The Arizona Favorite - Tipu Tree

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/19/2019

The Tipu is one of our most popular trees to plant in Arizona. It is a tree that thrives in our desert environment. Listen to more of what our top nursery professional has to say about the awesome Tipu tree

The Tipu Tree. This is without a doubt one of my personal favorite trees. We call it a bullet proof tree. It grows fast. It thrives out here. It’s a really amazing tree. It gets beautiful golden colored flowers on them in the spring and fall beyond that it grows incredibly fast so its going to be a great shade provider gets a super wide canopy it’s a really really really great tree. A lot of parks and recreational areas are beginning to use this tree because of how well it does on its own.

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The Popular Mexican Lime Trees

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/13/2019

Find the Best Mexican Lime trees only at the Moon!

Find your nearest nursery and check out the Mexican Lime tee. You can even take a taste test right in the nursery! Keep watching the video below to let one of our skilled nursery pros, Ryan Roberts, tell you a bit more about these awesome trees. You can find Ryan at our 7th street nursery and you can find our Mexican Lime trees at any location.

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"Hey Guys. Ryan Roberts with Moon Valley Nurseries. Today I’m going to show you our Mexican Lime also known as the Key Lime. These guys here are great for eating, juicing, you can even throw them in your favorite beer. They ripen in September. They are grown locally so they are going to love it in your yard. And remember to use our Moon Juice for this up coming fall to maximize fruit. For the best trees on Earth come straight to the Moon."

Topics: Tree Spotlight