Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant Now [November]

Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant Now [November]

By Jessica Downs on November, 15 2019
Fall Tips

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Transform your Texas Yard in Fall

Have you considered that your landscape could use a bit more of “something” right now? As the weather has cooled, we have been able to spend time outside, enjoying our yard, and taking a good look at our landscape. This is also a good time of year to see how well your landscape has grown throughout the year.

Did you notice any areas that could use some new additions? Good, because fall planting is going strong!

There is no doubt about it, right now is an excellent time to plant a variety of trees and shrubs! That’s right! Many trees and shrubs thrive during this time of the year in Texas and are ready for planting.

Even though the rest of the country is settling into their cold winter, we are still enjoying our beautiful, mild weather. Our climate lets us plant longer in Texas than in other regions due to:

  • the perfect amount of daily sunlight
  • mild temperatures day and night
  • soil that stays warm thanks to the hot summer.

Planting in the fall will give newly planted trees and shrubs the best chance to:

  • adapt to their new environment
  • efficiently establish a root system
  • be ready to spring (no pun intended) to life as soon as winter ends!

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have got you covered with what you need to have a beautiful landscape – no matter what the season might be!

Fall colors are perfect for this time of the year to get you into a festive spirit. The orange/red colors of fall trigger enjoyable memories while adding curb appeal that gets your yard noticed for all the right reasons!

As we get closer to December, some trees and shrubs can add beautiful festive colors that perfectly complement the Holiday season!

3 Trees and Shrubs to Plant Now

southern live oak-1

Live Oak

Live Oaks, sometimes known as Southern Live Oaks, are another great option when you are looking for beautiful evergreen trees to plant now. These oak trees grow at a moderate rate and live for a very long time. They produce dense, gray/green foliage that will block unwanted views and add year-round shade to your property.

Live Oak trees are also noted for being very drought-tolerant once established, and for the minimal care required to keep them looking fantastic all year! Live Oaks are the picturesque trees that create a classical look to your landscape. We recommend choosing mature Oaks so that you can enjoy them as soon as they are planted!



Magnolias are beautiful trees that can transform your yard into an elegant landscape. The sight of Magnolia trees in full bloom is one of nature’s greatest gifts. When blooming, the flowers have a pleasing, aromatic scent that fills the nearby air with its fragrance.

We have many varieties to choose from, so you will find a magnolia that fits your design perfectly. The Southern Magnolia is one of our most popular varieties. Our customers love their park-style décor, gorgeous, long-lasting blooms, and instant curb appeal. These medium-to-large trees grow upright and can even help add privacy around your property!

Nandina domestica 'Gulf Stream' heavenly bamboo winter color in landscape

Gulf Stream Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly Bamboo ‘Gulf Stream” shrubs are one of the best compact shrubs you can add to your landscape. They can put on a colorful show all year long, adding refreshed curb appeal each season. Ever-changing foliage goes from scarlet-red in spring to blue-green in the summer.

These are cold hardy shrubs, and they make a colorful addition to any landscape. The ‘Gulf Stream’ variety has improved foliage color in the fall with purple and bronze-tinted leaves that turn to a fiery crimson red in winter. Just in time for the holiday season! We like to use Heavenly Bamboo as an informal hedge along borders and sidewalks or accent shrubs to add color in yards with little color.

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