley for any and all tree care needs. Our certified arborists are ready to give out free estimates across the valley.

Now that everything is trimmed back, it is time to add some nutrients to your trees and plants. Fall is the best time to fertilize trees because the cooler temperatures help promote root growth. That growth will be at full potential with the right fertilizer.

Our Moon Valleyʼs Moon Dust packs a one-two (and three) punch with the perfect blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium that your biggest trees and smallest shrubs will love and appreciate.

For year-round care, Moon Valleyʼs Super Charged Moon Juice is a liquid root stimulant that can help maintain your trees and plants through heat, frost, and even help fend off disease annually.

Lawn Care

After another Arizona summer, your lawn is ready to be pampered. With record heat bearing over it for months, your lawn is probably in need of some nutrients to bring it back to top shape.  Moon Valleyʼs Moon Royale Turf fertilizer not only makes your lawn greener in days, but it also helps keep weeds and insects away for better growth.

Best Trees to Plant in the Fall

crape_2_origCrape Myrtle

For customers looking to add some color into their landscape, the Crape Myrtle tree is a great option that blooms in pink, purple, white, and red and transitions into an orange shade in the fall season.  It is a small-medium flowering tree that offers various bright colors perfect for front and back yards. The Crape Myrtle is also an easy tree to maintain and does not need much water to flourish.




A Raywood Ash is a great addition to any Arizona yard. It loves the sun and grows in a round shape that creates nice spots of shade. Not only is it great for creating a shady landscape but the coloring it provides is perfect for the autumn season when its leaves turn to a burgundy-red color.





red-oak_origShumard Oak

The Shumard Oak is a perfect tree for an Arizona landscape. This type of oak tree is drought-tolerant and adapts well and quickly to where it is planted, which makes it easy to grow. Its leaves are long and turn a stunning lively red in the fall that will surely get some attention from neighbors.




tipu-2Tipu Tree

The Tipu tree is a great option in the Phoenix area due to its drought-tolerance and ability to grow in most soils. The Tipu tree produces yellow-golden flowers throughout the summer and bloom in the fall. It is a medium- large tree that is perfect for creating shade environments.

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Superior Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees

Posted by Arica Harrison on 7/20/2018


Summer can be a rough time, the heat and the sun bearing down on us. Plants and trees tend to lose their vibrancy. Our AC is on at all times, making our utility bill soar. Well, we have a solution. Plant some evergreen trees! Evergreen trees bring back the interest to our drying yards and create much needed shade. By planting evergreens correctly around your home, you can cut the cost of your utility bill by naturally cooling your home. That’s pretty great. And, what’s even better is that at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have evergreen varieties that grow quickly, meaning more shade and more relief sooner.

Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have been custom growing superior evergreens for the past 20 years, grown to thrive in Arizona at our local farms. Whether your focus is shade, privacy, or just adding year-round interest, we have the perfect evergreen for you. And since summer is here, why not plant a tree that will help you survive the sun and cut down on utilities? Fast-growing evergreens are the ideal choice for any landscape and yard; giving you all the benefits without the long wait. Below are our favorite fast-growing evergreens.


Ficus (Ficus nitida) – One of our top sellers! Native to Asia and Hawaii, the Ficus brings the tropics to any landscape or yard. Thrives in full sun exposure and is drought tolerant. This tropical tree has a wide spreading canopy that provides dense shade that can naturally cool a home when planted in the proper location. We like to plant them in rows to create a natural privacy wall and block unwanted views. Ficus trees handle pruning into many shapes, so create the look you want! This evergreen tree thrives in desert environments, perfect for Arizona landscapes!





Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthefolius) – This vibrant evergreen is sure to give any landscape year-round beauty. Available in both single or multi-trunk, Brazilian Pepper trees are water-wise and require little water once established. The glossy, dark green leaves create a wide spreading canopy that creates an abundance of shade. A perfect choice for Southwest environments due to its love of heat and its drought tolerance. During winter, bright red berries appear that are commonly used as holiday decorations. As a bonus, the Brazilian Pepper tree attracts butterflies, so sit back in the shade and appreciate the wondrous site.




Indian Laurels (Ficus nitida ‘Columns’) – This column variety of the Ficus grows into a medium to large tree that adds instant privacy. Indian Laurels are both heat and drought tolerant, and it tends to grow faster once the heat hits – a perfect summer tree! This water-wise tree can be pruned into any shape and looks great planted in rows along driveways or property borders. So, let them grow tall and bushy or keep them smaller and narrow, giving you the exact look you want. The dense green foliage creates much needed shade during our hot summer months.





Timber Bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) – Bamboo is a great addition to any landscape, especially those with a tropical or Zen style. Timber bamboo has bright green foliage that grows dense with fat bamboo sticks. This is the most common clumping bamboo variety, perfect for a windbreak or privacy screen. Well suited for urban landscapes due to its upright growth habit. We love to plant this easy-to-grow tree in groups for a living wall or single planting for a focal piece in a yard. Want to create a relaxing backyard retreat or your own meditation garden? Bamboo is the way to go!



We Can Help!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our nursery pros. Not sure which evergreen to choose or where to put it? No worries, we can help! Our pros can help you select the perfect trees and will do a free in-nursery design consultation to determine the perfect spot for those evergreens. Want to make sure your new trees grow to their full potential? We can help with that, too! Moon Valley Nurseries has developed custom fertilizers for our Arizona environment, like our amazing Moon Juice and Moon Dust. Just ask any of our nursery pros at your local Moon Valley Nurseries location for help!


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Why Hedges are Perfect for Any Landscape

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/29/2018

hedges-az-caThe perfect yard should always have privacy in mind. After all, if your goal is to spend lots of quality time outdoors with your friends and family, the last thing you want to worry about are nosy neighbors getting into your business. And, if you have children, private yards can provide some peace of mind when our kids are playing outside. We want to be able to let our kids play in a safe place, away from the eyes of strangers. Hedges are the perfect solution for creating a secure and private play area for everyone in your family!

  • Can block unwanted views
  • Can help reduce road noise
  • Can help create a private landscape
  • Can create shade
  • Can be used as a windbreak
  • Add value and beauty to yards


The Perfect Yard Always Starts Out with Privacy


We know that no two landscapes are the same. Some properties have huge backyards. Some yards are much tighter. There is a solution no matter what size yard we are working with. Hedges such as Indian Laurel Columns and Italian Cypress are perfect for planting in tighter spaces and creating privacy. Block that unsightly view with something beautiful – plant hedges!


Hedges Can Create Shade, Too


Planting hedges around a property line does more than create a private area. That’s right. Hedges can also create some of that cool and comfortable shade we need during our blistering hot sunny days of summer! And, guess what? When hedges are installed properly around your home, they can help lower the temperatures inside your home. Lower the heat in your house, reduce energy use and save money!

When it comes to hedges, shade and privacy are definitely high on the list of attributes.  That said, hedges are also highly effective windbreaks. Also, if your property is next to a busy road, our fully-grown hedge specimens can help reduce sound from the street, and may even block that bright street light that keeps you up at night.


Our Top Hedges for Arizona Yards!


To take full advantage of hedges, we recommend buying them as big as you can. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we are your privacy hedgequarters! We have the largest and nicest-looking hedge specimens that you will find anywhere, ready to create privacy, shade, beauty, and much more!

ficus-nitida-column-36-row-with-alIndian Laurel Columns (Ficus nitida columns): One of the best hedges you will find anywhere is our Indian Laurel Columns. We like to plant them to create a living wall of privacy. These evergreen beauties can create an instantly private landscape and are the ideal choice to create a perfect yard. They thrive in desert environments and are water-wise, so they are well-suited for Arizona landscapes. As a bonus, homeowners love them for the massive amount of shade that they can add! Go ahead and enjoy some time in your backyard. Relax, unwind, or have fun, and do it in the shade, without nosy neighbors getting into your business. Plant these Ficus nitida columns in your yard and take in the dense green foliage that adds a splash of color to our arid environment.


bottlebrush_2Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus): Plant this evergreen in your yard and create a colorful privacy screen! The Bottlebrush features showy blood-red bottlebrush-like flower spikes that can paint your yard in hues of red! The red blends in beautifully with the blue-green foliage. Line them up along a property line to create a living wall brimming with color. Hummingbirds are attracted to the fragrant flowers, so kick back and enjoy the spectacle of birds humming in your private yard.




Oleander_logoOleander (Nerium oleander): Arizona homeowners know that they can count on this colorful, fast-growing hedge to create privacy. Summertime yards are more exciting thanks to the blooms of white, red, and pink flowers that occur until fall. They are drought-tolerant, so they are ideal for any water-wise landscape. Beautiful flowers and dark-green, leathery leaves make this a top choice for use as a living privacy fence. We like to plant them so that they can block unwanted views in style!




golden_bamboo_slide_2Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea): Golden Bamboo is a must-have in any Zen garden. Also, in your personal Zen garden, you are going to want to eliminate any unsightly visual distractions to keep yourself at peace and one with nature. Bright yellow stalks and lush green leaves grow together to further enhance the feeling of a tropical Zen garden, complete with privacy. It's easy to create a living wall for privacy when planting Golden Bamboo. These plants grow fast in a clustered growth pattern that creates a barrier in no time at all. Function meets beauty!



hopseedHopseed (Dodonaea viscosa): This native desert shrub has a similar growth habit to Oleander and can be used as an attractive hedge or privacy screen. Unlike Oleander, there are no colorful flowers. However, Hopseed more than makes up for that thanks to their bright green evergreen foliage that is sure to add vibrant greenery to any yard. They look fantastic and can block unwanted views growing in their natural form or pruning them into a formal hedge. They are very drought tolerant, so they are perfect hedges for any yard in Arizona. Feel free to use this sun-loving shrub as a tall, narrow screen or hedge.



Hedges are a welcome part of any landscape all year long. A natural fencing solution can increase property value and is always going to be good for the environment. It’s summertime, enjoy your yard with shade and privacy! Moon Valley Nurseries has the hedges you need. We do all the work, too!

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Chinese Elm Trees Create Shade!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/12/2018

Chinese ElmThe Chinese Elm is a favorite shade tree in the United States, especially in Arizona. Do we ever get used to the summertime heat? Some people do. The good news for those that never get used to the bright sun and heat is that you don’t have to spend all your time indoors. As comfortable as an air-conditioned room can be, we can get a little stir-crazy staying indoors all-day long. Trees can come to the rescue! Plant specimen trees and get ready to breathe some fresh air.


Chinese Elm: A Valuable Shade Tree for the Desert Landscape

Trees are a valuable and essential part of the desert landscape. They provide a resting spot for those of us that don’t want to be cooped up indoors because of the blistering sunshine. Beautiful shade trees increase property value and add color to our arid environment, too. Can you imagine our native landscape without trees? We sure can’t! So, if you are looking for a tree that can block the sunlight, look no further than the Chinese Elm tree.

There are a couple of different varieties of Chinese Elm available. Varieties include ‘True Green,’ ‘Drake,’ ‘Sempervirens,’ ‘Allee,’ ‘Dynasty,’ and ‘Everclear.’ There are even dwarf varieties that are commonly used for bonsai. In fact, Ulmus parvifolia is one of the most popular bonsai trees. Of these varieties, many homeowners tend to agree that the ‘Tue Green’ and ‘Drake’ Chinese Elm are the most attractive of all. They feature small, deep-green leaves that stay attractive, even in the summer!

Don’t let the summer sun keep you from being outside. After all, it’s the summer and the days are longer! Fire up the barbecue, start a game of horseshoes, or just lounge by the pool or patio. Plant this shade tree in your landscape and feel free to enjoy your view, and our majestic desert scenery no matter how sunny it gets outside. Here’s why. Chinese Elm, botanical name Ulmus parvifolia, grows fast, so you will not be waiting too long to enjoy a picturesque and comfortable spot in your yard. In fact, once you have one of these trees in your landscape, you will be glad to know that you can expect to have excellent shade coverage at an early age! Feel free to rest and picnic under its umbrella-shaped canopy – it can spread up to 70-feet wide!

Did you know that the Chinese Elm is the only elm species that can tolerate the severity of the low-level elevation of the Arizona desert?


An Excellent Shade Tree for a Small Landscape (And Large Landscapes, Too!)

In the United States, and throughout our area, Chinese Elm is often found in yards as a patio tree or sun screen. It can grow up to 60 feet tall, with a vase-like shape and a spreading, weeping branch habit that can create a comfortable spot outdoors, even when the sun is on full-force. Of course, this tree grows fast. However, buying a big specimen tree is your best bet to take advantage of all its incredible characteristics. You see, when appropriately placed around the home, a big specimen can block out the sunlight that hits the house, which can help lower the inside room temperatures! Be sure to speak with one of our design specialists, and we will be glad to show you how!

A Tree that Creates Life-long Memories

Did you grow up around trees? Remember all those precious memories playing in your yard? Your parents probably let you stay and play outside longer because they had a Chinese Elm tree in the back, providing lots of shade to protect you from the sun. Big specimen trees are begging for someone to climb and explore their limbs. Do you remember your first crush? This is the type of tree that your kids may want to engrave the initials of their first crush. Keep the memories going, from generation to generation!

Let’s talk about the bark of this tree. Besides its beautiful green leaves, the mottled bark is something that gets plenty of notice, too. When the distinctive bark sheds, it resembles camouflage-like patterns that attract both young and old alike.


How to Care for Chinese Elm

American Elm trees were once highly prized shade trees. Then they fell on hard times. Dutch Elm disease devastated many American Elm trees – millions in North America. Chinese Elms were introduced as a response to this devastation and with fantastic results. These disease-resistant varieties are helping to make a comeback of these classic trees. Since being introduced, Ulmus parvifolia elms have thrived in the United States, making homeowners, landscapers, and commercial property owners happy along the way! After all, shade trees such as a well-developed Chinese Elm can add curb appeal and help attract home buyers and customers. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a beautiful tree that can block out the blazing sunlight in their property during the summer!

Trimming: Even though Chinese Elm has a higher resistance to Dutch Elm disease, it is not immune to it. Always be sure to examine mature trees for signs of diseased or dead branches. If there are diseased or dead plant materials remove them and burn them. Young trees will benefit from selective pruning. Doing this can help the young trees develop correctly and prevent wind damage. Prune young trees early so they can develop good branch structure. Our experts custom-grow them and know how to prune and train this tree.

Watering: Once established, it is a drought-tolerant tree. In the summer, it is good to water any young trees weekly. Deep irrigation is the best way to water, especially during our hot and dry summer. Do not let your tree dry out completely.

Mulch: Add mulch immediately after planting. Mulch can help the soil retain moisture and can help control weeds.

Fertilizer: Ulmus parvifolia is very resistant to pests and diseases. That said, fertilization can help maintain the tree and increase their resistance to injury from disease and insects. Moon Juice is ideal for maximizing the health of your tree.

Where to Plant Chinese Elm

The Chinese Elm is among the best elm trees for making great shade. They prefer to grow in a location with full sun or partial shade exposure. These trees can grow in a wide range of soil conditions and can tolerate cold temperatures once the colder weather arrives. Since they can tolerate urban conditions, they are often planted as street trees in city gardens. This tall and fast-growing tree is an ideal park tree, too! Plant them in your backyard, add a resting bench, and create a park-like setting. Plant one in the front yard to add curb appeal and to cool the hotter parts of your house. These classic trees bring plenty of interest no matter where you have one planted. Speak with a Moon Valley Nurseries professional for placement ideas. Our design specialists will be glad to show you the best places to plant one in your landscape.

Chinese Elm Tree Varieties We Sell

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we always save you money by selling big specimen trees in small boxes. We are proud of custom-growing the best-quality trees with perfect roots so that they will thrive in your landscape. We value engineer our products so that you get the best price on a tree that you cannot find anywhere else. We love Chinese Elm trees and carry two of the best varieties available, ‘True Green’ and ‘Drake.’ Both varieties are going to provide dense summer shade!

drake-elm-2Drake’s Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia ‘Drake’): This disease-resistant variety features an attractive broad-spreading crown to block the sunlight. Feel free to take in the shiny dark green leaves and the shedding bark no matter how sunny it is outside. Thanks to its ability to block the sunlight, spending time outdoors in the summer can be a much more comfortable experience. This tree is an interesting addition to any landscape. We like to use it as a focal point or as a shade tree for the lawn or patio. It is an excellent choice for all sizes and types of landscapes in Arizona.



chinese_elm_650x650-min2Chinese Elm ‘True Green’ (Ulmus parvifolia ‘True Green’): Relax under the umbrella-shaped canopy! These extremely fast-growing trees are ideal for the play area and any size yard. We love its glossy green foliage and of course, the added attraction of the mottled, peeling bark. This tree is an excellent choice for the desert. They require less maintenance and clean up than many other trees. As impressive as this tree is in the summer, it puts on a show in the fall as the green foliage turns to a bright yellow color.




Plant more trees! Classic trees such as the Chinese Elm are good for the environment and can make people feel good, too! Do not let the sun keep you from enjoying your yard. We believe that Ulmus parvifolia is one of the best sustainable landscape trees for making shade. Plant these iconic trees in your yard and enjoy your summer!

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