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Paul Popoff

Paul has been working with Moon Valley Nurseries nearly 20 years and is certified by the ALCA, SLM, ISA and more. His extensive knowledge and background in horticulture makes him an industry leader.
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Landscape Tips

Essentials To Landscaping
By Paul Popoff on August 16, 2018

The perfect yard starts with the perfect plan. Let’s think about this for a second. No one wants to have an ugly or inadequate landscape. It makes your home, your most valued possession,...

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Landscape Tips

How to Create the Perfect Meditation Garden
By Paul Popoff on May 3, 2018

Be at Peace with the Perfect Plants Copyright: ipopba / 123RF Stock Photo Creating a special place to relax can seem like an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to start. Our...

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Monthly Landscape & Garden Tips (September)
By Paul Popoff on August 25, 2017

Planting season is finally here! The cooler evenings paired with warm fall days is the perfect sign that the fall planting season has arrived! Trees and plants establish extremely well this...

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Landscape Tips Tree Maintenance

By Paul Popoff on June 23, 2017

Many customers don’t understand the value of having your trees and plants professionally pruned. Improper pruning can lead to a variety of different problems including killing your trees,...

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Top 3 Landscape Mistakes Everyone Makes
By Paul Popoff on June 14, 2017

Avoid these common landscaping mistakes A must read for every homeowner! Landscaping a home can be a very nerve-racking time. There is a lot that goes into making sure your investment is...

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By Paul Popoff on February 17, 2017

Ficus All About the Ficus Dark green leaves and thick canopy’s, contrasting with beautifully colored white trunks. These are a just a few of the characteristics that make the ficus such a...

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Landscape Tips

Don't plant central valley olive trees!
By Paul Popoff on January 20, 2017

CENTRAL VALLEY OLIVES AND THEIR IMPACT ON HOMEOWNERS Don't be fooled by cheap trees! Beautiful silver green foliage with lacy arching branches combine to make a thick dense shade and...

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November Landscape and Garden Tips
By Paul Popoff on November 15, 2016

Winter Watering, Fertilizing, What Trees to Plant Now and More In this months issue of November Landscape and Garden Tips, we have a wealth of information that is going to help you and...

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Landscape Tips

It's Time for Pre-Emergent Herbicides
By Paul Popoff on February 20, 2014

Who actually wants to pull weeds this spring and summer? Well if you’re anything like us you would love to be able to spend your free time doing something much more enjoyable than yard...

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