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Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.
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5 Hedges To Create Privacy This Spring
By Felipe Benavides on January 1, 2023

If privatizing your yard is a top priority, these five hedges of spring can help! Springtime has arrived, and the weather is perfect for enjoying our front and backyards. We can create...

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The Best Palms for Shade Around Your Pool in Arizona
By Felipe Benavides on August 20, 2021

Summertime in Phoenix is pool time! Palms are some of the best trees for pool landscaping. They can turn any pool area into a lush, backyard tropical retreat. Besides helping to create a...

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The Top 5 Yellow Flowering Trees
By Felipe Benavides on February 10, 2020

Yellow flowering trees can add plenty of interest to our landscape. We can add some leafy eye candy to our space that is sure to attract all the right attention. We have got the...

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Landscape and Garden Tips for August
By Felipe Benavides on August 3, 2018

Landscaping in August may seem challenging. After all, going outside can feel like you’ve just stepped inside an oven. However, this is a great time to enjoy your trees and plants that...

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How to Keep Trees and Plants Looking Amazing in the Summer
By Felipe Benavides on July 26, 2018

It’s summer, and this can be a stressful time for trees and plants. After all, the days are longer and the sun is stronger. Here in Arizona, it’s well over 100 degrees outside. In fact, it...

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Best Evergreens for Summer
By Felipe Benavides on July 20, 2018

It’s summertime, and while it’s hot and dry, some drought-tolerant evergreen trees can keep their good looks all summer long. These trees are some of the best evergreens for summer because...

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Unique Small Evergreens for Landscape
By Felipe Benavides on July 11, 2018

Small evergreens can bring lots of color and character to any size landscape. These are some of the most valued plants in the landscape because they retain their color all year. And, if you...

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By Felipe Benavides on July 3, 2018

Moon Valley Nurseries only grows, plants, and hires the best of the best! Every year, we take top honors as the best nursery, voted on by the residents in our local areas. It is not just...

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Landscape And Garden Tips for July
By Felipe Benavides on July 3, 2018

Tips to Keep Your Landscape Looking Good All Summer Long It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Well, the heat may be putting a bit of a damper on comfortable living, and our...

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The World Famous Tipu Tree
By Felipe Benavides on July 2, 2018

One of the best shade trees you can find anywhere is the Tipu tree! This semi-evergreen tree with an unusual name is fast becoming a favorite throughout the western United States. In...

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