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Start Cooling Down Your Home with Shade Trees

Posted by Clay Simms on 7/25/2019

Summer is here and with that brings intense heat into your home and yard. This is also the time that the kids are home from school, families want to bar-b-que and swim all day, and you want to do this comfortably! The best and quickest way to make your home perfect for outdoor entertaining is to incorporate mature shade trees into your yard.

Not only do these trees provide elegance and beauty to any landscape, they have amazing benefits when it comes to your home! Did you know a well-placed tree can cut your energy bill by as much as 40%? Mature trees are one of the easiest ways to not only save money each month but add value to your home as well. While many trees can create some shade, there are three that can help achieve these goals.

I understand our summers can be rough, but with the correct trees and placement, we can make it a little more bearable. The three trees I will be speaking on are all desert trees proven to perform very well here in Surprise and the general Arizona region. Not only will these options add an abundance of shade, but they are also incredibly reliable and look fantastic.

Chinese Elm ‘True Green’

chinese elm-1

The Chinese ‘True Green’ Elm is an excellent example of a tree to use when you want to add additional shade to your property. Not only are these trees fast growers, but they also have a broad canopy and fit well in most landscape layouts. The True Green Elm is a Moon Valley Nursery exclusive tree and has been perfected to maintain a beautiful shade of green and hold onto its leaves for longer into the year.

Chilean Mesquite


The Chilean Mesquite is another excellent choice when wanting shade, especially for desert or native landscapes. Another Moon Valley Nursery exclusive, these trees have been grown to be thornless and are extremely drought-tolerant. With layers of thick foliage and unique growth patterns, these fast-growing trees add personality to any yard and provide much-needed shade.

Ficus Indian Laurel

ficus tree

The Ficus Indian Laurel Tree is my top choice when it comes to providing shade. This Moon Valley Nursery exclusive is an absolute evergreen and provides dense shade all year long. This tree will enhance any landscape instantly with its dark green canopy and clean appearance. The difference can be felt immediately by simply standing beneath one. Proper placement of a mature tree will shade your home completely.

We are the Shade Tree Experts

With that being said, Moon Valley Nurseries is your shade tree headquarters! Allow our experts to come in, design your yard and set you up for success. You can also come into the nursery and we can design your yard here!

We design, deliver, plant, and guarantee all our products to ensure your yard is perfect and done right the first time. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have been shopping with us for years, you’ll notice the difference and quality as soon as you step foot in any of our seven valley locations.

Meet Clay Simms in Surprise

My name is Clay Simms, and I have been with Moon Valley Nurseries for well over six years! As the General Manager of our location in Surprise, AZ, I have worked on thousands of landscapes and acquired an extraordinary amount of knowledge for planting in the desert. I am here to share my knowledge and skill to as many people as possible and provide my customers with the best experience.


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Tree Care for Preventative Maintenance

Posted by Clay Simms on 7/5/2019

Take Care of Your Trees Now and Save Yourself a Future Headache

az landscape

Arizona is a lovely place! The sunshine is abundant, the weather is fantastic, and the environment is very inviting! Like many, you have a beautiful home with a well-landscaped yard filled with mature trees and plants. You know all the best practices to keep your landscape healthy and you worked hard to build it up to your exact vision. Sound familiar? Of course, it does, because you take pride in your home!

My name is Clay Simms, and I am the general manager of our Moon Valley Nurseries location in Surprise, AZ. I’ve been in the nursery industry for well over six years, and I make it a point to share my knowledge with as many people as I can. I’ve seen and created countless landscapes that are not only well-suited for our environment but also bring more beauty than you could ever expect!

We as homeowners do everything we can to make sure our landscapes stay tidy and clean, but what happens when the unexpected hits? I’m talking about the upcoming monsoon season.

These short, yet furious storms can wreak havoc on a landscape in an instant. It becomes so important that you take the correct steps to properly maintain your trees and plants before the monsoon weather starts to make sure your trees will be at their best.

tree care

I like to call this preventative maintenance. It is very simple and can potentially save you thousands in repairs, removals, etc. These storms bring heavy winds and lightning upon us often without warning. An improperly trimmed tree or unmaintained tree will be caught up in these winds and hardly stand a chance.

It can be figuratively compared to holding an umbrella in the wind while it snaps and folds until it breaks or gets taken from your hands. If that were your tree, it would bring unnecessary hardships into your already busy lives! Taking cautionary steps early on can save you the hassle of dealing with a broken limb, a fallen tree, a broken fence, damaged home or vehicle, etc.

Moon Valley Nurseries has been around for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the tree trimming industry. Our Tree Care Division is licensed, bonded, and insured and will take great care of your tree trimming needs. With certified arborists on every job, your trees are ensured to look great and be better prepared for whatever the world throws at it while making sure they look beautiful! Keep your trees healthy and well maintained for a much more enjoyable summer.

Reach out to our Tree Care Division to schedule a consultation or ask any questions you may have about your trees. Click here to learn more and get in touch!

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