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Luke Kalawsky

Luke Kalawsky has a passion for all things trees, plants, and landscape design. He has designed numerous landscapes as the head designer in the Surprise, Arizona region until he became a manager of our Central Phoenix Nursery. He now dedicates his knowledge, expertise, and creative capabilities to help the masses discover how to design, plant, and maintain their landscapes with his writings.
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Landscape Tips Fertilizers

Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Supercharged Starter Pack
By Luke Kalawsky on April 7, 2022

Why Use The Moon Valley Nurseries Supercharged Starter Pack? With the Moon Valley Nurseries Starter Pack, you can plant your trees and plants with the same proven nutrients, soil...

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Design Tips Tree Highlights Flowering Trees

4 Beautiful Magnolia Trees for Arizona Landscape Designs
By Luke Kalawsky on March 17, 2022

Magnolia trees are a fan favorite across the Southwestern and Coastal United States. They are often used as centerpieces in many gardens and landscape designs throughout these areas. The...

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Design Tips Tree Maintenance Tree Highlights

The Top 10 Palm Trees for Arizona & Where to Plant Them!
By Luke Kalawsky on January 21, 2022

Palm trees are an excellent addition to any landscape design when you are looking to add a tropical or Mediterranean flair to your yard. Maybe you’d like to spruce up your poolscape by...

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Landscape Tips Tree Maintenance Tree Highlights

Our Top 10 Blog Articles of 2021
By Luke Kalawsky on December 15, 2021

Our Top Articles of 2021 The end of the year is a time to look back over the events of the past twelve months and look forward to the upcoming new year. Over the course of 2021, our...

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Design Tips Tree Maintenance Tree Highlights

The Olive Tree: A Hardy Evergreen Tree for Shade & Classic Style
By Luke Kalawsky on October 19, 2021

Olive trees are beloved in many different areas, regions, and countries. They have been used for many years as a favorite in countless landscapes. Olive trees are nature’s reminder to us...

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Landscape Tips Fall Tips Tree Highlights

October Landscape & Garden Tips for Arizona in 2022
By Luke Kalawsky on September 29, 2021

Fall is here! Temperatures are lower, the holidays are around the corner, leaves are just beginning to turn bright colors, and right now is the best season to plant! The combination of...

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Landscape Tips Fall Tips

Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees (Updated 2021)
By Luke Kalawsky on September 10, 2021

Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees Can you plant trees in the fall? The answer is a resounding YES! Fall is the absolute best time to plant trees and plants across many of the Western...

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Tree Maintenance Tree Highlights Flowering Trees

The Crape Myrtle: A Beloved Flowering Tree With Brilliant Fall Color
By Luke Kalawsky on September 3, 2021

Crape Myrtle trees are tough to beat when it comes to adding heaps of interest to your landscape. These showy trees’ ability to bring year-round color and curb appeal is unmatched. In...

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Citrus and Fruit Design Tips Flowering Trees

ASK US ANYTHING: Landscape Designers, Fruit Tree Ages, & More Flowers
By Luke Kalawsky on September 1, 2021

 Our nursery pros receive some great questions on a day-to-day basis, and we love to answer them all! We've pulled together some of the more frequently asked questions and compiled them in...

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Fall Tips Design Tips Tree Highlights

7 Best Fast-Growing Trees for Vibrant Fall Color in Arizona
By Luke Kalawsky on August 19, 2021

There are many deciduous trees that you can plant in your landscape that will produce brilliant fall colors. With fall being only one of the four seasons, many homeowners look for trees...

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