September Landscape and Garden Tips

Posted by Arica Harrison on 9/7/2018

blog bannerThe growing season is upon us! We are finally starting to come out of the hot summer and into cooler fall. We will greatly appreciate the cooler weather and our landscapes will, too. Fall is the time when our trees and plants can effectively establish themselves into their environment. With the changing of the season, there are a few things we need to remember so that our landscapes and gardens can thrive.

Watering: With the cooler nights and days, it’s important to change our watering routine. For fall, we need to water less often than we do during the hot summer. Typically, once our daytime temperatures reach 85-100 degrees, we move away from our summer watering schedule. There are factors that play into how much you need to water; those factors are the type of tree or plant, and the planting location. Check out our watering guide to see what we recommend. If you would like more help, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our nursery pros at your nearest Moon Valley Nursery location. Now’s a great time to help cut the amount of water we use by reducing the frequency that we water our lawns. With cooler weather, our lawns will retain more moisture longer, cutting back on our usage. So, we need to cut back on the frequency of watering, not the actual amount used when watering.

Fertilizing: It’s time to fertilize! Fertilizing will help your trees, palms, and other plants grow to their full potential. Now is the perfect time for giving additional help with the growing process, fertilizers allow trees and plants to intake more nutrients and water along with making nutrients more readily available. Moon Valley Nurseries has a line of custom developed fertilizers that can be used on a variety of landscape materials – turf, grass, palms, desert trees, shade trees, and so much more. Click here to see our fertilizers.

Tree Care: Make way for new growth! That’s right. Trim off the dead or damaged branches so that new growth has room to bloom. Proper tree care is vital for strong growth in this fall season. Were the monsoons rough on your landscape? No need to worry. Our professional tree care team is here to help. They can remove any dead, damaged, or overgrown branches. Let us clean up your landscape!

What to Plant

crape myrtleCrape Myrtle – If you want color, this is the tree for you! Blooming large clusters of flowers throughout all seasons, the Crape Myrtle will deliver year-round interest. We custom grow our Crape Myrtles to be mildew resistant, making them the strongest Crape Myrtle you can find. With low maintenance needs, low water use, and the variety of colors of flowers, it is easy to see why the Crape Myrtle is one of the most popular flowering trees for any yard. This drought tolerant tree grows in a vase shape, with vibrant flowers popping against shiny, bright green leaves. The multi-trunk looks impressive with nighttime lighting, adding even more interest to a landscape.



tipu-2Tipu – This fast-growing shade tree is the solution for adding shade and beauty to any yard. Its large canopy is created with feathery, bright bluish-green foliage. The Tipu tree features a fissured bark texture and, in late spring, lovely golden blooms appear. Tipus are water-wise, drought tolerant, and grows well in many soil conditions. These trees require little maintenance. And, as a bonus, the nectar of the Tipu attracts butterflies and other pollinators to your yard or garden.




chinese elm-1Chinese Elm – The Chinese Elm is also known as the “Evergreen Elm”. In very mild winters, Chinese Elms can retain their leaves throughout the season. The foliage is dark green and creates an umbrella-shaped canopy that produces mass amounts of shade. The Chinese Elm is ideal for use as a picnic spot, for climbing, or for attaching a tire swing for the kids to enjoy. This tree thrives in full sun and is very tolerant of poor soil and poor weather. Moon Valley Nurseries carries the ‘True Green’ strain which does not weep.



ficus columns-1Ficus Columns – Indian Laurel Columns are an excellent choice for creating a living wall. Need privacy? Look no further. These Ficus Columns have dense evergreen foliage that works well for blocking unwanted sights and noises. They even create shady areas. Once established, Indian Laurel Columns are drought tolerant and water-wise. They are easy to prune, so you can keep them small and topiary or tall and majestic – whichever fits your style. Grown to thrive in desert environments, Ficus Nitida Columns are sure to add greenery to our arid Arizona landscapes.



queen palms-1Piru Queen Palm – Our Piru Queen Palms feature thicker and harder trunks, denser and greener fronds, and fuller crowns.  These evergreen palms thrive in full sun and can handle heat or cold exposure. Very low water requirements make this a perfect palm for desert landscapes. Our Piru Queen palms will bring the feel of the tropics and resort living straight to your yard. These beautiful palms can grow up to heights of 35 feet and can have 10-15-foot fronds. Plant in your front yard for a focal point and use nighttime lighting to bring the wow factor!



pygmy palmsPygmy Date Palm – It can be grown in shade, is slow growing, and its roots are non-invasive. This allows the pygmy Date palm to be a fantastic option for planting under larger palms or trees, in between palms, or in a cluster. Its versatility and dwarf growth pattern allow the Pygmy Date palm to be planted in tight spaces; perfect around pools, patios, courtyards, and in pots. This stunning palm features multiple trunks of varying height or it can be grown with just a single trunk; depending on your need. Moon Valley Nurseries has custom grown our Pygmy Date Palms at our farms to ensure that the palms generate thicker trunks and fuller crowns.


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April Monthly Landscape & Garden Tips for AZ

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/5/2018

April_Landscape_Garden_TipApril is here, and spring is in full bloom! Time to celebrate, and it is also time for our monthly landscape and garden tips! In Arizona, we are enjoying the beautiful flowers that add color to our arid landscape, and we are also enjoying all of the homegrown citrus and fruit, too. Springtime is also the best time to plant everything!

Time to explore our favorite hiking trails near Phoenix! We need to take care of our landscape before the summer temperatures skyrocket. Read some tips and chores from our nursery experts below.


Landscape and Garden Tips from our Nursery Pros to You


Control Weeds: Do not let the weeds take over your yard. Right now, is the time to get the weeds under control. No one enjoys pulling weeds, and even less so when it is blistering hot outside. You can find all the essential things you need for your weed prevention plan at any of our nursery locations throughout the Phoenix area.

Fertilizers: We are deep into the prime growing season. Continue to fertilize established roses. We will also want to begin fertilizing Bermuda and warm-season grasses.

Watering: The days are getting longer, and the weather is starting to get hot. We want to be sure to water our plants more frequently. Also, always remember to water deeply.

Mulch: Prepare your landscape with mulch before it gets too hot. We can add a few inches of mulch to keep the soil cool during the warmer summer months and to keep the soil warm during the cooler days.

Vegetable Garden: Homegrown food is healthier and can save us money, too. Keep planting vegetables such as beans, carrots, cucumbers, melons, peppers, squash, and sunflowers.

Pruning: Prune spring-flowering plants once they finish blooming. We will also want to thin-out flower seedlings now so that they can have enough space to grow.

Eliminate Pests: Insects and other pests may be lurking in the garden. Keep an eye out for aphids, spider mites and other pests that like to bug our plants and us during this time of the year.


Excellent Trees to Plant Now


If you are looking for a park-style tree that can provide a large amount of shade, any ash tree variety will do! Ash trees are the perfect tree for any landscape in Phoenix. The Arizona Ash variety can create a colorful landscape scene in the fall when the leaves turn to a vibrant yellow color. It is a deciduous shade tree - when the leaves drop, it can let the warmth of the sun in during winter.





Chinese Elm:
Once the sun is out and the weather starts to really heat up, you will be glad to have the massive amount of shade that a specimen elm tree provides! Our Chinese Elm ‘True Green’ strain features deep green leaves and an upright growth habit that looks beautiful in any landscape.





These colorful trees are a favorite throughout the Phoenix area. These trees are naturally accustomed to hot summers, so they love to grow in our area. They can put on a spectacular show when the golden blooms arrive from late spring and into early summer. Thanks to their feathery green foliage and an upright growth pattern, they can also provide a massive amount of shade. Enjoy the scene as the butterflies feed on the nectar it can produce.




Ficus Nitida:
One of the best trees for creating privacy is also one of the best shade trees you can find for creating shade! These evergreen trees love to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure – they love Arizona! We can plant them around property lines to block unwanted views, and they are an excellent tree for a tropical theme landscape, too! That’s not all! They can keep their lush green appearance even in the most drought-tolerant landscapes. If you live near a busy street, we recommend planting these trees to act as a natural sound barrier.


Mediterranean Fan Palm:
A favorite Arizona landscape palm, the Mediterranean Fan Palm is ideal for planting near swimming pools or using them as a focal point in any yard. They are drought-tolerant and love the sun! These smaller palms look stunning when used as an accent plant against architectural features. They are also excellent for massing at the base of taller growing palms. Raise the wow factor to high lighting them up with spotlights and other types of night lighting.

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Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 1/17/2018

to_do_list.pngSpring planting will be here before you know it. With springtime right around the corner, this is an excellent time to get your yard ready for spring and the arrival of butterflies and blooms that can add plenty of color and interest to your landscape. Yes, so far, we’ve had a mild winter. That said, we can still keep on planting right now, so if you desire shade in the summer, you can also plant those valuable shade trees! 


Get Your Yard Ready for Spring: To Do List


  • Remove weeds - you can click here to read all about it!
  • Clean Up – rake matted leaves so that the plants can take in sunlight. Fallen leaves and dead foliage can smother plants and foster disease - Remove debris
  • Plant and Feed – apply fertilizer around trees, shrubs, and perennials    Learn more about our custom fertilizers!
  • Mulch - acts as a barrier so that it can keep the seeds of weeds at bay
  • Prepare your lawn and garden equipment
  • Evaluate the health and appearance of shrubs, trees, and other plants
  • Prune away dead and damaged branches on trees and shrubs
  • Patch any bare spots in the lawn


Keep Planting! Here are Some Top Picks for a Beautiful Landscape All Year Long!


citrus_fruitsCitrus Fruit: We live in an area that is perfect for growing many of the best tasting and most attractive citrus trees you’ll find anywhere. Our citrus trees are bearing tons of the tastiest, juiciest fruits right now so that you can pick oranges, kumquats, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, and so much more right outside your door! If you have the room, plant an orchard and get ready to save money, all while enjoying healthy, homegrown citrus. Citrus trees are evergreen too so that they can also provide shade. Plant near windows and enjoy the aromatic foliage and scented flowers! And if you don’t have the room for an orchard or big trees, don’t fret, we sell espalier citrus trees that are perfect for small spaces!


peach_tree_blossomStone Fruit: Plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines – these are just some of the stone fruit trees we carry at our nurseries, and we have taken the guesswork out and only sell the best varieties for our area. Plant stone fruit trees now and once spring arrives, you can enjoy the beautiful bouquet of flowers that range in colors from pink to purple and white, creating a colorful scene that is sure to enhance any landscape. Yes, the flowers of stone fruit are an indicator that spring has arrived. The lovely springtime flowers precede the arrival of summertime fruit, arriving just in time for picnics. Our low-chill variety stone fruit trees can bear the sweetest, tastiest, and juiciest fruits that are far and above anything that you will find at any supermarket.   


arizona_ash.jpegAsh (Fraxinus): We carry all the best Ash varieties (Fraxinus velutina Arizona, ‘Fan Tex,’ ‘Modesto,’ ‘Berrinda,’ Fraxinus oxycarpa ‘Raywood,’ Fraxinus uhdei Shamel Ash, ‘Majestic.’) Right now is the best time to plant these trees so that you can enjoy the shade they provide just in time for when the temperatures start to heat up. Springtime can be hot and sunny too, so finding respite from the heat is going to be welcome. All these varieties make great shade trees, and varieties such as Modesto have foliage that turns to a bright golden color in the fall, and Raywood Ash has beautiful dark green leaves that can turn to a rich burgundy color before its brief deciduous period.


16 crape pink and lavendar 48s.jpgCrape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia): We only grow the best varieties for our area including ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Natchez,’ ‘Muskogee,’ ‘Tuscarora,’ ‘Tuskegee,’ and ‘Catawba.’ All Crape Myrtle varieties are going to bring a burst of vibrant colors in shades of red, white, purple or pink and can start blooming in the spring and lasting into fall. These beautiful ornamental trees work well anywhere in your landscape and can be planted anytime! 


sweet_acacia_.pngAcacia: Anyone looking for an attractive drought tolerant tree is sure to appreciate any of the Acacia varieties we grow and sell. For instance, Acacia saligna and Acacia baileyana can grow a very wide umbrella-shaped canopy so that they can provide the right amount of filtered shade. Acacia smallii (Sweet Acacia) can also provide a good amount of filtered shade, and as a bonus, they bloom fragrant, powder puff-like golden-yellow flowers. Acacia aneura (Mulga Acacia) is an evergreen that features gray-silvery leaves and seasonal yellow blooms that can add gorgeous color to your landscape. All varieties are also great candidates to block unwanted views in style!


Massive-Olive.pngOlive (Olea europaea): These picturesque trees can produce the right amount of shade, and their billowing crown and gnarled trunks also make them an excellent candidate for highlighting with nighttime landscape lighting. We custom grow the best quality Olive trees – both fruiting (‘Manzanillo, ‘Mission’) and certified fruitless varieties (‘Wilsonii’)! Our Olive trees are ideal for growing in our area and these easy to grow trees are also drought tolerant and ready to be the perfect addition to your landscape.


live_oak.jpgLive Oak (Quercus viginiana): Shade, beauty, drought tolerance – you get all that and more with the Live Oak tree. This family favorite is an ideal lawn tree, and it’s evergreen with dense dark green foliage that can provide plenty of shade too! And when planted in rows, they can be used an attractive privacy screen to block unwanted views so you can enjoy a private BBQ, party, or picnic. These natural beauties love full sun exposure and will thrive in your landscape with little to no special care required. For an instant landscape with shade coverage, buy as big as you can!


#FREEPLANTING To Have Your Yard Ready for the Joys of Spring!planting_acacia

Getting your yard ready for spring is easier than you think. Get outdoors and enjoy your yard – it’s a win-win for the health of your yard and you! With free professional planting available on all specimen trees, it cannot get any easier to create a beautiful new yard for springtime picnics and family get-togethers! Your Free Winter Watering Guide!

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Landscape and Garden Tips for January

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 1/4/2018

 Tips to a Healthy New Yard for the New Year!


Start 2018 off right by taking better care of your landscape! Taking better care of your landscape yields immediate results for a beautiful yard that you will love. The month of January is a great time to prepare your yard for the spring season. We asked our nursery pros and here are some tips and tasks for taking care of your landscape this month.

  • Plant right now! The weather is perfect for planting trees, shrubs, and other plants right now. Planting trees and plants now will give them the time to establish before the temperature really starts to heat up. Giving trees and plants time to develop is beneficial because they can focus on root development.
  • This is also a good time to keep on the winter watering schedule. With cooler temperatures and less sunlight, the soil stays moist for a more extended period so that you can cut down on the amount and frequency of water usage. Your Free Winter Watering Guide!
  • We have had a mild winter. However, changes to our weather are frequent so if you hear about a report for any days of frost, cover plants and trees that are susceptible. Do not use plastic as it can damage the plants. 
  • Because root growth is the primary focus of trees and plants during colder months, it is essential to start fertilizing now so that it can allow the plants to soak up the nutrients and store them for spring growth. Utilize the specialized blends of Moon Valley Nurseries fertilizers such as Super Charged Moon Juice and Super Palm Juice. Both fertilizers are designed to trigger growth responses and supplement the essential micro, and macro-nutrients plants need to thrive. Doing this can give plants a healthy start! Click here for more information on Moon Valley Nurseries fertilizer products.
  • This is a good time to control young and tender weeds in your garden. Remove the weeds before they seed, and you can avoid having them in your landscape.
  • Get your vegetable garden going and plant broccoli, buttercrunch lettuce, snow peas, onions, potatoes, spinach, carrots, and artichokes. Yum!

tipu tree (2).jpgTipu tree (Tipuana tipu) – You’re going to want a beautiful shade tree in your yard, especially in the dog days of summer, and the Tipu tree is the perfect massive shade providing tree. It can produce golden blooms in late spring into early summer creating a beautiful contrast with its delicate-looking bright bluish-gray foliage. These are tough trees that can thrive in intense desert heat and cold so that they are ideal for growing in the Southwest!




fruitless_olive-1.pngFruitless Olive (Olea europaea ‘Wilsonii’) – Fruitless Olive trees such as our Olea europaea ‘Wilsonii’ can produce plenty of shade to any area, and their structural shape gives them a look like living sculptures. Use them as a focal point and add a dramatic look and feel to your landscape highlighting it with nighttime landscape lighting.




sago.pngSago (Cycas revoluta) – These “living fossils” can be utilized in any landscape style and they are also a low maintenance plant that can tolerate neglect, so just let them grow and enjoy the sight of these primitive living seed plants. We like to plant them in groupings and using staggered heights where they can be used as an effective barrier or as a stunning tropical hedge. These cold and heat hardy plants can be grown indoors or out!



Japanese-Privet-1.pngJapanese Privet (Ligustrum japonica) – These fast-growing evergreens have deep green foliage and in spring bloom showy white/cream/gray flowers followed by attractive blue/black/purple-colored fruit that contrasts beautifully with the foliage. We can plant these shrubs from the coast to the desert, and these are excellent plants to grow in the winter. We like to use them as a privacy hedge, tall screen, or windbreak.



Indian-Hawthorn.pngIndian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica) – These evergreens are very cold hardy, and we like to use these shrubs in beds and borders, and they are often used as a hedge. In the spring, they can produce a colorful show with a vibrant display of large clusters of pink flowers. They tend to grow very well in the shade, and we also like to use them as a stylish way to block unwanted views!

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Landscape and Garden Tips (December)

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/30/2017

landscape_and_garden_tipsNo doubt about it. We’re fortunate to live in the Southwest. While much of the east coast of the USA is busy shoveling snow off their driveways and scraping ice off their car windows, we get to enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors. Yes, we're often wearing shorts and a long-sleeve shirt hiking one of the 180 miles of trails in the Phoenix area, exploring Red Rock Canyon National Park in Las Vegas or hanging out along the coastline and gorgeous beaches of Southern California. Yep, we got it good! We also get to enjoy our beautiful landscapes and plant some trees, shrubs, and do some gardening! Of course, it can get cold, and homeowners will need to prepare for the colder temperatures.

Since we are still experiencing relatively high temperatures throughout the Southwest, this is a great time for planting. With that said, we spoke with our experts, and we’ve compiled some tips, tasks, and suggestions so that you can keep your yard thriving during December and into the new year.


Landscape and Garden Tips That You Can Use for December!

  • Continue watering your plants. However, you’ll want to change the watering schedule for the trees, shrubs, and other plants in your landscape. Since the temperatures are cooler and there is less sunlight, the soil stays moist for a longer period so that you do not have to water as frequently. Make sure you are always watering deeply and allowing time so that the soil can dry out between watering.   
  • If the weather is dry feel free to water your lawn, shrubs, and small trees occasionally.
  • It’s good practice to apply a layer of winter mulch so that it can protect your perennials after the first few freezes.
  • Avoid any major pruning during this time. That said, you’ll want to remove any dead, diseased, or damaged branches from trees and shrubs.
  • You’ll want to fertilize your lawn after the first mowing.
  • Cool-weather vegetables can be planted right now. These vegetables include beets, carrots, chard, lettuce, leeks, peas, potatoes, radishes, spinach, and turnips. You can also plant asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.
  • This is a great time to prepare the soil for any new shrubs or rose garden. To prepare the soil, you’ll want to dig it up, remove weeds, and add compost.
  • This is an ideal time to design a new landscape and upgrade your garden! Ask us how!

Citrus and Fruit Tree Picks

Grow an edible landscape and toast to healthy eating! Our Fruit and Citrus trees are grown specifically in our local climate so that they are guaranteed to produce! With Moon Valley Nurseries, you can purchase #fruittrees and #citrustrees at fruit producing age, so plant them now, so they are ready for next spring! Of course, you can always visit your nearest Moon Valley Nursery to purchase one or two or three or more of our fruit trees bearing citrus and fruit right now! Call your closest local Moon Valley Nursery to find out what we have in stock!


Orange Trees (various):

Why settle for just one kind of orange variety when you can have multiple! For instance, at Moon Valley Nurseries you can find the juiciest varieties perfect for eating whole, juicing, or adding flavor to recipes. We carry the best varieties such as Valencia, Blood Orange, Navel and more! All orange trees are attractive in any landscape, and when growing near windows, they can bring the sweet aroma straight into your home. Grow a few and use them to create an aromatic privacy screen that blocks out unwanted views in style!



Tangerine, Tangelo, Grapefruit Trees:

Enjoy a tangerine dream with each juicy bite of this scrumptious fruit! We have taken the guesswork out of finding the best and most reliable ones for growing in our area. We grow the best varieties, including Satsumas, Clementine, and Mandarin! Tangelos are a tangerine and grapefruit hybrid that is full of mouth-watering flavor and juice! And speaking of Grapefruit, we also have the Sweet Ruby Red, Oro Blanco and more that are bursting with healthy juice!   These citrus trees are beautiful landscape trees too, where the combination of orange, yellow and green colors can enhance any yard. Let them grow free form and use them to block unwanted views!



Lemon and Lime Trees:

Eat them whole, slice them up for cocktails or use them in a favorite recipe, any way you slice it you can toast to healthy eating! Lemons and limes can be enjoyed all year long and growing them means you won’t be in a panic the next time there's a lime shortage. And since they are small to medium-sized trees, they are the ideal size for any landscape style or application. Besides growing them for citrus, they can be planted in rows to create a privacy screen or used as an attractive focal point.


Deciduous Tree Picks

Deciduous trees are such a great tree to plant in our area – they can let the warmth of the sun in during the winter and can provide a massive amount of shade once the temperatures rise! December is a great time to plant deciduous trees so that they can get roots established and ready for spring!


Arizona Ash (Fraxinus velutina):

These deciduous shade trees are cold hardy, heat resistant, and can cast a wide umbrella of shade just in time for summer! In the winter, this seedless variety will lose its leaves so that they can let in the warmth of the sun. They have a fast growth rate, and we love their attractive velvety, gray-green leaves that make them a perfect addition to any yard, and when properly placed around a home, mature trees can reduce temperatures inside a house.




Shumard Oak (Quercus shumardii):

Beautiful at any stage of its life, when young it has an attractive pyramidal shape before eventually branching out to create a vase-like shape with a beautiful structure that can also cast ample shade! In late fall, the leaves turn the tree to a vibrant red before shedding its leaves and letting in the sunlight. We like to plant this deciduous as a shade tree, street tree, lawn tree or as a focal point that is sure to attract the right attention.



That’s right! With free professional planting on all box-sized trees, it cannot get any easier to transform your yard! Now is an excellent time to replace the trees the builders chose or start from scratch! Financing is available, so there is no reason to wait! And with the largest premium-quality selection of trees and plants, and free professional landscape design available at any of our nurseries, Moon Valley Nurseries has got you covered for all your landscaping goals!

Your Free Winter Watering Guide!

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Trees and Plants Make Perfect Gifts!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/21/2017

Give the gift that keeps on giving – trees and plants! That’s right, why not give a gift that grows with you and one that can also bring beauty, privacy, and shade to our landscape. Of course, a beautiful new landscape is also a gift that can increase property value too. When you plant trees, shrubs, palms, succulents, and other plants, you are not only adorning your landscape; you’re also helping the environment by adding living things that can release oxygen and can help to clean the air. It’s a gift for our planet too. You win, and our environment wins!

Did you know that two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four? And when you hear news like that, you just have to plant more trees! When it comes to creating a beautiful landscape that benefits every one of us, you cannot beat the premium-quality selection of trees and other plants for sale at Moon Valley Nurseries. We have mature trees available right now so that they can release oxygen, provide shade, and block unwanted views in style. Of course, the experience of growing trees and plants is one that creates lifelong memories too. Big or small, gifts that grow make the perfect presents!

P.S. It’s perfectly fine to give the gift of a tree to yourself, and we sell gift cards so that your gift recipient can pick what they want! BUY YOUR GIFT CARD TODAY  Click Here!

Professional Landscape Design Consultations


When you visit any of our large nurseries, feel free to speak with our expert landscape designers. In fact, our landscape design consultations are free at our nurseries, and for a small fee, we can come to your location. Either way, we can help you with your landscaping goals, whether working from scratch or you want to replace the trees and shrubs the builders chose! Visit us and handpick the perfect trees for the perfect spot in your yard. And if it’s a gift for someone special, bring them along (sure you might spoil the surprise, but when they see all the healthy, beautiful trees in stock, they won't mind!)

Financing Makes It Easy!

Maybe you know someone that has just bought a new home, and you want to give them one of the best housewarming gifts you can find. If you think that you can’t afford big trees or even create a new landscape, think again. After all, we value engineer all our products so that you can get the bigger trees at the lowest price. And with our financing option through GreenSky, it cannot get any easier to buy the perfect trees and plants you want. Yes, if you gift a tree, you’ll have a lifelong friend! Click Here For Easy Financing!


Our Top Pick Trees That Make Perfect Gifts!

Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius):brazilian_pepper

Festive trees such as the Brazilian Pepper are made for gift wrap bows! These beautiful evergreen trees feature glossy dark green leaves, and in the winter, they bloom red berries that look as if they’re made just for the holidays. Mature trees can grow a wide-spreading canopy that is dense and able to provide plenty of shade! We like to use them as a focal point in any landscape, and these are also excellent trees for adding privacy. Place a park bench nearby and bask in a peaceful spot so that you can enjoy all the birds and butterflies that are attracted to this tree!


Live Oak (Quercus virginiana):live_oak

These evergreens are trees that the entire family will love. Mature specimens offer a picturesque spot for a picnic, and the strong limbs are just begging to be climbed on and explored! Bird feeders and owl boxes are the perfect stocking stuffers, and if there’s a bird watcher in your family, they will love to watch the birds cavorting. Homeowners and landscapers alike appreciate their low-maintenance needs, and they provide plenty of shade to cool off during the blazing hot summer. These are drought tolerant trees with little to no special care required once established. They are also considered by many to be the best oak for lawn planting.

Ficus nitida or rubiginosa (Arizona and California only):


Ficus nitida and rubiginosa are both reliable trees capable of providing shade and blocking unwanted views! In fact, our Indian Laurel Column specimens are often used to create a thick, evergreen privacy hedge that is almost impossible to see through, which is why they have also been planted near busy streets so that they can filter loud noises. Both types look fantastic in any landscape, and the dense growth habit of the rubiginosa and their compact size makes them an ideal shade tree for smaller yards. Plant any of these Ficus trees and create a stylish backyard retreat.

We do not sell or recommend the Ficus tree for the Las Vegas area. However, keep reading for a viable alternative.

Perfect Tree for Vegas!australian_bottle

Australian Bottle (Brachychiton populneus):

These tall and narrow evergreens are ideal for Nevada, Arizona, and California. We like to plant mature trees in yards for adding a massive amount of shade and privacy. When planted in a row they can also be used as an effective wind barrier. Their bright green leaves are attractive all year long, and people love them because they can thrive with little maintenance required. These trees have an upright, narrow form so that they are perfect for closed-in areas!


#FREEPLANTING on all Box Sized Trees

The gift just keeps getting better with free professional planting on all box sized trees! That’s right! Free professional planting makes it easier than ever to have a beautiful new landscape. Of course, we offer free planting on all box sized trees all year long, so when you’re ready to give yourself the gift of trees, you can let our crew do all the work!

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Nevada October Landscape and Garden Tips

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 10/18/2017

The weather is starting to cool down, and this also means that this is one of the best times to plant! There’s no need to gamble with the trees and plants in your yard. October and the fall season is one of the best times of the year, and if you are looking to rebuild a landscape or start fresh, it is also the best time of year to plant those trees, shrubs, and other plants you’ve had your eye on to improve your yard. After all, our area is experiencing cooler days and evenings, a welcome respite from the blistering summertime heat. And while this welcome change in the weather means we get to enjoy some cooler days and nights that are perfect for trick or treating, for our yards, it also allows the soil to hold the warmth of the summer. It can do all this without having to deal with soaring temperatures above 100-degrees and a blisteringly hot sun - an ideal balance that can encourage root growth all season long, that’s sweet news for your yard!



Watering: Now is the time to adjust your watering schedule for the fall season, so be sure to adjust the timer for your landscape, if applicable. Since we have cooler nights and days, the ground is going to be able to retain moisture longer, which means that going forward you can use less water. Of course, this doesn't mean that the amount of water used should be lessened. No, what it means is that you'll be watering your lawn less. For Waterwise/Low Water varieties you’ll want to water 1 time and do this every 10 days. For Moderate Water Use Varieties water 1 time every 10 days (New Trees, water 2x a week). And for Topical Varieties, water 1 time per week (New Trees, water 2x a week). Click here to read up on our Watering Guide Schedule.

Tip: Proper watering is the deep and thorough saturation of the entire root system, allowing it to dry between waterings.

Plant Annuals: Are you looking to add instant color to your landscape? Planting fall annuals, such as Pansy, Geranium, Snapdragon, and Mums are an excellent way to add instant eye-catching color to your yard! Feel free to plant them in containers, use them indoors, for patios, gardens and in your landscape so that they can add even more color and texture to your surroundings! Visit your local Moon Valley Nursery location and pick some up today!

Weeds: Let's face it, the weather is cooler, so it's time to remove those weeds now! Don't let those weeds settle, visit Moon Valley Nurseries today, where you'll find all the things you need for preventing weeds! Now is also a great time for using pre-emergent herbicides. Spray these now to help prevent new weeds from forming during falls rains and doing this can also help lessen and prevent weeds in the spring. We stock what you need, including mulch, which we recommend adding to areas to reduce the number of sprouting weeds.

Fertilizing: We never tire of telling people and stressing the importance of fertilizing everything on your landscape. And by everything we mean all of your trees, flowers, vegetables, and of course, your lawn. Using the proper fertilizer during this crucial time ensures optimal growth. Our Moon Juice, the best root enhancer on the market today, should be a staple in every home and used on all your trees, flowers, vegetables and other plants all year long.  Moon Valley fertilizers such as Moon Dust, Moon Green, and Palm Juice can be used right now for turf, palms, desert trees, shade trees, and more! Get things fertilized now for the second growing season and doing this will also get them hardy and prepared for the upcoming winter! Click here to see all of our fertilizers.

Tree Care: everything is starting to grow again, so it is also a good time to start thinking ahead about proper care and trimming. After all, your beautiful landscape is a wise investment so you’ll want to protect it. During this time of the year, we recommend trimming off any dead or anything damaged by the sun, and let’s face it, we had a hot summer! Cut back any excessive branches that might have been damaged by summer storms. It is also a good practice to clean all of our citrus and fruit trees of unwanted suckers.


What to Plant:

chinese_pistache_fall_color.jpgRed Push Pistache (Pistacia ‘Red Push’):

Do you love fall color? If so, you’ll love Red Push Pistache trees. This deciduous tree is an improved variety that’s guaranteed to produce eye-catching fire-engine red color in November! Since it’s deciduous, it lets in the warmth of the sun in winter and once summer rolls along, its broad spreading canopy can provide some cooling shade relief. Improve any landscape with this tree that can get nice and big if you let it!

Brazilian-Pepper-5.pngBrazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthefolius):

This evergreen tree loves the heat, so it loves to grow in our area! It’s a beautiful tree all year long, and in the winter time, showy bright red berries appear, blending in perfectly with the dark green foliage and coming in just in time for the holiday season. Of course, once summer hits, its dense, umbrella-shaped canopy provides plenty of shade. We also like to use them as one of the best privacy trees you can find!live-oak-1.png

Live Oak (Quercus virginiana):

If you’re looking for a tree that adds lots of shade, you cannot go wrong with a Live Oak tree! They are also an excellent choice as a durable standalone specimen and when planted in rows, they can create the best natural privacy screen you’ll find anywhere! These stately trees keep their attractive dark green foliage all year long.

Piru-Queen-Palm-3.pngPiru Queen Palm (Arecastrum romanzoffianum):

An excellent palm for use as a focal point in any size yard! We grow these exclusively at Moon Valley Nurseries so that they grow with thicker, harder trunks, and greener fronds with fuller crowns, for a look that is sure to add a tropically effect to any landscape. These beauties are extremely well-suited for our climate as they are custom grown to be extra hardy in heat or cold.

tipu-1.jpgTipu (Tipuana tipu):

Do you want a tree that can provide plenty of shade? One of the best shade trees you’ll find anywhere is the Tipuana tipu tree! These colorful flowering trees can grow to be medium to large-sized trees and from late spring to early summer, put on quite the spectacle when the golden blooms arrive, contrasting beautifully with its feathery bright-bluish green foliage that you have to see to believe! These are useful trees suitable for a wide range of landscape designs, from tropical to water-wise landscapes!



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Monthly Landscape & Garden Tips For Southern California (August)

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 8/3/2017

Expert advice to help make your home the best on the block 

How to water, what to plant, mulch, fertilizer, and more!


Just like that it's starting to get hot out...well for our standards. We're still not like our neighbors to the east who are battling 100+ degree days everyday.  The June Gloom is gone, which means that we can see the temperature rise to the 90's over the course of this month and through September. If that happens, be sure to come back to this blog as our pros have listed a few tips and tricks to ensure that your home will continue to be the envy of the neighborhood all summer long.

As we do with every month, below are a  few tips and planting recommendations from our nursery pros. 

  • Watering: With temperatures starting to creep up on us, it's always a good eye to keep an eye on the material in your landscape to see how it is responding. Some material in our landscapes will need a little extra water to get through these hotter months. Remember, to always deep water no matter what month we are in. Short applications are not effective as the water does not completely saturate the entire root zone. Slow and steady wins the race here. For more information on our watering schedule,  download our water guide.
  • Fertilizer: As it gets hotter a tree or two, or maybe even a palm may experience some heat stress. No need to panic as our nursery pros have developed custom blended fertilizers that are designed to trigger growth responses and supplement the essential micro and macro nutrients that plants need to thrive in Southern California.  We have fertilizers for everything on your landscape. From palms, to fruit and citrus, to flowering trees. In addition, we also have fertilizers that can assist in the material on your landscape that is still recovering from any stress. These can be purchased at all Moon Valley Nursery locations or online
  • Mulch: This is perhaps the easiest you can do, plus a layer of mulch always looks fantastic. Adding a few inches of mulch can help keep your soil cool during the warmer summer months and warm during the cooler days. Mulch is available at any Moon Valley Nurseries location

Below are a few trees our experts recommend planting for this month

If you're looking for a tree that can grow on its own with minimal assistance from you, then the Tipu tree is the one for you. he Tipu tree is one of the most popular trees we offer at Moon Valley Nursery, and it is everywhere in our city. We guarantee you passed one on the way to work today. They are very fast growing trees that have an upright growth pattern creating and providing a large area with shade. These trees are also drought tolerant once established and they can handle even the hottest summer days. It produces a unique show of golden blooms from late spring and into early summer that contrasts beautifully with its feathery green foliage. If you are looking for shade and color, this is your tree. 

crape-4.pngCrape Myrtle
If you've been driving around town you can't miss these flowers. They are literally popping everywhere and are a great way to add stunning summer color. The blooms can last until late summer and they bloom in red, white, pink, and purple. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer this tree as a single-trunk or multi-trunk. In addition, the Crape Myrtle trees grown at Moon Valley Nurseries are superior thanks to mildew resistance, which you will not find anywhere else. In addition, they Crape Myrtle's foliage will turn a showy bright orange in the fall.

We always like to think that the #1 benefit to living in our climate is the fact that we can all grow our own food almost all-year long and we're not talking about the vegetable garden. We're talking bigger, and Moon Valley Nurseries has the biggest selection of fruit and citrus trees. seriously, there is no need to run to the grocery store to buy lemons, oranges, grapefruit, apples, peaches, avocados (only in CA), limes, tangerines, tangelos, kumquats, nectarines, apricots, plums, and figs. Because we offer all of these fruit and citrus trees. They are all super easy to grow and many of our varieties are already producing. No need to buy a small tree and wait 5 years. Purchase one of ours and your tree is already producing!

carolina.pngPrivacy Hedges
Ficus Nitida | Japanese Privet | Carolina Cherry | Podocarpus | Italian Cypress | Japanese Blueberry | Bamboo
Our customers are always asking us about natural privacy and we always point them to our "Hollywood Style" hedges. They are called "Hollywood Style" hedges because as the growers we are able to grow the biggest hedge material you will find in Southern California. Our hedges are so big and so thick that you will be able to block out an unwanted view from a neighbor's house or even a light on the street in less than a day. Above are a few select varieties we offer for our "Hollywood Hedges". Be sure to click on them to learn more.

pALO-vERDE-2.pngDesert Museum Palo Verde
This tree is becoming a must-have for all Southern California homeowners! Shade, flowers, and attractive multitrunk growth is what has made this tree so popular so fast. Additionally, this tree is water wise and once established you have to water once to twice per year. It is an amazing tee. It is also a hybrid different older Palo Verde species that brings our the best qualities in each. The trunk has a blue-green color that provides a great contrast to its yellow flowers and the layered shade provides two great benefits, as the tree looks light in your yard while providing sunlight to any shrubs you'd like to plant below the massive umbrella shaped canopy. The flowers will bloom at multiple times throughout the summer. 

Evergreen-Ash-1.pngAsh Trees
Majestic Ash | Raywood Ash | Berrinda Ash
Many homeowners don't realize that Ash trees perform very well and thrive in the Valley. They are all fantastic trees that can withstand the monsoon season as they have have strong and stiff wood with good shock resistance and excellent bending qualities. Many Ash trees are used throughout the nation as a popular lumber. Point is, these deciduous trees are great choices. They do require some cleanup in the winter months, but this is after they all put on an amazing display of fall colors. Yes, fall colors in the Valley! Click on the names above to learn more about our Ash trees. 

pistache-1.pngChinese Pistache
It's never too early to be thinking ahead, and if you're looking for fall colors the Chinese Pistache is one of the best. This fast growing tree that provides piercing beauty to any landscape, and in the fall its foliage turns a bright red and orange. Throughout the rest of the year, the tree produces a large canopy of shade while displaying showy and attractive dark green leaves during the summer. The Chinese Pistache is drought and cold tolerant and can grow in the full sun. Due to the Chinese Pistache's size, the tree is ideal when planted in an area where shade is needed. 

The ideal shade tree is the Chinese Elm. Homeowners looking for an attractive picnic tree, hammock, play area, and more will love this good-looking shade provider on their lawn. The mottled bark of this tree resembles camouflage-like patterns that give it a unique and attractive look. Feel free to leave a long lasting memory by engraving your initials into the single trunk. It is fast grower that thrives in the sun and loves to grow in hot areas. Once planted, it will not be too long until you can enjoy the many benefits this tree can bring to your landscape. If you are looking for a massive shade provider that is easy to care for, you will find much to love about this Chinese Elm Tree. Moon Valley Nurseries sells vibrant and healthy, 

king.pngKing Palm
King Palms are some of the best palms to plant around pools, tropical landscapes, or as focal points in front of a home. As the King Palm develops, it produces a great canopy of shade and when it comes to color, the King Palm is one of the best palm varieties for Southern California. The trunk is smooth with a lime-green crown shaft and a brown trunk that shows the growth rings. At the top, dark-green fronds rarely drop below the crown shaft adding a rich color that makes the lime-green crown shaft pop.


queen.pngQueen Palm
The Moon Valley Piru Queen is specifically designed for our climate. They are custom grown at our farms to be extra hardy in heat and cold. These palms have distinctive appearances compared to other palms that you will see and their thicker trunks and fuller crowns make these stand out when compared to the rest. Plant the Piru Queen Palm wherever you want to add tropical flair. These palms are great planted in groups to help provide shade and are awesome in tight planting locations.

canary-island-date-palm.pngCanary Island Date Palm
If you're looking for a palm that just says 'wow', look no further than the Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis). These palms  have a wide beautifully brown colored trunk accented by their pineapple cut crowns and their deep green, exotic looking fronds, that make this an extremely showy palm and focal point. These are gorgeous when lit up at night and work well by themselves or planted to line walk-ways, pools, sitting areas and driveways. 


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Monthly Landscape & Garden Tips (August)

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 8/3/2017

Expert advice to help make your home the best on the block 

How to water, what to plant, mulch, fertilizer, and more!


Depending on who you are, August is a month that you'd like to fast forward or slow down. For the teachers and students out there, you'd like to extend the summer break, but for the rest of us living under the sun for the past few months we'd like those fall days to be here right now. 

The one thing we can't fast forward is proper care for our landscapes. We know you have been doing a great job all summer and we just have one more hot month (technically) to go! Don't let up just yet. Proper care in this crucial month can help your landscape hit the ground running when the cooler weather sets in. Below, our nursery pros have covered some important areas for you when if comes to summer tree care. If you have any further questions, you are more than welcome to give us a call or you can visit any of our nursery locations. 

To Do List:

  • Watering: Continue to water in the morning sometime between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. as this reduces the evaporation loss and always want to deep water which is a slow application of water over a period of time. This allows the entire root zone to become saturated. The amount of water you apply depends on the tree or shrub you are watering. With trees, you will want to wet the soil at least 3 feet deep and with shrubs at least 1 foot deep. Use a soil probe to determine the depth of watering. Now, this is a quick overview on summer watering and for a more in depth look and for answers to common questions like "how much water do I use" and "how often do I water" are answered here in our Best Watering Practices
  • Fertilize: The summer sun is relentless, and if something in your landscape isn't receiving summer shade relief it will suffer. You can give the material on your landscape a helping hand with our highly developed specialized blends of fertilizer designed to trigger growth responses and supplement the essential micro and macro nutrients that plants need to thrive in our region. We have fertilizers that can help trees, palms, and shrubs recover from any heat stress. These can be purchased at all Moon Valley Nursery locations or online
  • Protect The Trunk Of Your Trees: Trees, just like us, can also get sunburn. However, a bottle of sunscreen isn't going to be enough. Young trees, especially citrus, need protection from the sun when temperatures increase. You can protect the trunk of a new tree from sunburn with Protective Tree Wrap. Available at any Moon Valley Nursery location. To further protect your tree, young or old, you can stake them. This provides stability when high winds or monsoon comes in. Moon Valley Nursery also offers staking services as well. Click here to map a location near you.
  • Mulch: A super easy way to keep the soil moist all summer long is to apply mulch around the base of the tree. Adding a few inches of mulch can help keep your soil cool during the warmer summer months and warm during the cooler days. Mulch is available at any Moon Valley Nurseries location

Below are a few trees our experts recommend planting for this month

qlm.pngChinese Elm
The ideal shade tree is the Chinese Elm. Homeowners looking for an attractive picnic tree, hammock, play area, and more will love this good-looking shade provider on their lawn. The mottled bark of this tree resembles camouflage-like patterns that give it a unique and attractive look. Feel free to leave a long lasting memory by engraving your initials into the single trunk. It is fast grower that thrives in the sun and loves to grow in hot areas. Once planted, it will not be too long until you can enjoy the many benefits this tree can bring to your landscape. If you are looking for a massive shade provider that is easy to care for, you will find much to love about this Chinese Elm Tree. Moon Valley Nurseries sells vibrant and healthy, professionally nurtured mature specimens.

indian-laurel.pngIndian Laurel
Our customers are always looking for two things. Year-round shade and minimal maintenance. Seems like you'd never find this perfect combination, but it exists and it is called the Indian Laurel, also known as the Ficus nitida. Our #1 selling tree can block out the sun or unwanted views in no time. It is a very fast growing tree with a growth pattern is tall and wide, creating a massive umbrella-shaped canopy of shade. They handle the heat very well and can be pruned to any shape. We offer three different variations of Ficus: Single-trunk, multi-trunk, and column. Because these trees are so clean, you can plant them anywhere. Even next to a pool! If you're looking for shade, this is the tree for you.

live-oak-6.pngLive Oak
You're probably thinking, 'a Southern tree in our region'? The answer is yes and the Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana, looks right at home planted in Southwestern landscapes. It is native to the coastal plains of the southeastern U.S and grows at a moderate rate. It is a large evergreen shade tree noted for its beauty and extreme drought tolerance. In fact, the Southern Live Oak was the lone survivor during the recent great Texas drought! Once established it will require low water, just let nature do the rest. This beauty will thrive in your landscape with full sun and little to no special care required.

If you're looking for a tree that can grow on its own with minimal assistance from you, then the Tipu tree is the one for you. he Tipu tree is one of the most popular trees we offer at Moon Valley Nursery, and it is everywhere in our city. We guarantee you passed one on the way to work today. They are very fast growing trees that have an upright growth pattern creating and providing a large area with shade. These trees are also drought tolerant once established and they can handle even the hottest summer days. It produces a unique show of golden blooms from late spring and into early summer that contrasts beautifully with its feathery green foliage. If you are looking for shade and color, this is your tree. 

The Sissoo tree is one of the fastest growing trees on this list and is extremely well adapted to the hot climate of Arizona. Native to the the hotter areas of India, the Sissoo tree looks like a classic midwestern shade tree but is very durable and uses very little water. The Sissoo has quickly become a Valley favorite for landscapers and homeowners because of their extremely fast growth rate and huge amounts of shade. Take advantage of the Sissoo’s favorite time of year by planting now and fertilizing to allow the Sissoo to become the feature piece of your yard!


african.pngAfrican Sumac
Known as the “Bullet Proof Tree”, the African Sumac is drought, cold and heat resistant, and nearly impossible to stop once established. Its ability to thrive in the hot summer months and winter freezes makes the African Sumac an ideal choice where durability is the main concern. The tree can be used as a centerpiece, tall privacy hedge, or for shade. Its leaves remain a deep green throughout the entire year.  


date1-1.pngDate Palm
Our Resort Style Date Palm Trees are the ultimate palms for large landscape design. There are plenty of reasons you see Resort Style Date Palm Trees at most upscale resorts and shopping centers: They look amazing, they’re extremely hardy to cold and heat, and they provide a cool umbrella of shade wherever they’re planted.  Resort Style Date Palm Trees provide excellent shade with practically no litter, so they really enhance the tropical appeal of pool areas and other landscape features.


mexican1.pngMexican Fan Palm
This palm requires low water and thrives in our full sun and. A notable characteristic of the palm are its crown of large, fan-shaped, bright green fronds. Another unique aspect of this tree is that many homeowners choose to have the trunks skinned for a unique “cigar cut” effect that can create a more formal appearance. Did we also mention that it is cold hardy too! If you're looking for a palm that can handle;e everything Arizona has to throw at it this is the palm you are looking for. 


med-fan-1.pngMediterranean Fan Palm
This striking medium sized palm is the only palm native to Europe and it is prized for its unique multi-trunk vertical growth, fan-shaped fronds, and aesthetically pleasing growth pattern that looks fantastic around pools and as centerpieces to any landscape. The reason why the Mediterranean Fan Palm can serve as a centerpiece is due to its growth pattern. The trunks of the Chamaerops humilis palm clump together, giving the palm a full thick look. Because they can be grown to display a full look, many homeowners have planted these palms in a cluster to create a barrier wall. Mediterranean Fan Palms also can fill in empty spots between large trees or in containers as well.

Bougainvillea can literally be found anywhere in our region and there is a reason why. Their flowers and when these flowers bloom they bloom! Flowers cover the entire plant making it a eye-pleasing sight. At Moon Valley Nurseries we offer three different varieties; bush form, vine form and Torch Glow, which is a more compact variety. Bougainvillea love the heat and are an extremely drought tolerant plant once established. They are heavy bloomers throughout Spring and Fall and produce white, red, pink, red, and purple flowers. 


Lantana is one of the most colorful plants used in warm climates. Seen on highways, municipal grounds, commercial property and around homes, Lantana is great for adding color to desert landscaping and tropical settings. Plant them in part to full sun and water deeply. We offer three varieties of lantana at Moon Valley Nurseries: Trailing Lantana, Dwarf or Mounding Lantana, and Bush Lantana. All these come in red, yellow, purple, white, and multi-color. 


Hibiscus are medium to large growing shrubs with very lush, dark foliage and beautiful flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. These beautiful flowering plants prefer to be planted in well-prepared garden soil that drains well and need even moisture for their roots. Be careful though as heavy soil tends to suffocate them. We have them available in red, pink, white, and yellow. 



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Top Palms To Plant This Summer

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 6/15/2017

 Never too hot to plant moon valley trees

Create a tropical paradise!


Stuck at home this summer with no vacation plans? Well, why not bring the tropical paradise to your home with palm trees from Moon Valley Nurseries. Our unique and wide selection of palms can turn any pool area into a tropical escape in less than a day. Or have you been dreaming about that resort you want to go back to? We have palms that are also great for a grand entrance. 


Now, you're probably thinking that you can't plant in these summer temperatures. That is where you are wrong and that is because Moon Valley Nurseries is the grower of everything we sell. Our palms are grown in our local climate thus allowing them to acclimate. It's never too hot to plant palm trees from Moon Valley Nurseries and below are the top five to plant this summer. 

mexican-3.pngMexican Fan Palm
A classic resort style palm tree, the Mexican Fan Palm features a single trunk and is desired for its ease of growth. It can handle cold weather and thrives in the sun. The Mexican Fan Palm looks great when planted in clusters and its trunk can be skinned for a unique “cigar cut” effect that lends itself to a more formal appearance.




medfan.pngMediterranean Fan Palm
Compact size and ability to thrive in the hot summer months and ability to survive the cool winters have made the Mediterranean Fan Palm a popular choice for tropical landscapes. Commonly used as a stand-alone focal point around pools, the Mediterranean Fan Palm sprouts multiple trunks and is slow growing. They require minimal pruning and can be drought tolerant. As a bonus, they look great in containers.


date1.pngDate Palm
The ultimate palm for your pool, the Date Palm is usually found at most resorts and shopping centers. Around pools, the Date Palm provides excellent shade due to its wide fronds and it has practically no litter. The Date Palm looks great when planted in clusters of 3 to 5 palms and is hardy to cold, heat and drought tolerant.




canaryisland.pngCanary Island Date Palm
Named for its resemblance to a pineapple when the palm is younger, the Pineapple Palm produces wide fronds and requires space when planted around a pool. It grows slowly, eventually forming a wide trunk and its fronds begin to rise from the ground, creating a classic palm tree shape. The Pineapple Palm can handle the cold and loves the sun. It’s a popular choice for tropical landscape and is commonly seen around resorts.



ueen.pngPiru Queen Palm 
Specially grown at Moon Valley Nursery farms, the Piru Queen Palm is unlike other Queen Palms. Our Piru Queen Palms feature thicker and harder trunks, denser and greener fronds, and produce fuller crowns than other Queen Palms. Moon Valley Nurseries Piru Queen Palms can handle hot summers, cold winters, and windy days. The Piru Queen Palm is supported by a narrow trunk which makes it ideal for tight spaces around your pool, but it does require overhead space as the palm grows to statuesque heights.


Whether you need one palm, two, or even a handful our nursery professionals have the solutions and the answers to help turn that landscape dream into a reality. We'd love to see you at our nursery this weekend. Map us here.

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