3 Designs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Yard

Posted by Jessica Downs on 8/23/2019

Transform your Landscape

blog_main_pic_landscaping_around_poolsWith all the varieties of trees and plants available from Moon Valley Nurseries and our knowledgeable landscape design experts, there are infinite ways to put together an entire yard design just for your home.

Our favorite designs are the ones that completely transform our customer's yards overnight. Keep reading to find out how you could renew your yard with only a few trees. No matter what type of design style you are looking for, our design experts can create your perfect yard.

Add a Tropical Background Around Your Pool

Benefits of Planting Palms by the Pool

If you have a pool in your yard, then you are already halfway to having the ultimate tropical landscape. Good job! To finish off the look and bring the tropical island vibes to your home, you want to add some palms around your pool or yard.

Our nursery professionals recommend two ways to add palms to your yard and pool. The first way we might design around your pool is to plant palms close together to create a dense backdrop focused on your pool.

Another favorite design concept is planting palms more spread out throughout the yard to cover the landscape with palms and bring the resort-feel throughout your property.

Three of our ideal palms to add to this type of design are our Piru Queen, Date, and Mediterranean Fan palm varieties.

Palm Variety Suggestions for Arizona

date palms-1Date Palm

Date palms are the ultimate pool palm! You can find Date palms at most resorts and shopping centers. Around pools, Date palms provide excellent shade due to their full fronds and they have practically no litter, keeping your pool cleaner!

The Date palm looks excellent when planted in clusters of 3 to 5 and is hardy to cold and heat, and drought-tolerant.


med fanMediterranean Fan Palm

The Mediterranean Fan palm is a great palm that grows in multiple trunks and is considered slow-growing compared to other palm varieties.

These work great in areas where you do not need a ton of height and need something that will not outgrow its planting location. These palms are incredibly tolerant of numerous elements.

Piru Queen Palm

The Piru Queen palm is an exclusive tree from Moon Valley Nurseries. We specially designed our Piru Queen palms for our desert climate. They are custom grown at our farms to be extra hardy in heat and cold.

These palms have distinctive appearances compared to other palms that you will see, and their thicker trunks and fuller crowns make these stand out when compared to the rest. These palms are excellent when planted in groups to add shade and are fantastic in tight planting locations.

Create a Privacy Hedge Around Your Home

Benefits of Planting Hedges to Maximize Privacy

If you feel like you do not have the privacy you want in your home, hedges are one of the best design options that will solve your problem. They even add more benefits to your property as a greener yard, higher property value, and increased curb appeal.

Privacy is one of the most important things to us, and that we get to come home to a place that feels safe and away from the world. Not only does that apply to your home, but also your yard. Some of our favorite plant materials to use for privacy are our Carolina Cherry, Italian Cypress, and Indian Laurel Columns.

Hedge Material Suggestions for Arizona

ficus coulmns-1Indian Laurel Columns

Indian Laurel Columns are our most popular choice for use as a formal landscape hedge. These massive evergreens provide ample shade and perform great when planted along property lines for blocking the sun, noise, wind, and unwanted views.

The Indian Laurel Columns have lush, dense foliage and strong softwood branches. They can be pruned into almost any shape and handle the warmer summer months very well.

CAROLINA CHERRY-5Carolina Cherry

Native to the Southeastern United States, the Carolina Cherry has become a popular choice for its minimal maintenance, natural upright conical shape, and ability to tolerate heat, drought, and wind.

The Carolina Cherry is a small to medium-sized evergreen with dark green, lustrous wavy-edged foliage on brown thornless stems. The foliage can handle regular trimming and be sheared into a tall screen or sound barrier which make them a near-perfect option for many homes.

Italian_Cypress_logo_1-1Italian Cypress

Used for formal entrances, borders, and backdrops, the Italian Cypress is unmistakable with its lush green foliage and tall narrow upright form. Italian Cypress thrive in sunny climates with minimal water, making them a popular choice for just about any landscape.

This hedge material brings immediate formal appeal to your home with a bit of aesthetic from the European countryside.

Start Your Personal Orchard in Your Yard

Benefits of Growing Your own Fruit

The benefits of growing your own fruit include being able to produce fruit that tastes better, knowing that your fruit is pesticide-free, and having multiple varieties of citrus and fruit right in your yard!

Besides the harvest that they bring you annually (sometimes more often!), our citrus and fruit trees grow large enough to create shade in your yard and cool down your yard to grow shrubs and groundcover near your fruit trees. Three varieties that love the Arizona region are lemons, oranges, and apple trees.

Fruit Tree Suggestions for Arizona

650x650-LemonLemon Tree

Meyer lemons are a favorite due to their many culinary uses and their thin peel that makes squeezing the freshest lemon juice a breeze!

A pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade is coming right up to make the summer even better.


orange-3Orange Tree

You don’t have to live in the Valley too long before you realize how popular Orange trees are around here. From the East Valley to the West, orange groves can be found all over the Phoenix area, from Mesa to Glendale.

Our Naval variety is considered an early fruit producer and typically ready for harvest in late fall through winter.

apple-2Apple Tree

Low-chill apple varieties that grow best in our area include Anna, Fuji, and Dorsett (Golden). When it’s hot and bright outside, these trees can also provide shade coverage.

These are excellent landscape trees that can add beautiful color to any yard.


Start Designing with the Moon Valley Nurseries Team

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Visit us at the location nearest to you and let us help you get your project started!

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Click here to learn more about growing and harvesting fruit trees in the Arizona desert.

Click here to learn more about the official tree of Arizona, the Palo Verde. Our Nursery Expert shows you why the Palo Verde is perfect for our desert region.

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Growing and Harvesting Fruit Trees in the Desert

Posted by Sal Bracale on 8/16/2019

Growing Stone Fruit Trees

Stone Fruit - Peach

A really common question we get with customers is how to grow fruit trees in our desert region. When we say fruit trees, we mean stone fruits such as peaches, plums, nectarines, and more. Our customers are always shocked when they learn how many fruit trees grow well in the arid desert climates.

We carry a large amount of fruit trees that only need low chill hours in the winter to produce a plentiful harvest. Typically, the chill hours are how much time the tree needs in cold temperatures so trees with low chill hours do best in Arizona. On average, Arizona gets less than 300 chill hours, so we only carry fruit tree varieties in that range. It is best to plant trees with the lowest chill hours in case of warm winters.

Harvesting and Protecting Stone Fruit Trees

Plum TreeAnother question that comes up often is, “how do you even harvest fruit trees?”. We recommend two ways of harvesting the fruit from your trees. These are also helpful ways to protect your harvest from the birds in our region. There are not many fruit trees in the Southwest, and the birds are not as heavily attracted to citrus trees, so they tend to target other fruit trees instead.

The first recommendation is pulling the fruit off your trees as soon as you think it is close to being ripe. You can let them finish ripening in your home, whether you place them in the refrigerator or leave them on the counter in a brown paper bag (old-school tricks). You might notice that grocery stores do this often.

A second option for protecting your fruit from being eaten by birds is to cover the canopy of your trees with bird netting. The netting will keep the birds from invading the trees and ruining the fruit before you can harvest it all. This will save a lot more of your fruit than without the protection from the net.

Fertilizing Stone Fruit Trees

To keep your fruit trees in optimal health to grow to their full potential in our climate, you need to do two things.

  1. Buy your trees from Moon Valley Nurseries

All fruit trees at Moon Valley Nurseries are custom-grown for the Arizona weather and required low chill hours for our area. When you purchase any of our fruit trees, you are getting the most durable, acclimated, and healthy tree from day one.

  1. Fertilize your trees with custom-blended productsmoon juice

Super Charged Moon Juice  helps stimulate growth which allows the tree to increase its moisture and fertilizer intake. It also supplies the tree with a boost of the three most important nutrients for trees - Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Moon Valley Nurseries custom-made, organic Moon Dust is an all-purpose tree and plant fertilizer. It carries the perfect ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium for more abundant and tastier crops.

Stone Fruit Tree Trunk Wrapping

For younger fruit trees, it is vital to cover the tree trunk from getting sun damage. Once the tree grows larger and the canopy provides shade to the trunk, you no longer need to worry about sunburn. Until then, the most popular options to protect your tree trunk is to paint it with a product made specifically for plant material or to use a tree wrapping material. One of our favorite options is the white tree wrap that stretches and grows with the tree.


Watering your Stone Fruit Trees

Last, but definitely not least, watering your tree is going to be the most vital component of taking care of your tree and producing the best fruit! Especially during the hotter months, you want to check your tree for signs of underwatering and supplement accordingly. Deep watering is also going to help fruit trees grow sweeter, juicier fruit.

Talk to a Nursery Professional Today!

If you have more questions about stone fruit trees, visit us at the location nearest to you and our nursery pros will provide you with all the information you need.

Ready to get started on designing your yard and growing your own food? Schedule a consultation today.

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Plum Trees in the Southwest

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Are you looking for a super juicy, delicious fruit? Well look no further, our Plum trees are one of the greatest stone fruit that can produce out here in Arizona. It’s super low water; high-yield fruit. You get a ton of fruit on them and they produce throughout the summer time.



 Moon Valley Nursery has exclusive stone fruit that requires low chill hours so you’re going to get a ton of fruit on these guys out here in the Southwest United States that’s what they’re grown for that what we grow them for being Moon Valley Nurseries you cut out the middle man with our plum trees. They’re going to grow the juiciest fruit you’re ever going to have. They’re going to be one of the easiest trees you’re ever to have to take care of. They love full sun. They thrive in those kinds of situations, but they can absolutely take full sun low water and just enjoy your fruit guys the Santarosa Plum is a plum that they provide out here and it’s great for all of the Southwest United States. It’s the one that we grow specifically her in Arizona.

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Growing Arizona Sweet and Navel Oranges

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you going to plant these in your yard? Not my best knock knock joke but orange trees are some of our favorite trees to plant in your yard. Our varieties are semi-dwarf so you can fit these in any yard. Learn more about oranges from our expert Nursery Pro.

We’re going to talk about Orange Trees in specific whether it’s a Navel Orange or an Arizona Sweet. You come to Moon Valley Nursery to get your citrus. Why? Because Moon Valley Nursery has an exclusive rootstock - the Carrizo rootstock. It’s certified to give you a bigger, juicier fruit than any other root stock. It’s a root stock that is specifically meant for the Southwest United States and no where else. You’re absolutely going to love it. It thrives out here. Everyone knows citrus whether its and easy peeling Navel or sliced to make some orange juice, sweet orange. Moon Valley Nursery has everyone beat in the citrus because of our exclusive process in how we grow it the root stock how we maintain them your going to absolutely love it. Come here, please come and try our citrus. You can take it right off the tree and try it before you get it. You’re going to love it.

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Nectarine Tree Spotlight

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Nectarines grow here? Yes they do! We love to see the look on our customers face when they realize they can walk out into their yard and pick the best nectarines straight off of their tree. This small deciduous tree will offer show-stopping bright pink blooms every spring. These trees have been grown locally and are a low-chill cultivar. This means that you will get fruit every year regardless of how cold the winter might be that year. Be sure to learn more from our Nursery Professional below as he talks about the delicious nectarine!



Nectarines guys, It’s one of the best stone fruit you could possibly own whether its blooming, its beautiful flower in the Spring time or producing the amazing fruit that it does I mean those fruit are sweet, they’re known for how juicy of a fruit they are and the fact that they’re a huge antioxidant producer. We carry multiple varieties whether it’s the Double Delight or the Desert Delight they absolutely thrive here in Arizona. It’s a really good fruit that requires low chill hours so it will produce here in Arizona and it will produce a ton for you. If you like Nectarines the best place to come to them is straight to the moon. You’re absolutely going to love that tree. They have a beautiful white pinkish flower in the Springtime and then produce a ton fruit you’re really going to like these Nectarines come see them. 

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Citrus – the Fourth ‘C’ of Arizona

Posted by Eric Chapman on 7/19/2019

Any Phoenix native knows that the five C's of Arizona are copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate. The states most popular citrus included lemons, limes, and oranges and they thrived due to our city’s irrigation efforts in the late 1800s.

Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we specialize in the growing of all the best citrus. You name it, we have it! Limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and many more varieties can be found in our nurseries. Try them out when you visit us!

Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing all our own citrus for decades and have developed custom rootstock that is guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and plentiful harvest. Moon Valley Nurseries takes no short cuts! We only grow trees from our most premium specimens, so you are always guaranteed to get the best-tasting fruit.

Orange Trees


Oranges, we love them. These juicy, nutritious fruits can encourage a general feeling of joy, well-being, and happiness. You can have these benefits all year long growing an orange tree in the comfort of our yard. Growing your own oranges enables you to always be ready to eat a healthy, sweet orange or navel orange when you get a craving.

Lemon Trees


Lemon trees have many culinary and household uses that can make everyday life that much easier. Lemons can be used for juicing, cooking, flavoring meats and seafood as well as used to make family-friendly natural pesticides and herbicides. All our varieties are easy to grow and are drought-tolerant, so they can be planted almost anywhere. Some popular varieties that we carry include Lisbon lemons and Meyer lemons.

Lime Trees


Drinks, desserts, seasoning, garnish, green-friendly cleaners are a just a few reasons why limes are so popular. This easy-to-grow tree starts to grow limes by mid-spring, leaving you with an abundant amount of fruit through the season. Our lime varieties also have the potential to be ever-bearing, giving you more citrus throughout the year. Check out some of our popular lime varieties, Mexican and Bearrs.

Citrus Care

Moon Dust

At our farms and nurseries, we thoroughly fertilize our citrus and so should you! We use our custom-made fertilizer, Moon Dust, which you can purchase at any nursery or online now! Apply once a month starting in March through October. Our fertilizer instills vigorous root growth and healthy development while growing a beautiful canopy and a delicious harvest of fruit.

Moon Dust is the best fertilizer for any citrus and will provide you and your family with plentiful fruit for years to come. Moon Valley Nurseries is the largest citrus grower in Arizona and will keep making families happy and healthy!

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Low Chill Fruit Trees Perfect for Arizona

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/14/2019

Way before Moon Valley Nurseries opened in 1995, our owner and his grandfather developed custom root stock guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and plentiful harvest every year.

The rootstock is extremely important when talking about fruit trees as this is what your trees are grafted on. Many growers take shortcuts when it comes to this process, so they can grow their trees faster and get them to the nursery quicker.

We don't do shortcuts here at Moon Valley Nurseries, so you can only find excellent tasting fruit trees guaranteed to produce at the Moon.

Low Chill Fruit Trees

It is important to know which varieties will do best in the environment of which it will be planted. It is essential to know what type of chill hours you experience in your region. Since we live in a warmer climate, we experience lower chill hours than other parts of the country.

The varieties listed below are all considered low-chill fruit trees, which makes them some of the best fruit varieties to plant now!

Visit Moon Valley Nurseries and try some apples, peaches, plums and more. You will taste the Moon Valley difference.

Anna Apples

anna apple on tree copy

The Anna apple is perfectly suited for nearly all warmer regions world-wide. This variety was first developed through selective breeding to thrive and produce in the warm climates of Israel.

The tree is self-fertile with blooms producing in early spring and the fruit ripening in late spring to early summer. You might even get a smaller crop during the fall some years. The fruit is crisp yet sweet, features all the health benefits common to all varieties of apple, and is even better when grown in your own yard.



Dorsett Apples


The Dorsett apple is another fantastic apple to grow in all warmer regions around the world. The Dorsett variety features a flavor like the golden delicious variety, yet with a juicier, crisper texture. The Dorsett apple has similar blooms and ripening schedules as the Ana apple.

If eaten before fully ripe, this apple will taste like a Granny Smith apple. The Dorsett is known for reliable production every year, so you will not be lacking on your vitamins. Quick tip: Leave the skin on for more fiber.


Desert Gold Peaches

Stone Fruit - PeachThe Desert Gold peach is a very low-chill variety and is one of the absolute best peaches that can be grown in the warmest regions like ours. This medium size, fast-growing tree is ready to produce immediately.

Each year after planting, this tree will provide more and more fruit! The medium-size peaches are famous for their classic peach flavor and reliable production. Keep an eye out for blooms in late winter with fruit ripening quickly by late spring to early summer.



Santa Rosa Plums


The Santa Rosa plum is the best, easiest to grow, and most reliable producer that can be grown in both warm and hot regions of the U.S, which makes it right at home in our region.

The medium-sized tree features a coat of brilliant white blossoms in early spring with fruit ready for harvest by late spring to early summer. The crimson colored fruit is always juicy and flavorful and are a great source for vitamins A, C, and fiber.



Stop by and sample some Moon Valley fruit today!

Be sure to ask about these varieties and the many more we carry that are perfect for Arizona.

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Popular Ways to Use Your Stone Fruit

Posted by Jessica Downs on 3/8/2019

Benefits of Growing a Personal Fruit Garden

Backyard farming and gardening have become a popular hobby over the last decade. There are many reasons that could factor into the huge upward trend of growing our own food these days such as convenience and safety. With the constant concern about what is being used to grow our fruit at a commercial level, people have slowly been turning into their own grower.

Some popular reasons homeowners are planting their own fruit trees are because:

  • Homegrown fruits are higher in nutrients,
  • You can choose to use little to no pesticides,
  • Growing your own food saves on grocery bills,
  • Gardening gets you outside more and increases your physical activity.

While those reasons are all great on their own, there are still even more benefits to your private orchard. On an environmental level, fruit trees provide shade and privacy to your yard, most waste can be used for composting, and each tree provides enough oxygen for two people and cleans the air around your home at the same time!

Since we are a nursery that grows our own trees, we understand the need to know where our trees have been and how they have been taken care of since they were seedlings. Because of this, we make sure that every fruit tree is in optimal health so that you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best tree for your yard.

The health of your tree leads to the health of your fruit and we want to make sure that Moon Valley stone fruit trees are always able to give our customers the best fruit production.

Tasty Stone Fruit Treats


Plum Curd

If you harvest your plum trees this year and have too many plums left over, making Plum Curd is a great and different way to use your harvest. The most popular fruit to use when cooking curd is usually lemon but plums have higher fruit content and a taste that is not too overwhelming compared to the tartness of a lemon.

Get the recipe here to make your own Plum Curd.

Glazed Apple Critters

The name itself will probably get your mouth watering as you read it but that is only the beginning. Not only is this pretty much a donut with a surprise inside (the surprise is the apples) but this recipe specifically tells you to deep fry the donut!

Healthy? Probably not. Tasty? Definitely!

Be sure to get the recipe here.

Delicious Drinks with Stone Fruits

Pomegranate Mimosaspomegrante

If your tired of normal mimosas, or need a decorative drink for your events, a pomegranate mimosa will solve your problems. All you need is pomegranate juice, champagne, and some extra pomegranate seeds for added décor. It only takes 5 minutes to have your drink ready.

For the recipe for this drink, click here.

Strawberry Pomegranate Sangria

This recipe not only calls for the seeds of one entire pomegranate but 2 bottles of red wine. With both of those mixed up, this drink is another great option for fun events, such as summer get-togethers and pool parties!

For the recipe for this drink, click here.

Apricot Slush

There is not much to this drink. It is easy and delicious! This drink mixes apricots, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, cherry syrup, and as much ice as you want to add. Blend all those ingredients together and enjoy!

For the recipe for this drink, click here.

Storing and Preserving your Stone Fruits

If you already preserve fruits and veggies, go you! It is not a common activity, but it is happening more now that many of us are growing our own foods. Canning, drying, and freezing are the most popular methods used.

To can your fruit, place it in airtight jar, fill the jar with boiling water with an inch of room left at the top of the jar, and close the lid. Canning can preserve your fruits for years.

To dry your fruit, set your oven on low and place your fruit on a pan. Place the pan in the oven with the door open so that the moisture is not trapped in the oven. Once dried, you can store them in a pantry.

To freeze your fruit, place them in plastic boxes or jars with thick glass in temperatures below zero. Freezing is the best method when you want to retain the original taste of the fruit.


Moon Valley Nurseries Fruit Trees

Moon Valley Nurseries founder, Les Blake, has a long history with fruit trees. His grandfather began custom growing citrus and fruit trees over 50 years ago. Over these years, Les and his grandfather developed custom rootstock that is guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and a plentiful harvest.

Come visit one of our many nurseries and see how decades of love and attention has led Moon Valley Nurseries to have the perfect fruit trees for our customers!

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Posted by Arica Harrison on 8/31/2018


Labor Day weekend is here! This is a time to gather friends and family, enjoy conversations and laughter, and eat delicious foods in our backyards. BBQ is a big deal this weekend, and so is entertaining. Whether you are hosting the big get-together or going to a friend’s place, having a winning recipe is key. Well, we are here to help.  Previously, we have posted a few recipes that are sure to be a hit – Lime Focused, Refreshing Cocktails, and BBQ Essentials.  Since you are already planning to serve up some yummy dishes, why not join our Labor Day Weekend Contest! The winner of the contest will be awarded a $100 gift card. To enter, simply do the following:

  1. Follow @MOONVALLEYNURSERIES on Instagram or like the @MOONVALLEYNURSERY page on Facebook (chances to win are  better if you do both!)
  2. Make one of our recipes
  3. Snap a picture, tag us, and use the hashtag #MOONVALLEYNURSERYEATS

The contest will go all weekend long, then we will draw a winner on September 4th at noon (PST). So, join the fun! We’d love to see you in your beautiful backyard, enjoying one of our favorite recipes!

We have even compiled a few more tasty recipes that are perfect for this Labor Day weekend:

Spicy Lemon Shrimp Skewers – An easy and healthy grill option! Using lemons from a Moon Valley Nursery lemon tree is sure to amp up the flavor! This light shrimp dish will be a welcome dish among heavier choices. Click here for the recipe.

Mixed Citrus & Arugula Salad – Nothing like a big dose of Vitamin C! Change up your normal green salad and add a trio of citrus.  Nice mixture of peppery greens and acidic citrus. Click here for the recipe.

Summer Fruit Crostata –  Don’t make a traditional pie, switch it up with this rustic tart-type dish. We like to use peaches, nectarines, and plums – but you can swap in whatever you prefer. Click here for a recipe.

Citrus Lemonade – This is a fun twist on the classic lemonade! A must-have for any citrus lover; it contains lemon, orange, and grapefruit – all are available at Moon Valley Nurseries, waiting to enhance any yard and recipe! Click here for recipe.

Let’s see those pictures! Moon Valley Nurseries wishes you a relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Moon Valley Nurseries offers a variety of custom grown citrus and fruit trees ready to thrive in your yard, giving you your own selection of juicy fruits. From lemons to limes, oranges to grapefruits, peaches to plums, and more, Moon Valley has what you need!

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Top 5 Reasons to Plant Citrus and Fruit Trees

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 5/17/2018


The Many Benefits of Homegrown Fruit and Citrus


Growing fruit at home is smart gardening. Below are five of the best reasons to plant citrus and fruit trees in your backyard.

For the Healthiest, Tastiest, and Most Economical Fruit

There is no doubt that growing fruit at home is rewarding. After all, we can grow a variety of fruits the way we want to. In other words, we can grow fruits such as apples, peaches, and oranges, and know exactly how and where they were grown. These days, unless you do your research, you have no clue what chemicals they sprayed on your favorite fruit. Feel free to grow the tastiest and juiciest fruit without pesticides.

 For a Gorgeous Spring Show with Fragrance, too!

Fruit trees are not just providers of the healthy fruit that makes our mouths water and fills our belly. Before bearing fruit, the trees can produce beautiful showy flowers. As a bonus, many of these flower bouquets are scented so that they can fill the air with a pleasing aroma. Flower bouquets such as those from a peach tree captivate the senses, adding elegance to any landscape scene. The scent of an apple blossom is one of life’s simple pleasures. When you grow fruit trees at home, you can have all this and more!

 Fruit and Citrus Trees Can Create Shade

Being able to find a spot outdoors with plenty of shade coverage is ideal. After all, the Phoenix sun during the spring and summertime can feel blisteringly hot. The great news is that there are many fruit and citrus varieties that perform exceptionally well growing in a spot with full sun exposure. Evergreen citrus trees have foliage that can provide shade that is perfect for the patio. For best results, we recommend planting more than one tree so that you can have more shade coverage. Plus, with proper planting around the home, these trees can help reduce the temperature inside hot rooms. Also, planting fruit trees are also a great way to add a natural border or to create separate spaces in your yard.

 For Incredible Variety and Flavors

Any “foodie” will tell you that not all fruits and citrus are created equally. You don’t have to be a "foodie" to enjoy the many different varieties and flavors available. Each variety has its own specific character. After all, there are thousands of different varieties of fruits. Some fruits appeal to those that love the tart taste while others are prone to sweet flavors and then there are those that lie somewhere in-between. We can use the many different varieties of fruit and citrus for creating international dishes to baking apple pies and making crafty cocktails.

 You Don’t Have to Leave the House

Imagine being able to pick the tastiest and healthiest fruit right off the tree, in the comfort of your own yard. It is a reality when you have fruit trees growing right outside your door. Wake up and pick oranges for fresh-squeezed juice or grab an apple and slice it up for a tasty snack for your child’s school lunch box. Plus, having fruit trees in your backyard means you can skip the traffic jam and save money on gas. 

Backyard Fruit Trees for Our Area


When planning for an edible garden, we will want to consider some things. We need to find out what the best backyard fruit trees are for our area. Knowing which fruit trees grow best for our area ensures that we can enjoy the tastiest and juiciest fruit. For instance, stone fruit trees in our area will need to be low-chill varieties. Luckily, many of the best tasting stone fruits happen to be low-chill variety fruits! We will want to speak with a professional landscape specialist to figure out the best backyard fruit tree layout. Many of the fruit and citrus trees available are dwarf and semi-dwarf trees, which means that they can fit in almost any size yard!


Fruit Trees that Fit Your SpacE 

There was a time when citrus and fruit trees or orchards were a common sight on properties. These days our landscape is much more crowded. Some of us live in neighborhoods with smaller yards and less space to plant the trees we want. The good news is that we can grow fruit and citrus trees that fit our area. So, even though times have changed, we can still enjoy the tastes of the season!

valencia-orangeOrange: Some of the best varieties for the Southwest also happen to be favorites. We can grow Arizona Sweet, Washington Navel, and Blood Orange trees and reap the rewards that these super juicy, sweet oranges provide. Start your day off with a healthy dose of vitamin C!






650x650-LemonLemon: Eureka, Lisbon, Meyer, and Pink Lemon are the best varieties to grow in our area. Meyer lemons are a favorite due to their many culinary uses and their thin rind that makes squeezing the freshest lemon juice a breeze! A pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade is coming right up!






lime_on_treeLime: When it comes to growing limes in our area, we can grow a couple of the best varieties - Key Lime (Mexican Lime) and Bearss Lime (Persian Lime). We can make Key Lime pie or use a slice of lime for any number of cocktails. Some of us may remember the great lime shortage that we had of a few years back. During this shortage, margaritas and fish tacos didn’t taste quite the same. Grow your own and never worry about a lime shortage again!





oro-blanco-grapfruitGrapefruit: Marsh Seedless, Ruby Red, Rio Red, and Oro Blanco are four of the juiciest and tastiest grapefruit known to man. Making things even better is that we can grow these grapefruit varieties in our region! Is the taste of grapefruit too sour? One bite into the sweet flesh of an Oro Blanco will change your mind!






avocado-1Avocado: Avocados are good for you, and growing them in your backyard means that you can reap the rewards! Haas, Bacon, Fuerte, and Zutano – these are some of the best varieties for our area. Haas is a favorite for use in guacamole and spreading them on toast is a tasty treat that is sure to please the taste buds.





peaches_1Peach: Eat a peach and savor the goodness that only a sweet and juicy peach provides! We can grow some of the best tasting peaches right here in our area. The best varieties that we can grow in our area include Desert Gold, Florida Prince, and May Pride.






dorsett-golden-appleApple: Low-chill apple varieties that grow best in our area include Anna, Fuji, and Dorsett (Golden). When it’s hot and bright outside, these trees can also provide shade coverage. These are excellent landscape trees that can add beautiful color to any yard.






royal_apricot_2Apricot: When an apricot tree is producing fruit, it is a sign that summer has arrived. Gold Kist, Katy, and Royal (Blenheim) are the perfect varieties for growing in our local climate. This is great because these are also some of the juiciest, sweetest, and tastiest apricots you will find!






650x650-Fig-on-TreeFig: One of the best varieties of figs is also ideal for growing in our area – the Black Mission Fig! Besides the nutritious and delicious fruit, these trees are also an excellent choice for any yard. These highly adaptable trees have attractive green foliage that can provide plenty of shade, too. Also an excellent selection for use as a beautiful seasonal screening plant for patios and decks.





santa-rosa-plumPlum: These fruit trees are easy to grow, and we can plant low-chill varieties such as the Santa Rosa Plum. Eat them fresh or make preserves, either way, once you taste them, it is easy to see why many consider this cultivar to be the best-tasting of all plums. These are excellent landscape trees that can produce showy flowers in spring.

Topics: Homegrown Fruit and Citrus Trees