The Importance of Amending Your Soil

Posted by Brad Howard on 9/10/2019

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Will Plumerias Grow in the Desert?

Posted by Jenny Smith on 8/15/2019

Plumeria in bloom at nurseryPlumerias grow very easy here with very little effort or care. Just follow these simple steps and you will be rewarded with beautiful tropical plants with flowers you will love that smell wonderful and are super pleasing in any landscape.  


Planting Plumerias

For planting location morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal. However, they can easily adapt to full sun. Planting in early spring or the fall is a perfect time if you are planning to go full sun. Otherwise, plant anytime other than during frosts.  

When planting, dig the hole a couple of inches wider than the bucket and use a cactus mix to back fill most of the hole and then create a well with the leftover soil.  

When planting Plumerias in pots, always use a cactus mix. I prefer the Black Gold brand. Good drainage is key when planting these beauties. If planting in pots mix 1/3 per liter into the cactus mix. 


Watering Plumerias

The full sun planting will get the higher number per week and the shade will get less. You don’t need full shade as they will bloom more for you if they get more light. As fall comes you will decrease water back to every 7-10-days. Once they start to lose their leaves; and, eventually will lose them all as the cold comes usually towards Thanksgiving, you will stop watering completely. No water through the winter.  

 Watering is easy! When Plumerias come to life in the spring, start watering and stick to once every 7-10 days, depending on sun exposure and whether you planted in a pot or the ground. The ones in the ground usually need a bit less water. Once our weather gets into the high 90’s and hotter water 1-2 times per week. During extreme heat, you will want to water 2-3 times per week depending on the length of time in the ground and again on sun exposure.

Fertilizing Plumerias

Moon Dust

Fertilizing is simple! You want to use all-purpose granular fertilizer such as Moon Dust beginning in March as they are all waking up and again in May and September. Keep it simple, no need for bloom boosters as it doesn’t help with Plumerias.

They bloom when they want and there's no forcing the issue. Plumerias usually must be at least 3 years old to flower. Some will not bloom every year, so I always recommend planting multiple to enjoy. Hey, you might get lucky and have all your Plumerias bloom at the same time!

Weather Protection for Plumerias

Plumerias love the heat. If planted in full sun you can use tree wrap around the trunk to protect the bark from sunburn when they are young. For smaller Plumerias, paper towel rolls are handy for this purpose.

One of the most important rules with Plumerias is protecting them from extreme cold. They must be covered or stored inside during frosts. The old school C-9 Christmas lights are a great thing to apply under the frost cloth for added warmth. Make sure to use lights that actually produce heat, as not all do. Putting them in a garage or inside is no problem. Again, don’t water during this time.

Pests and Plumerias


Plumerias are fairly pest-free. The only thing to keep an eye out for is spider mites. Spraying the plants down with water to wash off the leaves is an easy solution. Plumerias appreciate this foliar watering since spider mites hate water, so it helps deter them from sticking around. For preventative measures, you can add systemic granules in spring and fall to get ahead of them.

A more organic way of dealing with them if the issue arises is spraying them with neem oil, for which I personally use Triple Action. With that product, it is super important that it not be sprayed during broad daylight. Early morning or evening is best. If it gets bad, just cut off the leaves and they will regrow without issue.  

Add Plumerias to Your Yard Today

Visit Jenny at our Phoenix location today and find out more about how to add Plumerias into your yard.

Visit any Moon Valley Nurseries and check out the Plumeria varieties available near you. Ready for a FREE in-store design consultation? Learn more here

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Moon Valley Designers Help at Every Step

Posted by Colleen Johnson on 6/27/2019

Get The First-Hand Experience

fall planting trees backyard

Step into the shoes and experience what it’s like as a designer at Moon Valley Nurseries and how involved our designers are with your yard from start to finish. Colleen Johnson, a designer at our Surprise Nursery, shares one of her favorite projects below!

One of the many perks of being a Moon Valley Nurseries Landscape Designer is the incredible relationships established with our clients:  our customers become friends and ultimately become Moon Valley family. My job is never a chore, but a craft, in delivering beautiful sanctuaries for homeowners to retreat to from the clamor and hassles of everyday life. There is no greater responsibility and honor for me than when my customers entrust their property to my design concept. A task I willingly accept.

I am here today at my customers’ home on a balmy, sun-drenched spring morning in the northwest part of the Valley of the Sun to add one more tree that will complete the customers’ yard. Incorporating the design with layers of textures and colors, finding the perfect placement of trees and shrubs, complimenting the hard lines of travertine and pool water features, comes the Magnum Opus to finalize the homeowners’ project.

In the rising heat of the morning sun, my wonderful customer hands me a freshly squeezed ice-cold lemonade with lemons picked from the Lisbon Lemon tree Moon Valley planted one year earlier. They invited me to sit. We are waiting together as I “lounge” on the customers’ swing hanging from one of the sculptured beams of the pergola, with iron chains oxidized through monsoon seasons creaking ever so quietly with rusty repetition.

Custom Designs for Your Yard

design consultation in nursery

My original design with plants and trees planted late in the fall season covers the pergola’s upright posts with Moon Valley’s most aromatic Star Jasmine vines with tendrils weaved and laced around each one filling the air with a sweet jasmine aroma that even Chanel could not replicate. Near to the pergola we planted our 48” specimen Jacaranda tree, now in full bloom, with cascading violet flowers wafting in the breeze in concert with their soft fern-like leaves.

The Jacaranda’s wispy, delicate canopy has become a majestic showstopper of color and beauty contrasted against the harsh backdrop of the desert terrain. In the southwest corner of the yard, a stately Southern Magnolia tree adorned with leathery, dark green leaves was also planted and is providing much-needed shade to this particular section of the yard. To the joy of the homeowners, magnificent virgin white blossoms have bloomed, emitting a delicate lemony fragrance that can incite any discouraged soul from its malaise. From one bloom to another, scores of industrious bees, graceful butterflies and whizzing hummingbirds gather the sweet nectar of the gods.

Banished far from any close proximity to the pool in an area dedicated only to this plant is my favorite shrub – the much-maligned Bougainvillea. It is wild. It is messy. It is beautiful. For me as a designer, this plant, hands down, is the one plant that will provide the most singular pop of color and the most dramatic effect to any landscape design. The Bougainvillea bloom is truly beautiful despite its unfortunate, less than tidy reputation.

Off in the distance, in the southeast corner of the yard is Moon Valley’s planting crew. Voices carry over the breeze of English and Spanish, laughter and talking as these hardworking men dig the hole for the crown jewel of the yard. Sounds of shovels and picks striking the hard, impenetrable ground coincides with the chatter of men.

By far, our planting crews are the hardest working people in the company. Day in and day out, in extreme heat and cold, monsoons and haboobs, hail and scorching temperatures, they dig, and they dig, and they dig. They are the labor and the final caretakers and deserve not only a thank you, but also a firm handshake given in admiration and respect.

The Crane is Here and the Planting Begins

tree planting crane

The rise of commotion and flurry of digging faster and deeper is the result of the news that the crane has arrived. While the men finish digging the hole and amending the soil with our Soil and Water Conditioner, John, the foreman, and two other men hurry to the front to meet the crane operators to discuss the particulars in raising the tree and moving it over the house into the sweet spot in the backyard.

Everything down to the smallest detail is determined so that in symphonic harmony the tree is hoisted into the air and gingerly placed directly into the hole without mishap or error. No one is complacent even though Moon Valley planting crews plant large trees such as this every day of the week. No tree or crane job is ever the same.

John moves the truck into position while the crane operators place the counterweights to stabilize the crane. The two crewmen climb into the Moon Valley truck and ready the tree for lifting. Once the tree is firmly tied up, the crane operator slowly lifts the massive tree from its side and lifts it vertically to stand upright. The tree hovers about 3’-4’ off the bed of the truck. The men quickly work to cut the metal straps from the container and begin to break down the sides and the bottom of the box freeing the immense root ball from its confinement. The homeowners and neighbors gather around all the while taking videos with their smartphones.

Ever so deliberately, the tree is raised by the telescopic arm of the crane – the boom - and unhurriedly is transported over the house and finds its way into the backyard. With radios, the crane operator onsite gives instructions to the operator in the cab to move the tree exactly in place. The whole process is like a fine Swiss watch that is perfectly timed in logistics and coordination: a sight to behold of impressive workmanship and technology.

The tree finds its new home and is turned and placed to the homeowners’ satisfaction. The planting crew finishes the planting of compacting the earth, building a well and watering and feeding this most spectacular tree our Moon Juice.

What is the feature tree, the Magnum Opus, planted in the backyard? We planted our absolute evergreen, Moon Valley exclusive 60” specimen multi-trunk Indian Laurel, aka the Ficus Nitida. This beautiful waxy green leaf tree with a vibrant white trunk, in my humble estimation, is the Dom Perignon of Moon Valley trees.

The thick dense canopy provides a block of shade that not even the magnificent sun can penetrate. The Ficus Nitida grows ever so wide, ever so dense, ever so beautiful. It truly is the central masterpiece, a prized perfection of a tree in any landscape. But for these homeowners, the Ficus Nitida is the showpiece that completes their dream yard and home.

While the homeowners stand in awe at their new tree as it fits so perfectly with the rest of the plants Moon Valley has planted, I hurriedly drink the rest of my lemonade and jump into my car with the hopes of making future Moon Valley guests happy and satisfied customers.

Click here to learn more about our design process and how simple it is to get started!

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The Moon Valley Planting Crew Goes the Extra Mile

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/21/2019

Our Planting Crew Goes the Extra Mile for Every Landscape Job

At Moon Valley Nurseries, our goal is to make your experience as simple as it can be from the very beginning to the very end. Unlike any other company out there, we offer services from start to finish and that includes delivery AND planting.

We make sure that we have the most skilled and experienced planting crew that work for and are trained by Moon Valley. We know our hard work and dedication pays off when we hear stories like these from our customers over the years.

This customer experience happened just a little over a year ago that showcases our crew going over the top to make sure we accomplished the homeowner's wishes.

Free Planting-3

Designer: I had sold the customer trees but we needed to crane 12 of our massive 18' tall Indian Laurels trees to the top of this steep and treacherous slope to block out some solar panels the next-door neighbor had just installed. The planting area was well over 180' away from where the crane could set up, however, the largest crane that could fit up his narrow driveway allowed for only 120' reach at max. All 12 trees were craned up the slope as far as the crane could reach and dropped in a loading area our Foreman, Brad Toner, and his guys had leveled out as a temporary holding area. From there, Brad had his guys manually lift, roll and shift each individual tree another 60' away into their final planting locations which took an additional 2 days to complete. Without the sheer determination of Brad Toner and the brute strength of the guys on his installation crew, that job would not have been able to be completed by anyone else. When the dust had settled, and the homeowner could no longer see the solar panels, he was beyond ecstatic and was completely floored by the amount of effort put forth by our planting crew. He was so impressed by the size of our material and capabilities that he came back to me a few months later and came back to purchase even more landscape material! 

Some projects come to us that are extremely meaningful to a homeowner or family. We were able to help a family going through a hard time with the perfect Olive tree dedicated to their late mother.  


Designer: In the summer of 2017, I had two sisters come in looking for an Olive Tree for their elderly mother's house. They explained to me that they were looking to remodel their mother's landscape so that she could enjoy it in her later years while also acknowledging that they planned to rent the property out in the future after she had passed away. After scouring my entire 2-mile-long nursery, I was able to find them the most gorgeous multi-trunk Olive Tree for the front yard of the property. The sisters and I tagged the tree and we set the installation date for the first day of fall with the idea to let the heat of summer pass us by before planting. However, one week before the scheduled installation date I received a call from one of the sisters informing me that their mother's health had taken a rather sudden turn for the worse and she was hospitalized. Unfortunately, the mother's condition only worsened further, and I was informed that she had expired the night before the installation. Obviously distraught, the sisters both agreed to postpone the installation until their mother's affairs were put in order. Ultimately, we decided on a new installation date of October 31 to install the tree because Halloween was their mother's favorite holiday. As we craned the tree in, a small group of family and friends recited a prayer, and each placed a small piece of remembrance of the mother into a small metallic box that was then placed in the hole and covered by the new Olive Tree. It was a solemn experience by all that were there that day.

Ready to schedule a design consultation and get your new yard planted now?

Click here to get started!

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Monthly Landscape Tips and Tricks for June

Posted by Jessica Downs on 5/31/2019

June is such a critical month when it comes to proper care of our landscapes. The weather is changing as we transition into summer and our yards might need a bit more TLC.

Now is the time to prep your yard to guarantee a healthy landscape all summer long that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy this season. Our nursery experts have recommended a few tips and tasks for your landscape this month.

June To-Do List for your Home and Yard

Watering Tips

Be Observant

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather as temperatures start to increase consistently, leaving your yard needing more water with higher temps.

Take Your Time

Always remember to deep water your plant material. Small and short applications are ineffective and can cause issues to your plant’s root system. Long and slow applications are best as you want the water to penetrate far into the soil to reach the roots.

Not only does this help your plants right away, but it also helps long-term development and can increase drought tolerance. 

For more information on deep watering practices, download our water to guide help you get a better idea on how to take care of your landscape.

Moon Valley Watering Guide

Fertilizer Tips

June is a tougher month than others on the material in your landscape as it transitions to warmer days. Now is an ideal time to give our landscape the best nutrients and care so that it can thrive and look gorgeous all summer, with minimal upkeep.

Give your trees, palms, and shrubs a boost they need with our custom-blended fertilizer from Moon Valley Nurseries. We have fertilizers for everything in your landscape from palms, to fruit and citrus, to flowering trees.

In addition, we also have fertilizers that can assist with plant material that may be dealing with stress from weather changes or newly planted materials that need a little extra help getting established in their new environment.

Our Super Charged Moon Juice and Super Palm Juice are designed to trigger growth responses and supplement the essential micro and macro nutrients that plants need to thrive in our climate. You will always find these products at any Moon Valley location near you.

Tree Protection Tips

Sun Protection

Trees, just like us, can be burned by the sun and could use some protection from the sunlight. Young trees, especially citrus, need protection from the sun when temperatures increase. You can protect the trunk of a new tree from sunburn with Protective Tree Wrap. Available at any Moon Valley Nursery location.

Wind Protection

To further protect your tree, young or old, you can stake them to provide more stability if you are prone to high winds in your area. Moon Valley Nurseries also offers staking material and staking services at all our locations.

Weeding Tips

Continue to use the right products for your yard to keep the weeds away. It seems as if they can take over your yard overnight, but if you continue to pull weeds as you see them and apply pre-emergent products in problem areas, the weeds will not be able to keep growing!

Pruning Tips

The summer is a good time to leave the citrus and other sun-sensitive plants alone and not prune until it gets cooler, as this can expose them to sunburn.

You should examine and remove faded/dead flowers and branches from your trees and shrubs so that the plant will encourage new healthy growth. This will also help get more sun on your plants.

Lawn Care Tips

A lawn will grow faster in the warmer weather. For a healthy lawn, you need to make sure that it is getting a healthy trim regularly with a well-tuned mower or the mower might be causing damage. Make sure your mower blades are sharp and set high so that you do not cut the grass blades too short.

Give your lawn a boost with specialized fertilizers like our fast-acting Moon Royale Professional Turf Fertilizer. In most cases, you will see results in just four days, and it gets stronger as it goes to work greening up your lawn.

Planting Tips

We often hear about how there are only a few good months out of the year to plant trees and shrubs. We disagree with that because we plant our trees nearly any time of the year, especially the summer!

Moon Valley Trees

We grow all our trees locally to the region, or in a similar area, so they are used to the conditions of your home from the summers to the winters. No matter what season we plant your trees, we guarantee every one of them! In fact, this is one of the best times to plant most palms, all desert trees, shade trees, citrus, and cacti!

Moon Valley Tree Care Services

Available in Phoenix and nearby cities, our tree care division is ready to keep your trees in the same amazing shape that they were planted. With certified arborists on staff, our tree experts can do almost anything you need.

Our Tree Care team can take care of:

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Soil Fertilizing Injections
  • Tree Trimming/Pruning

All trees are different and should be cared for by a customized process only Moon Valley Nurseries can offer. Because we grow them, we know how to keep them perfect. Click here to learn more and take of your trees before monsoon season shows up!

Trees for June Planting

Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite trees to plant in Arizona this summer.


DD_Blanchard_SOUTHERN_MAGNOLIA_1335_650x650 (1)

Every variety of Magnolias that we grow are a popular request with our customers at Moon Valley Nurseries. Many are drawn to the Magnolia's softball-sized and fragrant white flowers, which are truly breathtaking to see in full bloom. The flowers bloom throughout the summer and fall and attract many of our pollinating friends such as hummingbirds.

The flowers aren't the only thing that makes the Magnolia a favorite tree for our region. Many of our customers love the attractive glossy leaves and the Magnolia's ability to produce a thick canopy, providing plenty of needed shade during the warmer months.

Come in and check out all varieties of Magnolias that we have in our nursery, grown right at one of our many farms in the desert region!



The Tipuana Tipu tree should be at the top of the list of trees to check out when you come into the nursery if you want both shade and color! The Tipu tree is one of the most popular trees we offer at Moon Valley Nurseries. It can be found all over the valley, and we are still always planting more!

The Tipu is a very fast-growing tree that has an upright-growth pattern that creates, and provides, a large area of shade for your home and yard. These trees are also drought-tolerant, once established, and can handle even the hottest summer days.

The best part about the Tipu tree is that it blooms into a vibrant display of yellow flowers lasting from late spring and into early summer that contrasts beautifully with its feathery green foliage.

Date Palm

date palm

A great addition to any landscape, Date Palms bring the look and feel of the upscale resort. Ours are certified disease-free. We love planting them around swimming pools, where their reflection can be admired in smooth water. Up-lighting can create a stunning visual against light colored walls and adds nighttime silhouettes in any landscape.

We also love to plant these palms in groupings and line them up along a long driveway or create regal accents by using staggered heights. Date Palms are also the perfect specimen for landscaping larger areas. Planting them in groups and rows creates a cool canopy of shade, adding welcomed relief from the sweltering heat and harsh sun.

Shrub Spotlight


Hibiscus (3)

Hibiscus are medium to large growing shrubs with very lush, dark foliage and beautiful flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. They grow great in partial sun and will acclimate to full sun easily.

They grow great and look amazing when planted in pots or containers, especially oversized ones! But do not limit Hibiscus to pots because they do just as well in the soil. They can grow into a medium-to-large size and can be used for small hedges when planted in rows.

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Best Trees to Plant Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Jessica Downs on 5/24/2019

Moon Valley Trees are ready for Planting!

This Memorial Day Weekend come and see which trees are looking gorgeous that would be perfect for your yard. Not only is this the ideal time to plant, but these are some of the best trees to plant now!

Whether you are looking for some shade, color, or anything else you might be missing in your yard, we have something that will fit all your needs. Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite trees this week!

Best Memorial Day Weekend Trees




The Vitex is a striking multi-trunk tree and is a favorite for its unique purple flowers that bloom on long spikes that form at every growth tip of the tree. The Vitex blooms during the late spring and into the summer season. The flowering spikes on the Vitex tree, like other trees on this list, are popular with our pollinating friends.

In addition to the stunning flowers, the trunk of the tree is also an interesting part of the Vitex. The twisted and tangled growth pattern gives this tree a statuesque appearance in any landscape, especially when covered in night-time lighting. This tree loves the full sun, and in the winter the leaves turn a golden yellow color.


jacaranda landscape

The Jacaranda tree is one of our best-selling flowering trees and blooming like crazy across the valley! These colorful trees have outstanding features – exotic, trumpet-shaped purple blooms and soft-feathery, fern-like foliage. These are fast-growing trees that can provide filtered shade.

We recommend to our customers that they plant them near patios, courtyards, and decks. These are stunning specimen trees that look amazing in water-wise landscapes or urban gardens because of the color they bring to those styles. They also add massive curb appeal when planted in the front yard solo or in rows.

Museum Palo Verde


The Museum Palo Verde is a beautiful shade tree for Arizona. Our Palo Verde is a hybrid of different, older Palo Verde species that bring out the best qualities from each original variety.

The unique combination resulted in a thorn-less tree with fuller foliage, large and prolific yellow flowers, and a trunk that has an eye-catching blue-green color. Between the yellow blooms and the unique trunk style, the Museum Palo Verde provides a stark contrast to just about any landscape.

This tree allows some light through the foliage throughout the day, while also supplying plenty of overall shade. This is especially beneficial when you want to add shrubs and other plant material that need partial sun under the widespread canopy of the Museum Palo Verde.

Date Palm

date palms moon valley nurseries

The Date Palm trees are the ultimate palm for your pool. These palms are also often found at resorts and shopping centers. When planted around a pool, Date Palms provide excellent shade due to their wide fronds. They are also great options for pool landscaping as they produce very minimal litter throughout the year.

Date Palms looks best when planted in clusters of three to five palms of varying heights to create a more natural style. We also recommend planting them in rows and at similar heights to create an instantaneously formal look. They can be planted almost anywhere as they are hardy to cold and heat, and drought-tolerant.



If you're looking for both shade and color, the Tipuana Tipu tree should be at the top of the list of trees to check out when you come into the nursery! The Tipu tree is one of the most popular trees we offer at Moon Valley Nurseries. It can be found all over the valley, and we are still always planting more!

The Tipu is a very fast-growing tree that has an upright-growth pattern that creates, and provides, a large area of shade for your home and yard. These trees are also drought-tolerant, once established, and can handle even the hottest summer days.

Coolest part about the Tipu? It blooms into a vibrant display of yellow flowers lasting from late spring and into early summer that contrasts beautifully with its feathery green foliage.

Special Shrub Spotlight



We have many different rose varieties that are delivered fresh from our farms, so come in and see which ones we have to offer that are looking gorgeous and are ready to plant.

The sight of a rose garden in bloom is a gift for all the senses. There are many uses for roses, even as hedge material to create breathtaking levels to your landscape.

Save $$$ with these awesome savings!

Memorial Day weekend is here, and we are open every day, including Monday! In honor of all our military, past and present, we are offering 10% off on all purchases for all military with a valid I.D. present. Click below to print out your coupon and bring it to the nursery with you.

Memorial Day Coupon ten percent off

We are also offering an awesome 4 for $119 deal on ALL fertilizer products this weekend. You can purchase four of the same products that you love so much or purchase four different products and see how they bring your yard back to top health. Click below for your coupon to bring it to the nursery with you!

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Celebrate Earth Day and Transform your Yard with Moon Valley Superior Trees

Posted by Jessica Downs on 4/19/2019

One of our favorite days to celebrate and remember is Earth Day (it is April 22nd, by the way so don’t forgot to celebrate in your own way). It is like the holiday was made for us!

From the coasts of California to the Gulf of Mexico, we have been planting more trees than anybody else over the last 25 years. And we will keep planting them for years to come and growing into new territories.

Since 2010 alone, we have planted over 1.7 million trees!

Earth Day lands in a great time of year to help educate and inform people about the benefits of all the different types of trees. It is also a great time to plant trees!

With the weather we experience in early spring, our soil is warm and prepped for new trees. This helps acclimate newly transplanted trees quickly, which lessens any potential for transplant shock. The mild warm temperatures also create the perfect environment for your trees to get used to their new home and be prepared for the summer.

To celebrate Earth Day, we want to spotlight some of our favorite trees that do best when planted this time of year and that can transform your landscape in one day. Some of these are even exclusive only to Moon Valley. Keep reading to pick out your next tree!

Which Trees Will Transform My Yard this Summer?

Piru Queen Palm

PiruThe Piru Queen Palm is one of our most popular palms in Arizona. The Piru Queen was custom-made by Moon Valley Nurseries to be a stronger variety of other queen palm types. The difference is clearly obvious to Arizona residents because you guys are always asking for them!

Our Piru Queen Palms feature thicker and hardier trunks, which helps keep the entire palm stronger and healthier. The Piru Queen also has denser and greener fronds than other queen varieties, and produce fuller crowns, which helps create a more formal look and even more shade!  

Moon Valley Nurseries Piru Queen Palms can handle hot summers, cold winters, and windy days. This palm is supported by a narrow trunk, which makes it ideal to plant in tight spaces. It can grow as tall as a two-story home and looks great paired with smaller palms beside it such as the Sago Palm, Pygmy Palm, and Pindo Palm.

Purple Leaf Plum

purple plum in green yard 571xThe Purple Leaf Plum tree is one of our favorite flowering trees and right now is the best time to see them at their best! This tree produces a wealth of showy pink flowers in spring but can start to bloom sooner and last longer, depending on the weather.

And the color does not end there!

This remarkable tree also features exceptional dark purple foliage. Between the flowering season it has in the beginning of the year and beautiful purple foliage in the fall, this tree is the ultimate ornamental tree.

We recommend planting them in front yards, where they are sure to attract all the right attention from neighbors. We often plant them in pairs or more to line borders, gateways, and driveway entries in a colorful style.

They can also be planted in an orchard-like row to create a stunning privacy screen. These ornamental trees can make a bold and beautiful color statement no matter how you choose to plant them!

Ficus Nitida

Ficus Nitida - MultiThe Ficus Nitida, also commonly known as the Indian Laurel, is a beautiful dense shade tree that looks amazing and can be used in almost any landscape style and match any home.

The Ficus Nitida tree can handle the most intense summer heat and even grow healthy and strong in Yuma, one of the hottest cities in the hottest state (even if it’s just a dry heat).

Because of its durability, beauty and massive amount of shade it provides, the Ficus Nitida has become our top selling tree in Arizona and other southwestern states. People are always talking about our Ficus!

Ficus columns, when planted in rows, make great hedges that are commonly used as a privacy screen. They can block unwanted views, nosy neighbors, and even flying objects - like golf balls from your friendly weekend golfer or baseballs from your young neighbors. 

Multi-trunk Ficus Nitida trees provide a wide umbrella of shade. Because of their unique trunk variations, this variety adds an artistic flair and can make a great tree for the kids to climb.

Evergreen Ash

evergreen ashMany people call this the Evergreen Ash tree and others call it the Shamel tree. Regardless of what your preferred name is, we all agree that this is a beautiful tree that stands out in a landscape.

The Evergreen Ash is a favorite waterwise, fast-growing shade tree perfect for just about any landscape in Arizona. A native to Mexico, this sun-loving tree can grow up to 40-feet tall and wide in just a couple of decades.

This tree will easily grow into a large canopy that provides a generous amount of shade. Simple to grow, this Ash is generally grown in parks, commercial areas, and can be seen adorning large landscapes or planted as a large ornamental tree in medium-sized yards.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we created a better version of the Evergreen Ash strain. Our Evergreen Ash is stronger, more reliable, and more evergreen than other strains you find elsewhere.  

Crape Myrtle

crape myrtle-4The Crape Myrtle is our favorite tree to add color to a landscape and it is the number one selling flowering tree at Moon Valley Nurseries due to its ability to offer something for every season.

During the spring season, this tree really shines with its large clusters of flowers (nearly the size of a football) that bloom all over the foliage. The blooms can last a long time, sometimes even until late summer.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer this tree as a single-trunk or multi-trunk. In addition, the Crape Myrtle trees grown at Moon Valley Nurseries are a top variety thanks to its optimal mildew resistance, which you will not find anywhere else.

Celebrate with Us This Weekend

Come by your nearest location and find all the trees on this list for yourself. Nothing compares to seeing them with your own eyes and standing in front of them to truly appreciate all their beauty.

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