3 Palms To Plant for a Fall Paradise

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/11/2019

Fall Palm Planting

Fall is here, and the conditions are perfect for planting palms in your yard. The weather is nice again, and the soil is warm, which means your newly planted palms will have more time to establish a strong, healthy root system.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom grow our palms to thrive in our desert region – meaning they are the best you can find and ready to be delivered and planted. Below are three palms that are perfect for planting in Arizona this fall.

Palms to Fit Any Landscape

Pygmy Date Palm

pygmy palms

The Pygmy Date Palm is a great option to use when you need to fill those tight spaces in your landscape. This versatile dwarf palm has a slow growth rate and can develop into a small-sized palm topped with a dense head of fine-textured, curvy, bright green fronds. A fantastic option to add a tropical feel to your yard.

The Pygmy Date Palm is our most popular selling dwarf palm and for good reason. This fine, feather leaf palm can grow both indoors and outdoors. Pygmy Palms can grow in a variety of different soils, is drought-tolerant and requires low-to-moderate water use, once established.

Piru Queen Palm


Piru Queen Palms are prized for having a look that complements all styles of landscapes. Our Piru Queen Palms are grown from superior seedlings with better genetic traits, which gets you the hardiest palm you can find!

These palms are heat-tolerant and feature dark green fronds that grow into a fuller crown, helping add shade to your yard. Add curb appeal by planting these low-maintenance palms in the front yard as a focal point, lining a driveway to create a grand entrance, or around your pool for a tropical backdrop.

Mexican Fan Palm


The Mexican Fan Palm is a classic resort style palm tree that features a single trunk and is easy to grow in Arizona. It can handle cold weather and thrives in the sun. Our “cigar-cut” Mexican Fan Palms give a smooth texture around the trunk that highlights the deep green and unique colors of this palm tree.

Mexican Fan Palms are a stately addition to any landscape and mix well with both large and smaller sized palm trees. We carry all sizes from the small starter palms to the giant, instant resort-style palms for whatever your goals might be for your new yard.

Palm Design Tip: Add landscape lighting to palms to create a beautiful nighttime appearance while highlighting the attractive features of your palms.

Keep your Palms Healthy

palm juice

Keep your palm looking healthy all year with the proper fertilizers. We created a perfect blend of fertilizer that works on every part of your yard, including palm trees. Moon Dust is an all-purpose tree and plant fertilizer that supplies your palms with needed nutrients to stay healthy and flourish.

Our custom blended Super Palm Juice is specifically made for palm trees in our region. Our blend includes magnesium, which can prevent it from developing an iron deficiency. Palms love this easy-to-apply liquid.

For more fertilizers, click here.

Design Consultations at Every Nursery

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Palms will bring value and interest to your Arizona landscape. Let Moon Valley Nurseries do the work for you! Allow our nursery pros to help you design and select the perfect palms for your yard.

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Bringing The Tropics to Your Backyard

Posted by Ryan Newton on 8/28/2019

date palms lining a driveway

Here at moon valley nurseries, one of the most popular designs we get asked to create is a tropical backyard. Whether you just put a pool in or love palm trees, we love to do them. Let's face it, we live in the desert, and we want to feel like we are on the beach.

The best way to ensure the success of the plants, as well as a tropical look, is to create a small micro climate by layering taller plants in the back and go lower in front. Taller ones will shade the smaller, more fragile plants.

Palms for Your Tropical Yard


One of the best tropical/ sub-tropical plants we use in these designs would start with our Moon Valley Exclusive Piru Queen palm. Grown in a very similar climate like Arizona, the Piru Queen palm is grown to withstand the heat, wind, and sun of Arizona.

We love to pair the Piru Queen palms with our Pygmy palms. Our Pygmy Palms are grown to be acclimated to the Arizona heat as well give you a very tropical look without taking up much room.

Sago palms (pictured) can also be used as a small accent palm when strategically placed. Even though they are small, they make a statement.

If we have some room to work with, we love to add our Canary Island Date palm. They are drought-tolerant palms that really add a "wow" factor to any design.


Tropical Plants

We surround all the palms with plants such as hibiscus, coral fountain grass, tropical birds of paradise, making it feel like Hawaii even when its 120 degrees.

We finish it off with some lush ground cover such as lantana, wedelia or myroporum.


Complete the Tropical Design

You cap that off with some up-lighting, and you are on your way to an island oasis all created with your vision. Moon Valley Nurseries also gives you fundamental watering and fertilizing instructions to help ensure the success of those palms.

We are here from start to finish, and even after, to make the process is simple and easy for you. Moon Valley Nurseries sets you up for success with how we have grown our palms in the desert. When it comes to bringing the tropics to your backyard, go to the Moon!

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3 Designs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Yard

Posted by Jessica Downs on 8/23/2019

Transform your Landscape

blog_main_pic_landscaping_around_poolsWith all the varieties of trees and plants available from Moon Valley Nurseries and our knowledgeable landscape design experts, there are infinite ways to put together an entire yard design just for your home.

Our favorite designs are the ones that completely transform our customer's yards overnight. Keep reading to find out how you could renew your yard with only a few trees. No matter what type of design style you are looking for, our design experts can create your perfect yard.

Add a Tropical Background Around Your Pool

Benefits of Planting Palms by the Pool

If you have a pool in your yard, then you are already halfway to having the ultimate tropical landscape. Good job! To finish off the look and bring the tropical island vibes to your home, you want to add some palms around your pool or yard.

Our nursery professionals recommend two ways to add palms to your yard and pool. The first way we might design around your pool is to plant palms close together to create a dense backdrop focused on your pool.

Another favorite design concept is planting palms more spread out throughout the yard to cover the landscape with palms and bring the resort-feel throughout your property.

Three of our ideal palms to add to this type of design are our Piru Queen, Date, and Mediterranean Fan palm varieties.

Palm Variety Suggestions for Arizona

date palms-1Date Palm

Date palms are the ultimate pool palm! You can find Date palms at most resorts and shopping centers. Around pools, Date palms provide excellent shade due to their full fronds and they have practically no litter, keeping your pool cleaner!

The Date palm looks excellent when planted in clusters of 3 to 5 and is hardy to cold and heat, and drought-tolerant.


med fanMediterranean Fan Palm

The Mediterranean Fan palm is a great palm that grows in multiple trunks and is considered slow-growing compared to other palm varieties.

These work great in areas where you do not need a ton of height and need something that will not outgrow its planting location. These palms are incredibly tolerant of numerous elements.

Piru Queen Palm

The Piru Queen palm is an exclusive tree from Moon Valley Nurseries. We specially designed our Piru Queen palms for our desert climate. They are custom grown at our farms to be extra hardy in heat and cold.

These palms have distinctive appearances compared to other palms that you will see, and their thicker trunks and fuller crowns make these stand out when compared to the rest. These palms are excellent when planted in groups to add shade and are fantastic in tight planting locations.

Create a Privacy Hedge Around Your Home

Benefits of Planting Hedges to Maximize Privacy

If you feel like you do not have the privacy you want in your home, hedges are one of the best design options that will solve your problem. They even add more benefits to your property as a greener yard, higher property value, and increased curb appeal.

Privacy is one of the most important things to us, and that we get to come home to a place that feels safe and away from the world. Not only does that apply to your home, but also your yard. Some of our favorite plant materials to use for privacy are our Carolina Cherry, Italian Cypress, and Indian Laurel Columns.

Hedge Material Suggestions for Arizona

ficus coulmns-1Indian Laurel Columns

Indian Laurel Columns are our most popular choice for use as a formal landscape hedge. These massive evergreens provide ample shade and perform great when planted along property lines for blocking the sun, noise, wind, and unwanted views.

The Indian Laurel Columns have lush, dense foliage and strong softwood branches. They can be pruned into almost any shape and handle the warmer summer months very well.

CAROLINA CHERRY-5Carolina Cherry

Native to the Southeastern United States, the Carolina Cherry has become a popular choice for its minimal maintenance, natural upright conical shape, and ability to tolerate heat, drought, and wind.

The Carolina Cherry is a small to medium-sized evergreen with dark green, lustrous wavy-edged foliage on brown thornless stems. The foliage can handle regular trimming and be sheared into a tall screen or sound barrier which make them a near-perfect option for many homes.

Italian_Cypress_logo_1-1Italian Cypress

Used for formal entrances, borders, and backdrops, the Italian Cypress is unmistakable with its lush green foliage and tall narrow upright form. Italian Cypress thrive in sunny climates with minimal water, making them a popular choice for just about any landscape.

This hedge material brings immediate formal appeal to your home with a bit of aesthetic from the European countryside.

Start Your Personal Orchard in Your Yard

Benefits of Growing Your own Fruit

The benefits of growing your own fruit include being able to produce fruit that tastes better, knowing that your fruit is pesticide-free, and having multiple varieties of citrus and fruit right in your yard!

Besides the harvest that they bring you annually (sometimes more often!), our citrus and fruit trees grow large enough to create shade in your yard and cool down your yard to grow shrubs and groundcover near your fruit trees. Three varieties that love the Arizona region are lemons, oranges, and apple trees.

Fruit Tree Suggestions for Arizona

650x650-LemonLemon Tree

Meyer lemons are a favorite due to their many culinary uses and their thin peel that makes squeezing the freshest lemon juice a breeze!

A pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade is coming right up to make the summer even better.


orange-3Orange Tree

You don’t have to live in the Valley too long before you realize how popular Orange trees are around here. From the East Valley to the West, orange groves can be found all over the Phoenix area, from Mesa to Glendale.

Our Naval variety is considered an early fruit producer and typically ready for harvest in late fall through winter.

apple-2Apple Tree

Low-chill apple varieties that grow best in our area include Anna, Fuji, and Dorsett (Golden). When it’s hot and bright outside, these trees can also provide shade coverage.

These are excellent landscape trees that can add beautiful color to any yard.


Start Designing with the Moon Valley Nurseries Team

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