Should You Xeriscape Your Yard?

Posted by Eric Chapman on 8/9/2019

What is Xeriscape Landscaping?

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping where little to no irrigation is required. In some cases, this even includes maintenance. In Phoenix, this would include trees and plants that are native to our climates or other similar climates.

A misconception we often hear when customers are considering a xeriscape design is that they will not have any color or flowering shrubs and trees, but this is not the case. There are many varieties of plants and trees at Moon Valley Nurseries that can bring your yard color, flowers, and a natural desert look.

Benefits of a Xeriscape Landscape

There are many benefits to designing a xeriscape yard or property. For our region, it incorporates the natural beauty around us into our own yards so well! Two huge reasons to consider xeriscaping your yard is its minimal upkeep and water usage.

Conserving Water

Xeriscaping your yard with the right plants and trees will drastically change how much water you use annually. A typical yard uses about 20,000 gallons of water a year, and xeriscaping can potentially cut that down to half the water usage.

Minimal Maintenance

Xeriscape plants and trees love the sun and do not need much water. All you have to do is watch for weeds once in a while to be sure they aren’t damaging the existing landscape. Minimal pruning may be needed throughout the year, depending on your preference for a manicured or natural look.

Xeriscape Plants

golden barrel At Moon Valley Nurseries, we recognize that offering waterwise plant material is good for our environment, and that has made xeriscaping a design that has been growing quickly in popularity. We make sure that every Moon Valley Nursery offers a whole pallet of xeriscape options so that every customer can find what fits their needs.

Golden Barrel Cactus – This slow-growing cactus brings a bright golden hue to your landscape and grows perfectly round. (pictured)


Desert Spoon – This drought-tolerant plant produces silver-grey foliage that can grow up to six feet high and wide and is perfect for an accent piece in the landscape. 

Gopher Plant – Sometimes also called ‘Silver Sponge’, this upright-growing small shrub adds a unique look to a xeriscape design.

Red Yucca – If you want to make sure your yard has color that pops from down the street, this is an excellent choice. They bring texture to your yard as well as vibrant red flowers shaped like spikes at the end of the foliage. (pictured)

Xeriscape Trees

Desert Willow


Named for its resemblance to willows, the Desert Willow is a perfect xeriscape tree. This drought-tolerant water-wise tree performs well in any landscape in our region. The hardy Desert Willow handles extreme temperature ranges and produces exotic-looking blooms from May until September.

This fast grower requires little maintenance and does best with just enough water to keep it green and blooming throughout the warm summer months. The foliage can also offer light shade to plant material under or near the canopy.

Museum Palo Verde

museum palo verde bloom specimen (1)

The Museum Palo Verde tree is a popular choice for customers looking to decrease their water usage. This low-maintenance tree is easy to grow with full sun and minimal water. The Museum Palo Verde’s layered shade makes the tree allow light in your yard while providing very cooling shade for your home.

Another awesome feature is that this tree produces colorful, vibrant yellow flowers that cover the entire tree during the summer until fall. As this hybrid Palo Verde grows, the canopy will offer more shade, so you can plant ground covers or grass around the trunk.

Chilean Mesquite

ChileanMesquite in container

This hybrid Chilean Mesquite brings the classic desert/xeriscape look with a few beneficial surprises. For starters, this is a thornless variety of mesquite! No need to worry about hurting your hands when around this tree. The Chilean Mesquite has a wide canopy of soft, bright green, fern-like foliage covering its dark twisting branches.

No two Chilean Mesquite trees are the same as the branches always have a different growth pattern. The branches on this mesquite create a fun display of shadows through the night with landscape lighting. Available with single or multiple trunks, our drought-tolerant hybrids can fill many landscape needs with the versatility of being able to grow in the open desert, transitional areas and fits perfectly with the needs of a xeriscape-designed yard.

Get Your Free Xeriscape Design Consultation at Moon Valley Nurseries

There are many ways to be smart and xeriscape your landscape. Come see a design specialist to get started! Click here to get started.

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Moon Valley Designers Help at Every Step

Posted by Colleen Johnson on 6/27/2019

Get The First-Hand Experience

fall planting trees backyard

Step into the shoes and experience what it’s like as a designer at Moon Valley Nurseries and how involved our designers are with your yard from start to finish. Colleen Johnson, a designer at our Surprise Nursery, shares one of her favorite projects below!

One of the many perks of being a Moon Valley Nurseries Landscape Designer is the incredible relationships established with our clients:  our customers become friends and ultimately become Moon Valley family. My job is never a chore, but a craft, in delivering beautiful sanctuaries for homeowners to retreat to from the clamor and hassles of everyday life. There is no greater responsibility and honor for me than when my customers entrust their property to my design concept. A task I willingly accept.

I am here today at my customers’ home on a balmy, sun-drenched spring morning in the northwest part of the Valley of the Sun to add one more tree that will complete the customers’ yard. Incorporating the design with layers of textures and colors, finding the perfect placement of trees and shrubs, complimenting the hard lines of travertine and pool water features, comes the Magnum Opus to finalize the homeowners’ project.

In the rising heat of the morning sun, my wonderful customer hands me a freshly squeezed ice-cold lemonade with lemons picked from the Lisbon Lemon tree Moon Valley planted one year earlier. They invited me to sit. We are waiting together as I “lounge” on the customers’ swing hanging from one of the sculptured beams of the pergola, with iron chains oxidized through monsoon seasons creaking ever so quietly with rusty repetition.

Custom Designs for Your Yard

design consultation in nursery

My original design with plants and trees planted late in the fall season covers the pergola’s upright posts with Moon Valley’s most aromatic Star Jasmine vines with tendrils weaved and laced around each one filling the air with a sweet jasmine aroma that even Chanel could not replicate. Near to the pergola we planted our 48” specimen Jacaranda tree, now in full bloom, with cascading violet flowers wafting in the breeze in concert with their soft fern-like leaves.

The Jacaranda’s wispy, delicate canopy has become a majestic showstopper of color and beauty contrasted against the harsh backdrop of the desert terrain. In the southwest corner of the yard, a stately Southern Magnolia tree adorned with leathery, dark green leaves was also planted and is providing much-needed shade to this particular section of the yard. To the joy of the homeowners, magnificent virgin white blossoms have bloomed, emitting a delicate lemony fragrance that can incite any discouraged soul from its malaise. From one bloom to another, scores of industrious bees, graceful butterflies and whizzing hummingbirds gather the sweet nectar of the gods.

Banished far from any close proximity to the pool in an area dedicated only to this plant is my favorite shrub – the much-maligned Bougainvillea. It is wild. It is messy. It is beautiful. For me as a designer, this plant, hands down, is the one plant that will provide the most singular pop of color and the most dramatic effect to any landscape design. The Bougainvillea bloom is truly beautiful despite its unfortunate, less than tidy reputation.

Off in the distance, in the southeast corner of the yard is Moon Valley’s planting crew. Voices carry over the breeze of English and Spanish, laughter and talking as these hardworking men dig the hole for the crown jewel of the yard. Sounds of shovels and picks striking the hard, impenetrable ground coincides with the chatter of men.

By far, our planting crews are the hardest working people in the company. Day in and day out, in extreme heat and cold, monsoons and haboobs, hail and scorching temperatures, they dig, and they dig, and they dig. They are the labor and the final caretakers and deserve not only a thank you, but also a firm handshake given in admiration and respect.

The Crane is Here and the Planting Begins

tree planting crane

The rise of commotion and flurry of digging faster and deeper is the result of the news that the crane has arrived. While the men finish digging the hole and amending the soil with our Soil and Water Conditioner, John, the foreman, and two other men hurry to the front to meet the crane operators to discuss the particulars in raising the tree and moving it over the house into the sweet spot in the backyard.

Everything down to the smallest detail is determined so that in symphonic harmony the tree is hoisted into the air and gingerly placed directly into the hole without mishap or error. No one is complacent even though Moon Valley planting crews plant large trees such as this every day of the week. No tree or crane job is ever the same.

John moves the truck into position while the crane operators place the counterweights to stabilize the crane. The two crewmen climb into the Moon Valley truck and ready the tree for lifting. Once the tree is firmly tied up, the crane operator slowly lifts the massive tree from its side and lifts it vertically to stand upright. The tree hovers about 3’-4’ off the bed of the truck. The men quickly work to cut the metal straps from the container and begin to break down the sides and the bottom of the box freeing the immense root ball from its confinement. The homeowners and neighbors gather around all the while taking videos with their smartphones.

Ever so deliberately, the tree is raised by the telescopic arm of the crane – the boom - and unhurriedly is transported over the house and finds its way into the backyard. With radios, the crane operator onsite gives instructions to the operator in the cab to move the tree exactly in place. The whole process is like a fine Swiss watch that is perfectly timed in logistics and coordination: a sight to behold of impressive workmanship and technology.

The tree finds its new home and is turned and placed to the homeowners’ satisfaction. The planting crew finishes the planting of compacting the earth, building a well and watering and feeding this most spectacular tree our Moon Juice.

What is the feature tree, the Magnum Opus, planted in the backyard? We planted our absolute evergreen, Moon Valley exclusive 60” specimen multi-trunk Indian Laurel, aka the Ficus Nitida. This beautiful waxy green leaf tree with a vibrant white trunk, in my humble estimation, is the Dom Perignon of Moon Valley trees.

The thick dense canopy provides a block of shade that not even the magnificent sun can penetrate. The Ficus Nitida grows ever so wide, ever so dense, ever so beautiful. It truly is the central masterpiece, a prized perfection of a tree in any landscape. But for these homeowners, the Ficus Nitida is the showpiece that completes their dream yard and home.

While the homeowners stand in awe at their new tree as it fits so perfectly with the rest of the plants Moon Valley has planted, I hurriedly drink the rest of my lemonade and jump into my car with the hopes of making future Moon Valley guests happy and satisfied customers.

Click here to learn more about our design process and how simple it is to get started!

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Our Design Consults are as Easy as 1-2-3

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/21/2019

How does a Moon Valley Nurseries design consultation work?

One of our most popular services is our landscape design consultations. No matter which location you choose to visit, from Cottonwood to Chandler, our nursery professionals are ready to sit down with you and give you a FREE consultation about your yard, your needs and wants, and how we can make that happen for you!

We make the process as simple as possible, so we can get your project finished and let you start enjoying your new yard sooner.

We made it as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Come in for your free consultation with a Moon Valley Nurseries Designer


Moon Valley Tip: We recommend scheduling a consultation here or calling our designers directly to ensure that your designer is available.

Be sure to bring in photos, plot plans, pool plans, videos, and anything else you think might be helpful for our designers to get the best idea of your property.

This will help our designers figure out which plants and trees are best suited for your yard. It also helps them decide the placement of your trees and plants based on things like sun exposure or amount of shade during the day.

Whether you are looking for a small remodel or a completely new yard, our expert designers can give you the perfect landscape.

2. Now it’s time to tag your trees!


After you and your designer have gone through photos of your property and discussed what you are looking for in your yard, it is time to walk the nursery!

Your designer will guide you throughout our gorgeous trees and plants, presenting several maturity grades for each, and explaining the differences in varieties.

Now here comes the fun part. Once you select the perfect trees and plants for your yard, you get to hand-pick them personally! Your designer will "tag" the trees of your choice by tying a colorful tape around them, displaying your last name.

3. Let Moon Valley Nurseries do the rest! 


The third and final step is scheduling a delivery and planting date for your new trees and plants!

Your designer will assist in selecting a date that will work with your schedule and provide some information for you to know at the time of install. They will also equip you with marker flags, for each tree and plant, to identify where they are to be planted. When you go home, you will place them in the designated areas chosen during the consultation, and your work is now complete.

Can't request time off work to be there for the planting? No problem! Once your planting date arrives, and at your request, our foreman will contact you to let you know they are on the way to plant your new trees.

Request a consultation or call a designer in your area today.

Click here to read about some of our favorite planting projects and see why we have the best planting crew in the country.

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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Backyard for Entertaining

Posted by Jessica Downs on 4/26/2019

Every homeowner knows the importance of a healthy backyard. You take care of it, and it takes care of you. If you do not take care of it, weeds will grow and take over your yard! But sometimes it’s not just about making sure the grass has been cut and the weeds have been sprayed.

Backyards are one of the best places to hang out when you are entertaining family and friends at your home, especially when the weather is exceptional, and you want to enjoy it all day and night!

Depending on what you like to do, you can add games around your yard, furniture to get cozy, hardscaping such as lighting and sidewalks, and updates to the landscape.

1.    Outdoor Games for Kids and Adults


There is an endless amount of games that you will enjoy playing this summer. Many of these suggestions work perfectly any other time of the year as well. There are also many games that both kids and adults will have a blast playing together.

For a new twist on the classic games, get an over-sized Jenga set, or an over-sized Checkers board, or an over-sized Connect 4. I hope you are catching a theme here. For some reason, playing with giant-sized pieces really changes the game and adds more of a suspenseful twist.

Another fun game that kids and adults can play that keeps them both at an equal playing level is Bean Bag (also known as Cornhole, Bags, or Sack Toss). Players must take turns throwing bags at a raised platform far enough away to be a challenge for everybody.

Make Bean Bag a little harder for the adults and have them take five steps back, so they have to throw the bag even further or let the kids take five steps forward!

What games do you like to play in your backyard?

2. Exterior Lighting – Watch your step!

backyard, lights, playhouse

Lighting is not the most exciting way to spruce up your backyard and turn it into the place to be! However, they are a vital part of any backyard design. Lights are usually added to areas of your home to increase safety and security.

Light Up the Yard

The right lighting can improve the entire yard all on its own. With more of your landscape lit up, there will be more room to safely walk, or run, around once the sun goes down.

We recommend lighting up all areas that are clearly walkways, such as the patio, side yards, and any walking steps. It would also be good to make sure any areas with big steps up or down are lit up so that nobody misses them!

Light Up the Landscape

This is often something that people overlook when setting up their yard. The beneficial reasons for landscape lighting are not as important as walkway lighting, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t bother with them!

Adding lights to your landscape can add dramatic and interesting lighting and shadows throughout your yard. Trees, such as multi-trunk varieties, add a nice shadow effect across the yard.

It is also a good idea to make sure you can see trees and shrubs, such as anything with thorns or cacti. Nobody needs to learn the hard way where your keep your cacti garden!

3. Outdoor Furniture

backyard, gazebo, pool, outdoor furniture

Another great way to make your yard a perfect place to hang out for your friends and family is to make sure it is comfortable! Nobody will want to hang outside too long if they are just standing out in the sun.

Adding just a few chairs to your yard can make it more comfortable but there are so many other options for you. Building or buying a fire pit will surely get people outside more! Fire pits encourage more socializing on cold nights making smores. Place chairs around the fire pit and you will be there for hours.

If you want to make it even comfier, add some patio couches or tie up a hammock between two large trees. This will be inviting for anybody who wants to relax, read a book, or take a nap in the sun!

One of the coolest trends we have seen over the years is the DIY backyard movie theater. All you need to do is hang up a sheet, project your phone, sit back and relax! For more details on how to make the screen, click here.

4. Backyard Kitchen or Grill


Have you noticed that no matter what is going on in the house, and no matter how big the house is, almost everybody is hanging out in the kitchen? Knowing that, it makes sense that if the kitchen were outside, everybody would be outside too! #Followthefood, right?

For an awesome backyard dining experience, a patio dining table and chairs are super important. An umbrella is also nice for daytime events! It can be as simple as some foldable tables and chairs or an entire dining set.

When it comes to figuring out what type of outdoor setup is right for you, think about how you want to spend time outside. Some people like to cook alone or set the grill and walk away for a while to jump in the pool.

If this sounds like you, a nice grill and table will work just fine.

Some people love to cook outside the same way they cook inside. That will take more than just a grill. For a full outdoor kitchen experience, you should have a nice counter-top, maybe a mini fridge, and perhaps even an entire Gazebo so you can cook and entertain without ending up with an odd-looking tan.

This type of kitchen is for the true cooking fanatics that love to entertain and feed their family and friends all year.

5. Change up Your Existing Landscape and Hardscape


Finally, one of the best ways to create the perfect backyard for entertaining is to design it specifically for that! The beauty of updating or completely redesigning your yard is that you can design it in a way that is customizable to you and your lifestyle!

Hotels and parks offer the best inspiration for making an outdoor space so enjoyable that you want to stop and hang out there. Some of the main things we see that look great in backyards are walkways, fountains, mature trees, and specific and small garden areas, to name a few of them.

Walkways can lead guests around the yard and toward communal spaces. Fountains create a more formal look and attract birds throughout the year for a little bath, or general cool-down.

Specific garden areas are also a fun design to add to your yard to create more interest. Some popular gardens we see, and design, are desert gardens, herb gardens, rose gardens, and succulent gardens but the possibilities are endless.

Large trees filled with strong branches are always great in a backyard. Those branches can handle multiple swings (traditional AND tire varieties), forts, or a full-on tree house in the canopy!

Keep Brainstorming…

There are plenty of other ways to create a yard that is perfect for you, but these are some great ideas to consider and get you started!

Moon Valley Nurseries can help you get started with designing your landscape the way you want to live in it! Find out more here.

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Jump into the New Year with a New Yard

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/4/2019


Starting a new year is amazing and comes with all the possibilities of what it can bring for you, your family, your friends, and even your yard. We love to start out the new year ready to help you reach your landscaping goals for this year. You might want to completely re-design your yard to entertain more, to let kids and pets run around, or to have a quiet relaxing space for yourself. Whatever your reasons may be, we are here for you!

We recommend starting any landscaping projects now so that you will be done and ready by the time the weather gets warmer. Now is also a great time for your landscape design project because we are currently offering 50% OFF ALL SPECIMEN TREES, while supplies last. Not only will you save more on trees, you will get fully matured trees from the moment they are planted. That means there is another perk to your landscape makeover – a high home value increase thanks to your new manicured yard!


When you are considering starting a new design, or re-designing, project, it’s good to have an idea of the type of theme you want to achieve for your yard. Figuring out this one aspect could help the rest of the planning come together really fast!

Based on whether you want a Tropical, Classical, or a Mediterranean style to your yard tells us which plants, trees, flowers, and general design layout you might be interested in and lets us narrow down your options for you!  

Tropical Styletropical 1-1

This type of design is easily recognizable based off its signature look. That look includes adding tropical plants and trees with bright green leaves and strong accents of colors throughout the landscape. For a tropical vibe, we recommend different varieties of palms, Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise, and more.

This style is meant to mimic the tropical paradises of the Hawaiian Islands, Belize, or Fiji. It will instantly take you to a relaxing oasis. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy, listen to the wind go through the palm leaves, and transport yourself to your own personal oasis. Add this landscape theme around your pool and it will feel like your private little island.

Mediterranean Stylemed 1-1

Some people might not find the tropical setting as relaxing as others and that’s okay. There are plenty of ways to design a yard! Another popular design we are often asked about during the design process is the Mediterranean style. This theme is often wanted for the low-key sophistication that it brings to the environment. For this style, we always suggest planting hedge materials, Italian Cypress, Bougainvillea, Mediterranean Fan Palms, and Olive trees.

This style has become popular with the fans of old European landscape, specifically in the Italian, French, and Spanish country and coastal towns. These yards were designed on the goal to spend more time outside, whether enjoying the yard and gardening or spending time with family and friends outside.

Classic Style


This style is the more traditional option that has become more and more popular through the years. As a home owner, sometimes you must think about the long-term effect of how it will help or hinder your chances of selling your home later depending on the landscape style you choose. This is a style that seems to be enjoyed by most people.

The design is so simple and yet each yard with a classic theme can still look so unique. The classic style is impressive because of how balanced the yards are with trees and plants spread out evenly through the yard in a pattern-like setting. We love to plant different varieties of hedges in a classic yard to give a formal linear look and different color roses for pops of color.

Moon Valley Design Process


With expert designers at every store, we are ready to help all our customers with any questions they have about landscape designing and everything that comes with it. Moon Valley Nurseries is the only place around that offers a full design service from planning your design layout to planting your trees and plants into your yard.

Consultations allow us to see what exactly our clients want for their new yard. We want to get to know you and understand how you use your yard or how you want to start using it this year, how long you plan on staying at your home, and so on. Depending on all these factors and more, we can start to suggest and design a yard that will fit your exact needs.

At-Home Consultation

We are proud to be able to offer an at-home consultation for our clients. The design experience is personal and different when we can come to your home and see the actual land that you want to update with our own eyes. One of our professional designers will come to your home and walk your property with you.

They will consider factors like how the sun hits your home throughout the day, which way your home faces, slopes or uneven ground, and will be able to make the best suggestions for your yard based on those factors. They will also be able to show you the best places in your yard to plant the trees and plants that you are interested in adding to your landscape.

In-Store Consultation

No matter which Moon Valley Nurseries you decide to visit, you will find an expert designer happy to help you with all your design questions. For in-store consultations, we recommend bringing in photos of your yard for us to see. We can even check out your property though programs like Google Earth, which helps us get a general idea of the size of your yard.

Once we discuss the type of yard you are looking to create, you and your designer can walk around the nursery and start tagging the trees and plants to be included into your yard. Once you have chosen what you want, we will set up a delivery time and get you one step closer to your new yard!

Tree Care Warranty

When you buy trees from us, you have the option to get an extended warranty with your purchases! This warranty lasts for a whole year starting from the day your tree is planted and comes with proper staking of your tree, as needed. The warranty covers issues such as frost, wind, heat stress, and other weather-related damage. If the damage is too bad to fix, we will even replace your tree with a new tree of similar size.

For more information on our tree warranty, click here or ask our designers.

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Top 10 Most-Asked Questions about Hedges

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/28/2018


Why would I want hedges for my yard?

The most obvious reason you want to have hedges added to your landscape is how awesome they can transform your home and give your yard a formal classic style.  This is a guaranteed way to increase your home value as well, with the instant curb appeal that hedges like the Italian Cypress offer.

There are many practical reasons to plant hedges too. There are varieties that grow tall, which adds privacy between your home and busy streets or neighbors that might be just a few feet away. Some varieties are great to plant for added security due to how dense the hedges grow and intertwine to each other. The density that hedges offer work great as wind and sound barriers as well.

How can I get an instant privacy hedge?

The best way to get an instant privacy hedge is to buy hedges that are a few years old already. While you can buy younger plants, you will have a waiting period as they grow. Some hedges grow much faster than others (and we will talk more about that below), however it will never be as fast as planting our specimen-sized hedges. Our specimen-sized hedges will give you the privacy and beauty you want and need from the first day they are planted.

When can hedges be trimmed?ITALIAN CYPRESS-1

For the most part, hedges can be trimmed at any time depending on how you use them in your landscape. Many hedge shrubs look great when grown naturally and left alone but many owners like to keep their hedges trimmed with a classic clean look. If you want a formal look, regular trimming will keep hedges neat and will train them to grow the way you want for your yard.

**If your hedge is a flowering shrub, we recommend pruning once their flowering season is ending or ended.

Can hedges grow in containers?

Yup! Hedges can be grown in containers. Not all varieties would do well in a container due to lack of space for the root system, but many do just fine. When you plant hedges in a container, you can plant them any time of the year if they are getting partial sun throughout the day. The only downfall is that the container will limit the growth potential of the hedge.

Can hedges grow in shade?

Overall, most hedge materials thrive in full sun exposure. They can tolerate shady spots, but they prefer to bathe in the sun. For shadier spots in your yard, hedges such as Carolina Cherry and Indian Laurel Columns are good choices if they can get some sun during the day.

Which hedges grow fast?

ficus columns-1

With so many options to choose from for your hedge, there are many that grow quickly, especially when properly cared for and given top nutrients and fertilizers. Our Indian Laurel Columns are our most popular shrub to use as a hedge and can grow almost 2 feet a year.

Our customers usually ask about the fastest-growing shrubs we have because they want to benefit from their new hedge as soon as possible so it makes sense to want the varieties that grow fastest, right? Yes and no.

It is good to buy fast-growing shrubs if you like to play around with the size and shape or yard work is relaxing to you but if you want a fast grower because you want a privacy wall and don’t want to wait, then it might be best to consider our specimen-sized shrubs. Regardless of how slow they grow; the older plants will already be the size you want for your yard.

Why are my hedges dying?

The most common reason for plants in our landscapes to start dying is probably improper or too little care. It can be hard to keep up with the needs of your plants, especially when seasonal changes completely alter those needs every few months!

If you have an unhealthy-looking shrub, check out the trunk, branches, and leaves for any potential insect damage or disease. If everything looks good, it might be time to test the soil pH and see which nutrients your shrub might be missing. Lightly prune dead or weak branches to allow the sun to reach the bottom of your hedges better. Mulch can also help retain moisture to the roots during those hot months.

Choosing a disease-resistant shrub, such as a Japanese Privet, helps minimize the chances of having health issues in the future.

Which hedges produce colorful flowers?

Most people will picture the straight and formal look of a pure green hedge first but some of the best hedges are the informal kind that grow out naturally in their environment and produce flowers throughout the year. Flowering hedges are excellent options if you are looking to create a hedge with some flair.

One of our favorite flowering shrubs we use for hedge material is the Lemon Bottlebrush. It can be grown as a small tree and trained as a hedge. This shrub stays green all year but grows amazing red flowers that will surely catch your neighbor’s attention.

Why should I choose a hedge instead of a fence?

japanese privet

Hedges are a much better option than a boring fence and for multiple reasons! A hedge will bring life and texture to your yard, an increase in property value, and peace to the whole world. Ok ok ok… you might not create world peace just by planting a hedge in your yard. But you will feel at peace once you’re in your private oasis surrounded by a living evergreen wall. Plus, you will be contributing to cleaning up the air around you and no fence can do that.

Hedges do everything a fence can do better. They create a private space for you, help keep noise and weather interruptions to a minimum, and can last for years and years. Fences can be unsightly and do not usually increase property value the way any landscape additions would. They also start to wear and will eventually need to be replaced. You might be paying for multiple fences or you could invest in hedges, which are more cost-effective from the beginning.

Where Do I Start?

The first step to creating the perfect hedge for your yard is to come in to Moon Valley Nurseries and check out all our hedge material options for yourself. Our nursery professionals are around to answer any questions and walk with you to show you the best options based on your needs. Once you have an idea of some varieties that you like, our designers can help you find the right variety for your yard. With some photos of your yard, or a visit to your home, they will have everything they need to complete your design. Click here for more information on landscape consultations.

Don’t forget about our Tree Care services in Arizona! We have a team dedicated to all your arbor needs such as removal, trimming, fertilizing, stump grinding, and anything else a tree might need.

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3 Things to Do for Your Yard in 2019

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/21/2018

A new year brings so many new ideas, new plans, new goals, new everything! With the end of the year just around the corner, I’m sure most of us are starting to come up with those new year’s resolutions for the next year already. I bet some of the Type A personalities might even have their new goals already planned out on paper and are ready to get started.  

Some people might be planning out their new workout that they swear they are starting on the first Monday of the year, learning to cook healthier, or prepping their tools to practice their D.I.Y. skills around the house. However, there are many things that people just cannot take on themselves, no matter how many YouTube videos they swear they have watched.  

1. RIGHT NOW - 50% - 70% Off Specimen Trees - WHILE THEY LAST!specimen AZ CA

Right now, while they last, we are offering huge deals on some of our biggest trees. Come in and see which Specimen trees are perfect for your yard. Our Specimen trees range from 6 – 40 years old and have all been grown in our tree farms in Arizona and California. We have taken the best care of these trees from the day they were seeded, and they are ready for their forever home! Because we are the direct growers, we can pass savings on to you; 50% to 70% off to be exact!

Because of our amazing weather, the winter does not slow us down when it comes to our yards. This is still a great time to plant new trees in your yard. Specimen trees are perfect for planting right now because of their strong root ball system. They are also great to plant in landscapes and will make the yard look more mature overnight!   

2. Contact A Moon Valley Designer TodayDesign-2

Landscape design and landscaping installation is one of the hardest projects to try to take on by yourself because there are so many things to consider such as:

  • choosing the right plants and trees for your home,
  • which areas get the best sun,
  • how to fix bad soil,
  • how to set up a watering system,
  • which watering system is the right system,
  • ... And so many more!

Moon Valley Nurseries is the only nursery around that can handle every aspect of the design process for our clients from start to finish. We have designers at every location with the knowledge and experience to take your dream yard and turn it into a special outdoor retreat, whatever your needs might be!

Not only do we offer design services from planning to planting, we also have our own crew of professional planters and nursery pros to carry out each part of the design process. For your convenience, we can work directly with any other parties involved, such as contractors or H.O.A.’s, so you have less to worry about and less to do.

3. Moon Valley Free PlantingFree Planting-3

One of our most popular services we offer every client that comes in is our Moon Valley Free Planting (#Freeplanting). This service is completed by Moon Valley planting pros, which means they know exactly what your design plan is and should be. They also have instant access to any, and all, designers and managers involved so that the final steps are done right.

When you take advantage of our free planting, we are not just digging a hole, throwing a tree in, and calling it a day. Our planting crew makes sure that every plant install is carefully measured, that the soil is healthy, that the plants are installed with proper soils and nutrients, and the yard is put back together better than before!


With 2018 almost at an end, we like to look back on all the designs we made and landscapes we transformed all over Arizona. We are truly grateful for our amazing clients that we have met this year and every year before. It is amazing to be able to drive around the Phoenix area and see yards we designed 20 years ago still looking beautiful!

What are your landscape goals for the new year? Let us know below. We love hearing about new design ideas or fun projects you completed in 2018. We also love seeing them, so make sure when you are posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram that you tag us too!

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The Many Possibilities of Landscape Styles

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/16/2018

Which Landscape is Best for You?

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Starting a landscape design is both very exciting and very scary at the same time. With a potential 28% increase in property value, it is one of the best home projects to jump on! Getting started might be the hardest part with so many things to decide such as which plants you might want, if you want a lawn, if you want to entertain, what style you want, and soooo many more!

When you’re planning on designing a new yard or redesigning an existing yard, there are many factors to consider and it can get overwhelming fast. Influential considerations can be anything from pet ownership, kids playing in the yard, wanting to entertain outside, creating a relaxing place for you to escape to, and how much time you must give to your yard. You want to know that your new yard is going to not only fit your existing lifestyle but the one you might have 5...10...even 15 years down the road.


Moon Valley Nurseries knows how time-consuming and stressful the design process can be when you tackle it on your own. We have always tried to help every step of the way from the moment you walk into our nursery to the moment we drive away from your freshly planted new yard! You can find our expert designers available at every nursery location for in-store and at-home consultations. From planning to free planting, we make sure we have everything covered for you!


tropical 1-1

The Tropical landscape style is one of the most popular designs for yard renovations. This design is known for full, tropical plants that can take you away to another world – the more plants you have, the closer to paradise you are! You can fill your yard with palms like Mexican Fan, Piru Queen, and Pineapple Palm to add breezy sounds into your yard that will make you think the beach is only blocks away. For some contrast to palms, the Indian Laurel (ficus nitida) tree not only does the job, but it makes for an impressive focal point for your yard as well. If are you also designing around, or near, a pool, it will only add to the tropical feel you create. While you might think a luscious green tropical yard would be a lot of work, think again. Palms are very strong and low-maintenance trees.


med 1-1

While a Mediterranean styled landscape has similarities to a Classic style, such as neat rows and symmetry, that’s where the likeness ends. The biggest difference is that the Mediterranean style creates a vision of an old European countryside in the-middle-of-nowhere Greece or Italy. This style is great for a look that is simultaneously casual and sophisticated. To create some focal points in your yard, we recommend Mediterranean Fan Palm and Fruitless Olive trees. The latter also make amazing shade trees when spread throughout your yard or around borders. Roses and Oleander will add a bit of color and help break up the texture. The Oleander can even be used as a living wall to break up areas of the yard.



The traditional look of the Classic style is the most common type of design used nowadays. As mentioned above, it shares some similar features to a Mediterranean yard such as creating mirrored symmetry and having tons of green foliage spread out throughout the yard. However, a yard with a classic style will have a more formal look than the others mentioned here. Trees we recommend to create a lush, green look are the Majestic Ash, Tipu, and Brazilian Pepper . These trees can also be planted so that they are focal points for the yard itself. This type of look is usually filled with plants to emphasize the greenery, but a splash of color never hurts! Tecoma shrubs will add a bit of color and be used as a small shrub or large hedge, depending on the variety.


modern or med-1

This style of landscape design has a history that goes back to the 1960’s, when the focus was more on linear design, clean cuts, and an overall organized aesthetic in the design. The modern design is at its best when it can be aesthetically pleasing AND functional at the same time and our Indian Laurel Columns (ficus nitida) check both of those boxes with their ability to grow into a large living privacy wall that can create walls in your yard or borders for your property. For some symmetrical ground covering and splashes of color, we also recommend planting ornamental grasses, such as Regal Mist or Purple Haze.

Our Tree Care team is always ready to help you out with any questions or concerns regarding tree removal, trimming, fertilizing, and more!

Moon Valley Nurseries is your one stop shop for all your landscape needs. Our experts have decades worth of experience and they will be able to assist you with any projects or questions you may have. Remember to change your watering schedule as we enter the winter and be sure to come by your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries locations and check out these trees! It’s not too late for #FreeFallPlanting

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