What to do After a Monsoon Hits

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/23/2019

Moon Valley Nurseries is here to help you recover from the Monsoon season that we experience every summer. From growing trees to tree maintenance, we never stop working on keeping the trees in your homes and our communities in the best shape and health possible.

Use Moon Juice After the Monsoon Rain

Now is the best time to apply Moon Valley Nurseries custom-blend Super Charged Moon Juice to your trees and plants. Between Moon Juice and the added hydration boost they just received, your plant material is ready to thrive again and be stronger for the rest of monsoon season.

This incredible Moon Juice blend is comprised of every tree and plants three most essential micro-nutrients - Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. These are the three most critical micro-nutrients required by every plant, and these nutrients are typically deficient in the soil where we live. Moon Juice comes to the rescue because it not only has the three most essential micro-nutrients required; it also includes Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1), which has a beneficial effect on new plantings!

moon juice

Using Super Charged Moon Juice Can:

- Trigger growth response and nutrient uptake
- Enhance the ability to ward off possible diseases, infestations and infections from outside sources
- Helps plants prevent and recover from the stresses caused by extreme events such as storms, heat, frost, freeze, transplanting and other events
- Maximize overall tree and plant performance!

Order Moon Juice online and get it delivered straight to your home!

You can also find it at any Moon Valley Nurseries location near you! 

Woke up to Tree Damage? Call the Tree Care Division Today

Our Tree Care Division is ready to help you clean up your damaged trees and get them back to being healthy and looking gorgeous.

tree care FB

Our Tree Care team offers the following services:

- Trimming/Pruning
- Removal/Stump Grinding
- Fertilization 

Click here to learn more about our Tree Care Division and get an estimate for your yard today.

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Be Prepared for Monsoon Storms

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/16/2019

Learn How to Prep your Yard for Incoming Storms

night storm

Prep Tips

It is important to take care of your yard all year long so that your trees are always at optimal health. Be sure to fertilize your trees regularly and water deep every watering session so your trees will have the strength to easily withstand high winds from the monsoons.

Before the storms make their way to the valley, trim any visibly dead or weak branches you can spot in your trees. This is especially important on bigger trees due to the size and weight of their individual branches.

Trimming your trees will also allow more wind to go through the foliage, which will put less pressure on the tree itself and greatly decreases the chance of broken branches or uprooting to occur.

If you have new or younger trees on your property, it is a good idea to double stake them now to protect against the heavy winds. Moon Valley Nurseries offers staking services and even carries tree staking supplies at each of its locations.

If you feel like your trees might need more protection, our nursery pros can help you find the right material you need and show you how to properly stake your trees. You can also watch this video for more instructions.

Tree Care Division

Tree Trimming #3

Monsoon season can be a rough time on our trees, palms, and plants. Now that monsoon season is almost to a close, it’s a perfect time to clean up the damaged trees and make way for new growth.

Our Tree Care team is ready to help you! Our team is staffed with ISA Certified Arborists and Certified Nursery Professionals. We guarantee the highest quality of services for your trees and landscapes. Let us help you with all your tree care needs this season.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is crucial to the health of any tree! Our team can get your trees back in shape to rebound quickly back to health.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

If too much damage was done to your trees during the storms, we can remove them from your property and grind the remaining stump in your yard, leaving it ready for new trees!

Tree Fertilizing

This is the best time to make sure your trees are getting the right nutrients. Soil fertilizer injections are the boost your tree needs after going through the monsoon storms in our area!

az landscape

Click here to learn more about our Tree Care Division and get an estimate for your yard today.

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Tree Care for Preventative Maintenance

Posted by Clay Simms on 7/5/2019

Take Care of Your Trees Now and Save Yourself a Future Headache

az landscape

Arizona is a lovely place! The sunshine is abundant, the weather is fantastic, and the environment is very inviting! Like many, you have a beautiful home with a well-landscaped yard filled with mature trees and plants. You know all the best practices to keep your landscape healthy and you worked hard to build it up to your exact vision. Sound familiar? Of course, it does, because you take pride in your home!

My name is Clay Simms, and I am the general manager of our Moon Valley Nurseries location in Surprise, AZ. I’ve been in the nursery industry for well over six years, and I make it a point to share my knowledge with as many people as I can. I’ve seen and created countless landscapes that are not only well-suited for our environment but also bring more beauty than you could ever expect!

We as homeowners do everything we can to make sure our landscapes stay tidy and clean, but what happens when the unexpected hits? I’m talking about the upcoming monsoon season.

These short, yet furious storms can wreak havoc on a landscape in an instant. It becomes so important that you take the correct steps to properly maintain your trees and plants before the monsoon weather starts to make sure your trees will be at their best.

tree care

I like to call this preventative maintenance. It is very simple and can potentially save you thousands in repairs, removals, etc. These storms bring heavy winds and lightning upon us often without warning. An improperly trimmed tree or unmaintained tree will be caught up in these winds and hardly stand a chance.

It can be figuratively compared to holding an umbrella in the wind while it snaps and folds until it breaks or gets taken from your hands. If that were your tree, it would bring unnecessary hardships into your already busy lives! Taking cautionary steps early on can save you the hassle of dealing with a broken limb, a fallen tree, a broken fence, damaged home or vehicle, etc.

Moon Valley Nurseries has been around for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the tree trimming industry. Our Tree Care Division is licensed, bonded, and insured and will take great care of your tree trimming needs. With certified arborists on every job, your trees are ensured to look great and be better prepared for whatever the world throws at it while making sure they look beautiful! Keep your trees healthy and well maintained for a much more enjoyable summer.

Reach out to our Tree Care Division to schedule a consultation or ask any questions you may have about your trees. Click here to learn more and get in touch!

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Happy Arbor Day 2019

Posted by Jessica Downs on 4/26/2019

WEB_600x400 Arbor Day Artwork

Arbor Day is not just a day to think about trees and how amazing and important they are; it is about actually planting trees so that we can experience how amazing they are. And planting trees is something Moon Valley Nurseries knows all about!

Arbor Day is like a birthday for us. It is a day that celebrates something we love doing every day. We plant hundreds of trees all day every day across the Southwest.

Since 2010, we have planted almost 2 million trees!

About Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a holiday where people are encouraged to plant trees. J Sterling Morton first founded this holiday in Nebraska, 1872. By the early 1900’s, every state declared Arbor Day a holiday by law. It is believed that one million trees were planted on the very first Arbor Day in 1872.

Fun Arbor Day Facts of Arizona

Our State Tree is: The Palo Verde

Arizona Grow Zones are: Zones 5 – 10

Learn more here.

Learn About Moon Valley Nurseries and our Tree Farms

We have multiple farms in California, Arizona, and Texas growing almost every variety of tree that you find in our nurseries. Click here to learn more about our farms.

Visit Your Nearest Moon Valley Nurseries and ask our experts about Free Planting.

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How to Care for Frost-Damaged Trees

Posted by Jessica Downs on 2/22/2019


Watch our newest video on how to care for frost-damaged tree and other great tips to care for your trees in February/March to make sure they are at their healthiest once spring is in full swing! 

We have also created this handy infographic for you to download or print and keep as an awesome reference. Click below to save or print out. You can also find it on our Pinterest page here where you can pin it and save it to your board! 

Click Here for our Tree Care Infographic


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Moon Valley Nurseries Tree Care in Arizona

Posted by Jessica Downs on 2/22/2019

Did you know we have a tree care team?tree care, moon valley nurseries

Moon Valley Nurseries is proud of all our trees we have to offer our customers because we grow almost every tree from a seedling on one of our many tree farms. As the grower, we get to take the best care of our trees in every way. From day 1, our trees are spoiled with care including customized watering and fertilizing schedules, proper sun exposure, and additional supplements to keep them in top shape before we send them out to nurseries.

After they are delivered to the nurseries, they are once again set up for optimal care until it’s time to go be delivered and installed in our customers yard. Once you have our trees, we are done, right?


Once our trees get planted in your yard, we are still here for you! Available in Phoenix and nearby cities, our Tree Care Division is ready to keep your trees in the same amazing shape that they were planted. With certified arborists on staff, our tree experts can do almost anything you need.

We offer common services such as trimming, removal, fertilizing, and so much more. All trees are different and need to be treated with a customized process. Because we grow them, we can take care of any tree. Keep reading to learn more about some of our services…

Moon Valley Tree Care Services

Tree Removal/Stump Grinding

There are only so many reasons to completely remove a tree from your yard; when your tree might be too sick to recover with help or when your tree is in the way of a new landscape design. Whatever your reason for needing to remove a tree from your yard, we got you covered. Our experienced team can remove trees of any size and get it done safely!

We also offer stump grinding services after a tree has been removed. This is an easy process to be sure that the tree is no longer taking in nutrients. Our process consists of grinding the stump into smaller pieces, which can also be used as mulch. It is ground down enough so that it starts to mix with the soil and level the ground for future lawn, or rock installments. If you are stump grinding to plant new trees in the same location, we can stump grind up to 3 feet below the ground for new proper-sized trees.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is crucial to the health of any tree! While many trees have different needs to maintain a healthy, clean look, they all need proper care. Our tree experts can make sure that your trees stay beautiful and healthy all year with a custom plan for each yard. Regardless of tree size, age, and location, we can trim or prune your trees based on its needs and based on how you, the homeowner, want them to be trimmed.

Tree Fertilizing

Proper nutrition is key for healthy trees in your yard to make sure they look great all year and stay strong! Our Tree Care Division offers a process known as Soil Injections. When conducting this service, we use a specialized tool that allows us to go deep in the ground and right to the tree roots. One application of a soil injection is about the same as fertilizing the tree 3 to 4 times, so this will save time and make sure that the fertilizer is not wasted and getting straight to the root system!

tree care

How Moon Valley Tree Care Works

It is simple! Click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. This form will let you tell us what type of service or services you are interested in and even let you write your questions or comments for us to review. You can also call us at (602) 814-0355.

After we receive your information, a tree care specialist will contact you soon to answer any of your questions or schedule an appointment.

Free Tree Care Estimates

That’s right! Moon Valley Nurseries offers FREE estimates for any homeowner valley-wide. We can get a lot of information about your yard and trees over the phone or through email but there is nothing like walking the property and inspecting the trees in person. This allows us to give you the best suggestions and most accurate quote for you!

For a limited time, we are offering $50 off all tree trimming services.

Click below for your coupon, print it out, and let us know you are planning to use it to save $$$.

Moon Valley Tree Care


The Moon Valley Difference

We love that we can offer our customers a one-of-a-kind experience at our nurseries. We truly do it all from growing the trees to helping you create the best landscape to making sure that landscape stays in perfect shape for you to enjoy for years to come.

Visit us this weekend to check out all the trees we have to offer and find the best fit for you.

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