Best Hedges to Plant in the Winter

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/18/2019

Hedges are very popular and there are several different types of bushes and trees that can be used to create a beautiful hedge. Hedges are useful for several reasons:

  • They help reduce noise from roads or loud neighbors
  • They block the view of two story homes & high-rise buildings
  • They help reduce dust and litter from blowing into your yard
  • The larger ones can offer several feet of thick shade
  • They block harsh weather and can be used as a windbreaker

Below is a list of 5 types of trees and shrubs that make great options when you are wanting to set up a hedge in your yard. These plants have also been chosen by their durability with winter planting. Keep reading and see which hedge/hedges are best for your designs!


Hopseedhopseed, moon valley nurseries, landscape design, tree nursery, arizona, hedges

The Hopseed bush is a great addition for any Arizona yard. While it may not be what you think of when you are considering a plant for hedge material, it does the job perfectly. It also adds some unique texture and different look to your yard than a traditional hedge. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer both the Green Hopseed and the Purple Hopseed bush, which gives you different options depending on your landscaping needs. Both the Green and Purple Hopseed are quite similar except for one difference that you have probably already noticed – They are different colors.

When creating a privacy hedge, both Hopseed varieties will add a unique wall of color that contrasts well with surrounding foliage or when planted together. These fast-growing shrubs grow upright, which makes them easy to install in almost any location.

Carolina Cherrycarolina cherry,  moon valley nurseries, landscape design, tree nursery, arizona, hedges

The Carolina Cherry has become a popular attractive tree for many homeowners in our desert region. The Carolina Cherry has a natural upright cone-like shape and its malleability to being trimmed makes it a great plant for hedges, short or tall. This tree can be pruned into other shapes as well and can handle topiary pruning. It is drought and heat tolerant, and requires minimal watering once established.

Its foliage is dark green, and it blooms small, creamy white flowers in the spring. The dense foliage and tall growth potential makes it perfect to block out everything from harsh weather and neighbors that are just too close. They can be easily sheared into a tall screen or sound barrier which make them a near-perfect option for many homes.

Oleanderoleander,  moon valley nurseries, landscape design, tree nursery, arizona, hedges

A hedge of Oleanders will surely create an exciting view for you and your neighbors. They grow great in Arizona and can grow anywhere from as short as 3 feet to as tall as 20 feet, depending on which variety you plant and what type of hedge you want for your yard. Oleanders are extremely tough and can recover from almost anything the elements throw at them. These shrubs love the hot summer months, which makes them an ideal flowering option for your Arizona landscape.

The Oleander shrub displays a long-lasting bloom that comes in clumps of red, white, and pink. The blooms are lively and can extend into the cooler winter months. Preferably planted in groups or rows, the Oleander is a great tree for homeowners who are seeking privacy hedges, area screens, and property borders because of the trees ability to grow and maintain a thick coat of dark green leaves throughout the year.

Lemon Bottle Brushlemon bottlebrush,  moon valley nurseries, landscape design, tree nursery, arizona, hedges

It is easy to see why Lemon Bottle Brush plants are often used as hedges throughout the Valley. With our natural landscape being mountain and desert color shades, the pop of red that comes from this plant makes any yard more interesting! They can bloom showy bottlebrush-like flower spikes that will paint a landscape with colors of bright red from the flowers and dark green from the foliage.

The Bottlebrush not only adds a splash of color to our desert environment, they attract hummingbirds and butterflies, too. These evergreen shrubs are a great way to create a colorful privacy screen when several are lined up along a property border. A great hedge design idea for the Bottlebrush shrub is to create small hedges around a backyard garden or a focal point in the front yard. The Bottlebrush blooms in spring with some off-season blooms in the fall. 

Italian CypressITALIAN CYPRESS,  moon valley nurseries, landscape design, tree nursery, arizona, hedges

Native to the Mediterranean area, the Italian Cypress is well-known and often found in hedge form announcing formal entrances, borders and backdrops for impressive properties all over the world. Unmistakable with their lush green foliage and tall, narrow upright form, these long-living specimens of magnificence are well suited for modern living and vintage Mediterranean design styles.

Their natural ability to thrive in sunny climates on a minimal amount of water makes them a popular choice for just about any landscape. We recommend these often for two-story homes as they grow tall and can block views from other homes nearby and give you a more relaxing view from your property.

Moon Valley Nurseries - FREE PLANTING

Not only do we have the best trees on Earth, we can deliver them to your home and plant them for you too. We offer every service that you might need when designing a new yard or redesigning an existing landscape, whether its 2 trees or 200, Moon Valley Nurseries has you covered! Make sure to ask us about free planting when you stop by your nearest location.

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Top 10 Most-Asked Questions about Hedges

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/28/2018


Why would I want hedges for my yard?

The most obvious reason you want to have hedges added to your landscape is how awesome they can transform your home and give your yard a formal classic style.  This is a guaranteed way to increase your home value as well, with the instant curb appeal that hedges like the Italian Cypress offer.

There are many practical reasons to plant hedges too. There are varieties that grow tall, which adds privacy between your home and busy streets or neighbors that might be just a few feet away. Some varieties are great to plant for added security due to how dense the hedges grow and intertwine to each other. The density that hedges offer work great as wind and sound barriers as well.

How can I get an instant privacy hedge?

The best way to get an instant privacy hedge is to buy hedges that are a few years old already. While you can buy younger plants, you will have a waiting period as they grow. Some hedges grow much faster than others (and we will talk more about that below), however it will never be as fast as planting our specimen-sized hedges. Our specimen-sized hedges will give you the privacy and beauty you want and need from the first day they are planted.

When can hedges be trimmed?ITALIAN CYPRESS-1

For the most part, hedges can be trimmed at any time depending on how you use them in your landscape. Many hedge shrubs look great when grown naturally and left alone but many owners like to keep their hedges trimmed with a classic clean look. If you want a formal look, regular trimming will keep hedges neat and will train them to grow the way you want for your yard.

**If your hedge is a flowering shrub, we recommend pruning once their flowering season is ending or ended.

Can hedges grow in containers?

Yup! Hedges can be grown in containers. Not all varieties would do well in a container due to lack of space for the root system, but many do just fine. When you plant hedges in a container, you can plant them any time of the year if they are getting partial sun throughout the day. The only downfall is that the container will limit the growth potential of the hedge.

Can hedges grow in shade?

Overall, most hedge materials thrive in full sun exposure. They can tolerate shady spots, but they prefer to bathe in the sun. For shadier spots in your yard, hedges such as Carolina Cherry and Indian Laurel Columns are good choices if they can get some sun during the day.

Which hedges grow fast?

ficus columns-1

With so many options to choose from for your hedge, there are many that grow quickly, especially when properly cared for and given top nutrients and fertilizers. Our Indian Laurel Columns are our most popular shrub to use as a hedge and can grow almost 2 feet a year.

Our customers usually ask about the fastest-growing shrubs we have because they want to benefit from their new hedge as soon as possible so it makes sense to want the varieties that grow fastest, right? Yes and no.

It is good to buy fast-growing shrubs if you like to play around with the size and shape or yard work is relaxing to you but if you want a fast grower because you want a privacy wall and don’t want to wait, then it might be best to consider our specimen-sized shrubs. Regardless of how slow they grow; the older plants will already be the size you want for your yard.

Why are my hedges dying?

The most common reason for plants in our landscapes to start dying is probably improper or too little care. It can be hard to keep up with the needs of your plants, especially when seasonal changes completely alter those needs every few months!

If you have an unhealthy-looking shrub, check out the trunk, branches, and leaves for any potential insect damage or disease. If everything looks good, it might be time to test the soil pH and see which nutrients your shrub might be missing. Lightly prune dead or weak branches to allow the sun to reach the bottom of your hedges better. Mulch can also help retain moisture to the roots during those hot months.

Choosing a disease-resistant shrub, such as a Japanese Privet, helps minimize the chances of having health issues in the future.

Which hedges produce colorful flowers?

Most people will picture the straight and formal look of a pure green hedge first but some of the best hedges are the informal kind that grow out naturally in their environment and produce flowers throughout the year. Flowering hedges are excellent options if you are looking to create a hedge with some flair.

One of our favorite flowering shrubs we use for hedge material is the Lemon Bottlebrush. It can be grown as a small tree and trained as a hedge. This shrub stays green all year but grows amazing red flowers that will surely catch your neighbor’s attention.

Why should I choose a hedge instead of a fence?

japanese privet

Hedges are a much better option than a boring fence and for multiple reasons! A hedge will bring life and texture to your yard, an increase in property value, and peace to the whole world. Ok ok ok… you might not create world peace just by planting a hedge in your yard. But you will feel at peace once you’re in your private oasis surrounded by a living evergreen wall. Plus, you will be contributing to cleaning up the air around you and no fence can do that.

Hedges do everything a fence can do better. They create a private space for you, help keep noise and weather interruptions to a minimum, and can last for years and years. Fences can be unsightly and do not usually increase property value the way any landscape additions would. They also start to wear and will eventually need to be replaced. You might be paying for multiple fences or you could invest in hedges, which are more cost-effective from the beginning.

Where Do I Start?

The first step to creating the perfect hedge for your yard is to come in to Moon Valley Nurseries and check out all our hedge material options for yourself. Our nursery professionals are around to answer any questions and walk with you to show you the best options based on your needs. Once you have an idea of some varieties that you like, our designers can help you find the right variety for your yard. With some photos of your yard, or a visit to your home, they will have everything they need to complete your design. Click here for more information on landscape consultations.

Don’t forget about our Tree Care services in Arizona! We have a team dedicated to all your arbor needs such as removal, trimming, fertilizing, stump grinding, and anything else a tree might need.

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Moon Valley’s Top 5 Absolute Evergreen Hedges

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/14/2018

Hollywood Hedge

Hedges are such an amazing plant that can be added in any landscape and make it look 10 times better, no matter how great it was before the hedges came along! There are multiple reasons that you might decide to add a hedge to your yard or add to your existing hedges.

The most popular reason people consider adding hedges is that they are seeking privacy from their surroundings for a more secluded vibe or to create a quieter retreat. Some may even want to add privacy hedges to use their front yard similarly to the backyard such as a small patio area, or another outdoor space for kids to play safely.

Whatever your reasons might be for wanting to add new hedges or spruce up existing hedges in your yard, our Absolute Evergreen hedges are a must for an all year, all green look.

Indian Laurel Columns

FICUS COLUMNS, moon valley nurseries, hedges

Indian Laurel Columns, also commonly known by their scientific name - ficus nitida, are our most popular hedge material shrubs when customers are looking for a formal landscape hedge. These potentially large (depending on how you want to prune them) evergreens provide plentiful shade and perform great when planted along property lines for blocking everything! Well, it blocks almost anything like the sun, noise, wind, and unwanted views.

Indian Laurel Columns have lush, dense foliage and strong softwood branches. It can be pruned into almost any shape, but we love to let these grow large and tall for ultimate privacy. This plant also handles the warmer summer months very well, so it won’t need much special care during our hot months, except maybe a bit more water.

Italian Cypress

ITALIAN CYPRESs, moon valley nurseries, hedges

The Italian Cypress are known for their dramatic look and how you can find them planted while they lead you to formal entrances or lining a long driveway. This plant is unmistakable to most, with their lush green foliage and tall, narrow upright form. These long-lived specimens of magnificence are well suited to modern living as well. Their natural ability to thrive in sunny climates on a minimal amount of water makes them a popular choice for just about any landscape, especially ours.

Plant these columnar evergreens in a row and create an attractive natural property divider. You can plant these narrow fast-growing privacy hedges in your yard to bring the look of the Mediterranean to landscapes throughout the Phoenix area. Their elegant and classy appearance makes them a landscaping favorite!

Carolina Cherry


Native to the Southeastern United States, the Carolina Cherry has become a popular choice due to its minimally needed upkeep, natural upright conical shape, and ability to tolerate some of our common weather issues - heat and drought. This hedge variety enjoys the full sun but can also be planted in areas that receive partial shade.

The Carolina Cherry is a small to medium-sized evergreen with dark green, lustrous wavy-edged foliage on strong, brown branches. They can be trimmed easily into a tall screen or sound barrier, which make them a near-perfect option for many homes. The Carolina Cherry is a fast grower and can easily live for over 50, if not 100, years. These hedges will increase your property value for generations!

Lemon Bottlebrush

Bottlebrush Tree 1

The Lemon Bottlebrush is the only hedge option on this list that grows strong pops of color all throughout its foliage. This evergreen shrub works as colorful hedge that makes for a fantastic addition to any landscape as a complete hedge, or as part of a hedge to add accents. The showy red flowers can stay that way nearly the whole year. With a height and width span of 3-10 feet, these will surely give you a lively and thick hedge, once established.

The Bottlebrush blooms in spring with some off-season blooms in the fall that attract pollinating insects and hummingbirds. The Bottlebrush likes to be in full sun and only needs occasional deep watering, a bit more so in our hot summer months. Train it while it’s young and it will shape into nearly any size desirable. 

Japanese Privet

Japanese Privet 1

The Japanese Privet is an ideal solution for those who want an evergreen and low maintenance hedge. While there are Japanese Privet trees that can add some textured green to your yard or maybe even create a floating hedge above your fence, most customers use them to create living privacy walls. This shrub can add be pruned into a more formal look but looks amazing when allowed to keep its natural, informal shape.

Japanese Privets are great additions to your yard and love the southwestern weather. They do best when planted in partial sunlight and is tolerant of the low desert temperatures come winter. For a short time in late spring, this privet will produce white flowers, offering a bit of extra color to your landscape.

Moonie Community

Do you have any of these hedges in your yard? Let us know how you like them! Using other shrubs in your hedge? Share them with us. We love to learn how our customers are doing with their own yards! 

The Moon Valley Difference

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we are proud of the quality hedge material we have to offer to our customers and we love how amazing a hedge is when added to your landscape and how easy it is for them to fit into almost any style.

Whether you are looking for dense shade or flowering hedges, we’re sure to have the perfect hedge material for your landscape. If you have any questions be sure to contact one of our nursery experts at any of our Moon Valley Nursery locations.

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